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  1. Re: Backpacks for 4X5 with 3 small lenses and Chamonix F2

    Roberto: Looks pretty sweet! Not far off what I've got set up. Will send a pic tomorrow. Smaller pack, so I think I'll be carrying the tripod in my hands... but otherwise... good. Take care of...
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    Re: Filters and Digital Age

    Hey CDK, thanks. Call it a semi-fossil (me) digs up a fossil (this post). I'm using a Polarizer, YG, Y#8, Orange and Red#23 for B&W, and may get a color film filter or two if I really go crazy (which...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    DaveF: Great shot! Love it. Thanks for sharing here.
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    Re: how old are we?

    Hey Bob... think about next year the way one my clients described it when she was turning 80. She'd say, "I'm having my 5th Sweet Sixteen party!" I loved it then, and clearly still do. Congrats on...
  5. Re: Lee Filters - anyone using these or Cokin et al squares?


    For digital, I suspect your're right. However, for B&W film, I don't see one of those three offering B&W contrast filters. Not one.
    Each of them makes a Lee or Cokin look inexpensive...
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    Re: Filters and Digital Age

    Wow. Twelve years later... I'm still a guy who likes (grew up on) filters for B&W in particular. Get it right in the camera, STILL less to do in post. Get it wrong in camera? Well that's why we take...
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    Re: Filter fog?

    My favorite source for "new to you" filters is Tim Rice at:
    He's my go to guy, and prices are very reasonable. I'm currently waiting to hear back from him, but...
  8. Lee Filters - anyone using these or Cokin et al squares?

    I've got the 67mm rounds, but beginning to play with Lee's squares. Rounds are definitely more portable in a way. Squares allow multiples and grads and polarizers, and that has some appeal (until it...
  9. Re: Backpacks for 4X5 with 3 small lenses and Chamonix F2

    I manage to get to the 67mm filter - with adaptor rings. Do you use round filters, or a filter holder with squares? I'm kind of in-between. Round pack small, but you need the square for a grad......
  10. Re: Backpacks for 4X5 with 3 small lenses and Chamonix F2

    I'm kind of set on adpating what I have. I've raided an old DOMKE backpack for the inserts and putting them into the Tenba bag. Fact is that MOST folks out there have no idea what a photographer's...
  11. Re: Backpacks for 4X5 with 3 small lenses and Chamonix F2

    Pete: Great advice. My Tenba loads both from the top (I never really use that) and the back... inside. This works as I lay it down on the outside and open the part that rides on my back and dirt...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Clement: REALLY like the first one of the four. Like all four - great skies by the way, but # 1 hits all my buttons. Ouch! Thank you !
  13. Re: Washington DC Metro LF Meetup

    Looking at 5/23 as the first prospective opportunity now - following CDC guidelines and expectations for 6 to 8 weeks. Thinking it may be moved to a local coffee shop where I've been evenings for...
  14. Backpacks for 4X5 with 3 small lenses and Chamonix F2

    So I seem to have a decent size backpack for day use. I'm afraid the F64 would be mega sized and I'd knock around and overload it. But I'm carrying a meter (actually 2 - with the Sekonic hung around...
  15. Re: Photobackpacker Cascade Film holder

    This past weekend's shooting, I'm wondering whether I've got the right handle on things or not. Name it, and it went wrong. I have a Tenba back pack... will look at dividers. Wonder about the F64...
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    Re: how old are we?

    Me? I'll be 63 this year... and retirement's still a long haul from here. And yeah.... I share the "Beware the Ides of Sixty" caution. I had back surgery at 60, but was able to dance at my daughter's...
  17. Re: Washington DC Metro LF Meetup

    So here's where we are: We have 7 of us interested: 3 from Photrio and 4 from Largeformatforum. Thank you for your interest. This is encouraging.

    First step: DATE is to pick a possible Saturday's...
  18. Re: Question on New-to-4X5 Schooling

    Thanks guys, this is helpful. So far, I've been just working to learn the camera and make pictures... with some tweaks here and there to see what they do. Confidence that I can get an exposure and...
  19. Re: New member from Huntsville Alabama

    Welcome! Send some BBQ up my way! With my current squeeze a Chamonix 45F2, I recommend the camera highly. Great rig! Worth every penny!
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    Late Intro

    Late intro says it all. I've posted here a few times already. So I'm late posting an Intro... but I'm also at 62, late getting an intro to LF. Guess that's my M.O. 'cause I've even posted that I'd...
  21. Re: Adox CHS100II Yay or Nay?

    Find myself in the same boat. I think I'd also like to try the ADOX 20, but that's even more expensive. And then I have to wonder: What's it really going to do that I'm not already able to get with...
  22. Re: Lab for scanning 4x5 central eastern US (VA)

    For now, I'm trying DSLR scanning with my Nikon D750, the Negative Supply 4X5 film carrier and Negative Solutions app for Lightroom (I also have the 35mm film holder and the 120 holder on order -...
  23. Re: Question on New-to-4X5 Schooling

    Thanks! All good suggestions - especially to not buy gear I don't want to shoot anyway. Guess I hadn't looked at the Youtubes specifically on camera movements, but see there are indeed some ones that...
  24. Question on New-to-4X5 Schooling

    I've got a number of 4X5 books. The standards.

    Several detail the camera movements using a set of ABC blocks. And because of that - which of course is new-to-me like the whole of 4X5, I'm thinking...
  25. Re: Lab for scanning 4x5 central eastern US (VA)

    My experience with Dodge & Chrome is that they were great at developing film. Scanning... well... in all fairness, almost no one else is going to spend the time to do the job as well as you can do...
  26. Re: Washington DC Metro LF Meetup

    alt.kafka: Great. Love to have you.... as long as you don't wake up as an alt.cockroach (aka Kafka story).
  27. Sinar Macro Sinaron SE 180mm F/5.6 Question

    My apologies for a fairly basic puzzle, but I'm trying to figure out how to work my LF lenses and having some difficulty with the Macro. I'd picked up a "BGN" copy from KEH of this "Sinar"...
  28. Re: Washington DC Metro LF Meetup

    Milton: Great. Love to have you come up. Not far indeed.
  29. Re: Washington DC Metro LF Meetup

    Wonderful! Welcome...!!! My wife and I just moved to Annapolis and we love it. I've been shooting around town, and this gives me an impetus to look into getting some forrmal permission for the...
  30. Re: North Georgia Large Format Photographers Group

    Oh... you guys are rockin' it. I am soooo delighted to see you guys pull this off, and let me say, SOOOOOOOOOO jealous... I'm gonna have to try to get something similar going in Annapolis, MD... to...
  31. Washington DC Metro LF Meetup

    Re: Proposed Northern Virginia/Washington, DC LF Meetup

    So I'm breaking this out of similarly titled thread to give a little more prominence to the idea of a meet-up.

    So there's been plenty of...
  32. Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    All right. So there's no report suggesting anyone met with anyone, so I will assume that no one met to shoot together, talk LF, share prints, make prints, etc.
    I'm going to suggest maybe instead of...
  33. Re: 4x5 Screen comparison (Intrepid, Chamonix, Maxwell)

    Thanks for all these posts. Interesting that Chamonix made the modified clamps. Direct contact with Hugo for these?
  34. Re: 4x5 Screen comparison (Intrepid, Chamonix, Maxwell)

    THanks for posting this. These are different screens on the back of your Chamonix? Which is easiest and most accurate to work with? I've used Maxwell screens on 2 MF cameras with good success. I'm...
  35. Simple Q for LF newby: Lens shade (trad 35mm type) vs. Compendium Lens Hood

    There's a world of difference in cost. Coming from 35mm and MF, I've been largely an on-lens round screw-in filter thread mounted lens shade type of guy. These are cheap. The Compendium Lens...
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    Re: Which Chamonix 4x5?

    Similar interest in these cameras, but more concerned with wide angle capability. My widest lens is 75mm Rodenstock Grandagon-N. I've used it with recessed boards on an Arca Swiss Model B. Curious...
  37. Re: Kit recommendations for a complete beginner

    Bertie: "i say ol' egg... why don't you ring up our favorite newt fancier, and ask Gussie Finknottle what he'd buy. He's into that sort of sport, what? Me? I'm having one of Jeeves's."
  38. Re: Camera confusion: Beginner Puzzles over Chamonix et al

    This is all helpful. Thanks for continuing. Sounds like I did all right to have picked a monorail as a first camera. I've got to see what I can do to get it where it needs to go without breaking the...
  39. Re: Camera confusion: Beginner Puzzles over Chamonix et al

    Thanks! I think I've got it. Yes, I have several books... and Simmons's book is one of them. I think one of the books (I'm at work and can't check) even has a series of exercises to complete as a...
  40. Re: Camera confusion: Beginner Puzzles over Chamonix et al

    Peter: Thanks. Yes... that's what i read and have dry run played with prior to our move and putting all this stuff in storage for several months. What I'm wondering is whether in field cameras they...
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