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  1. Re: Which lenses fold up into your field camera? Linhof Tecnika, Horseman, etc. quest

    In my experience the 135mm Planar ƒ3.5 V1 on its standard board just barely folds up in the Super Technika V. The fit is so close that one cannot fit a lens cap or filter over the lens. Most of us...
  2. Re: Color Enlargements from 4x5 negatives.

    A call to here might be worthwhile.
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    Re: Schneideritis?

    Last Christmas my wife and I did our mutual shopping. We visited a car dealer first and after she had shaken decorative boughs, driven demos through snow, had cookies and coffee, I bought her a new...
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    Re: Schneideritis

    The white artifacts seem to be where the painted lens mount touches a lens rear surface. It has little or nothing to do with image forming across the whole image.
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    Re: A refrigerator for storage

    The vernacular for freezer and refrigerator does not always depict the profound differences. As a rule shop by specifications. From Kodak.
  6. Re: Linhof Technika's wide angle focusing device broken

    Make a whole replacement part. The plastic knob is probably attached to a standard metric-size shaft. Knobs are common, too. If you are in the USA, I suggest you drop by Ace Hardware and show it to...
  7. Re: Seeking Clever Idea For My 8x10 Camera & Vintage Lenses

    Why a different approach? Are you anticipating specific problems with a Packard?

    Rather than doing the fun research for you, let me suggest you look into shutters using such keywords as rolling...
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    Re: My 90mm Angulon arrived

    Solid gold! Thanks for the link!
  9. Re: Zero Centering Yardstick - where to buy

    My favorite:...
  10. Re: Seeking Advice for 4x5 Handheld Camera

    Yes, Dan, it is limited in my experience to a ~127 mm lens. Limiting implies not schlepping two or more lenses which obviously adds weight. Less is good. Should I find a scale I will weight it then...
  11. Re: First Post! - How Do I Measure My Bellows Extension To Calculate Bellows Exposure

    All I know is outcomes. Later Biogons in my typical applications work so very well in managing distortion and fall-off while SA lenses strive to be more and fail. I enjoy living within the later...
  12. Re: First Post! - How Do I Measure My Bellows Extension To Calculate Bellows Exposure

    I have, Dan, and indeed the cross sections are profoundly different. After reading just one more assertion that a SA is a Biogon I had to ask lest my head explode. Thanks for your help to the rest of...
  13. Re: First Post! - How Do I Measure My Bellows Extension To Calculate Bellows Exposure

    Are Super-Angulons really Biogons under a different name?
  14. Re: Seeking Advice for 4x5 Handheld Camera

    *sigh* does nobody remember the fly-weight magnesium alloy Printex 4X5? I have a couple with good rangefinders.
  15. Re: First Post! - How Do I Measure My Bellows Extension To Calculate Bellows Exposure

    Bellows factor is unlikely to be the most significant point-of-failure in technique. Get a ballpark figure and work backwards. Composition considering light, interpreting fundamental exposure,...
  16. Re: Lightest & Most Compact Tripod for Wista 45SP that is Also Reasonably Priced?

    Some things you just have to find on your own. Good Luck.
  17. Re: First Post! - How Do I Measure My Bellows Extension To Calculate Bellows Exposure

    Edit: Jimi beat me to it.
  18. Re: Current sources for having a lens flange made?

    When Steve Grimes was alive he made me a period correct flange for a large brass lens. It tapered up properly along the lines of the lens. Of course that was decades ago. Perhaps someone can speak to...
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    Re: Foam for lens case

    Cotton batting is best.
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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    Keep it simple.

  21. Re: Quick question regarding light seal

    The lens separates in whole from the retaining ring, so I'm good. Thanks for considering.
  22. Quick question regarding light seal

    I received a remarkable Kodak Master view with a very clean 12 inch ƒ6.3 lens.

    My question is elementary. The previous owner sealed all around the rear retaining ring with an interesting black...
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    Re: My new old Ektar lens

    I have had such bad luck with the Ilex 5 shutter. At the moment I have two on a shelf waiting for the $ to have them repaired.
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    Re: Preferred Format, and why?

    Despite hand injuries, I still manage MF roll film and I encourage you to persist.
  25. Re: Too late, too expensive for this year, but maybe the next? Little Italy and Autum

    When I was a kid in Rhode Island in the 40s, I used to walk from home across sand dunes (now suburban sprawl) to the ocean and stand by a pier as lobster gatherers would sometimes (I never figured...
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    Re: Preferred Format, and why?

    I am reluctant to admit that I am more fond of medium-format sheet film than ever. I make small enlargements and gosh I just love handling the robust negatives.

    NB: I do have an exceptional 4x5...
  27. Re: Cannot unmount front element from Sinar CMV Mount

    Are you certain there is not a tiny screw to discourage the lens movement?
  28. Re: Bellows Wax & Wood Polish? Suggestions?

    Is this it?
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    Re: Tripods

    Post a picture of yourself or you do not really exist.
  30. Re: Bellows Wax & Wood Polish? Suggestions?

    It is the best, and a tiny dab combed into the mustache keeps it in shape during our deadly MinneSnowta winters.
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    Re: Tripods

    Not necessarily; in my modest experience the 1/4" is just fine if you have two proper mating surfaces which actually bear most of the fastening.
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    Re: How Have You Made a Plastic GG

    Just hit a clear plastic with a bit of hair spray. Done!
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    Re: One Tripod to Rule Them All?

    A good start. Next point to the many conversions from survey tripods to our LF applications and it will be complete. I will try to photograph my own.
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    Re: 3-D printing a Lens Cap help

    Very many of us use lenses which are far to large in diameter than Mr. Salomon has directed us to. The solution of a DIY with simple materials suffices.
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    Re: Focal Length and Cinematography

    Sound is 50% or more of the image.
  36. Re: High Magnification Loupe for Ground Glass?

    10x is far more than is practical. With greater your challenge is to narrow depth to the focus plain. Ain't gonna happen on ground glass. Read back to aerial focusing.
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    Re: What's going on with B&H & Foma?

  38. Re: Would you be interested in a large scale QR platform

    I am thinking of bailing the Deardorff V8 from storage even though it is not by a long shot my favorite 8x10. From a fortuitous encounter I have several Deardorff base plates, some early new ones,...
  39. Re: High Magnification Loupe for Ground Glass?

    We cannot.
  40. Re: High Magnification Loupe for Ground Glass?

    I buy economy glass burrs and use them once (maybe 5 holes) then throw them away.
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