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  1. Re: Justify the acquiring of a new Linhof Technika?

    I did spend more on a diamond, but a woman came with it.
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    Re: Need to replace my Perfection 4870

    Thank you, I'm loving it. Should have bought it years ago.
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    Re: Need to replace my Perfection 4870

    Ignore, I went with the Epson V850.
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    Need to replace my Perfection 4870


    My 4870 is on its last legs and I want to replace it before it gives up its ghost completely.

    I need to be able to scan negatives up to 8x10 and of course prints.

  5. Re: Question about old style Arca Swiss rail

    Thanks Dave,

    That was my initial thought, but the rail seemed to be a single piece. Until I actually loosened the bolts and lo and behold. That's how well machined these parts are.

  6. Question about old style Arca Swiss rail

    I'm selling one of my older Arcas, and a prospective buyer has asked me what the function of the knobs on the vertical side of the rail is (see attached picture). The knobs are attached to a bolt...
  7. Poll: Re: Admiration & curiosity about our venerable, graying shooters

    I am a lawyer. Do you want my chronological age, or my age according to my time sheets?
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    Re: Origins of the Sunny 16 Rule?

    Now that you mention it, I realize that whenever I've used the "rule," I've always fudged toward overexposure as well. In other words, even though the rule is sunny 16, in actual practice, I've...
  9. Re: 1st LF 4x5...newbie alert (Chamonix 45N-2 vs Shen Hao HZX-IIA)

    Welcome Aaron. There are a gazillion "what camera should I get?" threads in the forum where you'll find lots of feedback on the cameras you are thinking of. I haven't used either, so I don't have...
  10. Re: YIKES! How to best clean dusty negatives?

    I found myself in exactly this situation a few weeks ago and I did exactly when Dan suggests. Worked fine.
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    Re: Origins of the Sunny 16 Rule?

    Seems to me that being within one stop is pretty good for a rule of thumb. Most film can tolerate this range of underexposure. People swear by it because it works. I don't know that anyone uses...
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    Re: Timeline of Historical Film Colors

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    Re: Who here loves their 75mm lens on 4x5?

    Better on the ground than under it.
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    Re: Found Photographs

    That's a touring car from the early 20s. Very hard to identify, because it was a popular body style and many had a very similar appearance. To me, it looks a lot like a 1923 Oakland 6 Touring, but...
  15. Poll: Re: You've got a few hours to shoot - how far will you drive for an outing?

    A routine hike in the Catskills is about 250 miles round trip, so that seems about right to me.
  16. Re: Silent cross country walking trip with a 4x5

    I'm dumbfounded by the number of negative, mean spirited and judgmental comments about this kid. I applaud him and wish that I had been aware of this project in time to have donated some money and...
  17. Re: Silent cross country walking trip with a 4x5

    I sure have. One of my closest friends was a graduate with an Masters in theatre (playwriting). Worked as a bartender in a dive in the lower east side all his life. Passed away two years ago. One...
  18. Re: Silent cross country walking trip with a 4x5

    Darn right! Did you see that camera, a Calumet c400? Nothing but top of the line gear. I should know, I just sold one on ebay for $49.00. You gotta be in the top 1 percent to have that kind of...
  19. Re: Need expert advice- best light weight folding field camera?

    Toho is an excellent choice, if you can find one. I rarely see them for sale. Of course, the OP asked about field type cameras, but if she's interested in a lightweight rail, there are some great...
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    Re: Doing a "Master Reset" on my photography

    Every physical object is a burden in one way or another. But you're talking about the equivalent of two or three pairs of shoes. Methinks the burden is in your mind, and I'm not sure throwing the...
  21. Re: Need expert advice- best light weight folding field camera?

    Based on what I've seen of your work and what you say you're looking for, getting anything other than a Crown or Speed Graphic would be nuts. If you want candid shots, you're going to need something...
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    Re: Developer (newb question)

    Sort of like asking, "what flavor of ice cream should I eat?" They're all good, just figure out which one you like best. You can get a sense of their general characteristics by reading old threads...
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    Re: Very cool old photographs

    An amazing collection of photos.
  24. Poll: Re: Should nudes be allowed in Portrait threads?

    All portraits are nudes, just in some there are clothes over the nude part.

    Seriously, I just don't get the objection to nudes. If the nudity makes you feel uncomfortable, explore the source of...
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    Re: Everyone, I have resigned as a moderator.

    Thanks for all the time and attention devoted to the forum. It's been a better place because of it.

  26. Re: All these web referrals from Russian sites?

    Here's the answer:
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    Re: C41 developing / negative marks

    I would say a water stain. If you haven't had problems in the past using tap water, I doubt that's the culprit. I recommend switching to flexicolor. I know what photoguy says, but Kodak officially...
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    Re: Light Impressions problems

    Light Impressions went bad after the original owners sold the company. The people who used to own/work at Light Impressions formed Lumiere Photo.
  29. Re: Adobe is going to only sell subscription based Photoshop

    Adobe is doing this for one reason and one reason only: because it thinks it can make more money this way. In other words, it believes it can squeeze more money out of its customers, i.e., you. ...
  30. Re: Looking for Septums for Grafmatic holder

    I think KEH will take them back. There are a couple of septums for sale on fleabay right now, but at nearly $10 a pop, that's a tough way to put together a set.
  31. Re: Ebay and protecting people infringing copyright - my story

    Let me preface this by saying that Don is entirely in the right and I hope he shuts down anybody illegally making money off his work. (Also, Don, your work is really good!)

    But there is another...
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    Re: How much longer for 4x5 color film?

    That just makes no sense on several different levels.
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    Re: 29,000 Photos to Tell a Story

    Avedon spent 6 years on the American West project. That's 2190 days, or 7.7 exposures a day. Obviously he did not work on the project every day, but it wouldn't be that hard to do 30 exposures on...
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    Re: Great large format camera support

    Blogger won't let me see your site for some reason. This is the message I get:

    Your current account ( does not have access to view this page.
  35. Re: Did I get a good deal or am I missing something?

    How is that?

  36. Re: Did I get a good deal or am I missing something?

    This was my first view camera as well, back in 2002 or 2003, and I probably paid more back then than you paid now. It's pretty much indestructible, lots of movements, geared front rise. What's not...
  37. Re: What's happened with moderators since my last 2007 presence here?

    I have a big mouth and I'm very opinionated just about all the time, except when I come to this site. I've been here for 9 years, and have posted less than 200 times. I've written many a response,...
  38. Re: Anyone in NYC want to share Kodak Flexicolor C-41 chemistry order from Unique Pho

    I'm interested. I've been using the tetenal/jobo/unicolor c-41 press kits for years, but am interested in trying flexicolor. I would need starter and fixer, and I assume you could point me in the...
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    Re: Iceland in March

    I'm back and have a few observations to share.

    First, Iceland is a photographer's paradise. It's almost impossible to drive for more than a few miles without encountering eye popping scenery, at...
  40. Re: Where Can I get a Sinar P (older model) from?

    Raffay, the seller wants payment through Western Union because he does not want Pay Pal reversing the charges on him. Many if most sellers would outright refuse to sell to a buyer in Pakistan...
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