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    Re: Some Soft Focus Lens Sales Information

    Indeed, but I doubt whether these are all real sales - he shields off all the biddings - and he doesn't answer any questions
  2. Re: Help with a 13" Cooke series II missing a screw

    Is yours the 10,5 or 18 inch version? On the one below it seems the screw sticks out a bit (pic found on internet):
  3. Re: Bausch & Lomb Planetograph F-8 and "Three Focus" lenses?

    For sure very nice shutter/lens combo's. If you look at the ground glass screen, you could compare both lenses - perhaps focal lengths are almost the same....
    The newer shutter seems a rebadged B &...
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    Re: Homemade Camera Obscura

    Nice looking cabinet! reminds me of the cabinet my grandmother had, with her b&w tv-set :-)
  5. Re: Using 3D print for Waterhouse stops

    Thank you Drew, I get your point and you are correct: I just took a test with my f 6.3 250mm Tessar: measuring the front lens provides an opening that corresponds with the division 250/6.3 ≈ 39,7mm...
  6. Re: Taylor-Hobson Cooke Series II Portrait Anastigmat 12.75" F/4.5 lens query

    I would definitely leave it to the new owner :-)
    I've bought and buy many old camera stuff, but never look at the offerings saying the lens or camera had just a CLA etc....
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    Re: Cooke Portrait Lens Serial Numbers

    and no recent feedback as seller .....
    seems he didn't sell anything since long
  8. Re: Using 3D print for Waterhouse stops

    Tnx, I wasn't to clear with my question, but looking at your answer (which indeed did help me), I guess I meant to ask how the OP could measure the size of the hole considering he wants to cut/print...
  9. Re: Using 3D print for Waterhouse stops

    Great (looking) job! How did you compute the holes?
  10. Re: Help to identify a Steinheil lens

    A bit comparable with respect to the position of the mounting ring, this Steinheil Liesegang 840mm:
  11. Re: Preservation and maintainance of old stuff

    Treating (old) leather bellows I use this so-called leather balm:
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    Re: Old ICA lens question

    Welcome, and very well spotted! I hadn't even noticed that difference yesterday must be right about the export and local market for which these shutters where made.
    There is also...
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    Re: Old ICA lens question

    Nice configuration. I seem to have a comparable shutter albeit with a Hugo Meyer wide-angle Aristostigmat f 9 120mm - it sits on one of my ICA Tropica camera's.

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    Re: Dating Derogy lens

    Just saw this one come has just been sold:
    note that Paris is a bit oddly engraved..and the...
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    Re: Show us your home made camera...

    Lovely work! Was planning on building a small one (quarter plate) in coming summer holiday since chance is we'll stay at home
  16. Re: Can I get help identifying this lens - Carl Zeiss

    Very welcome Jens,

  17. Re: Can I get help identifying this lens - Carl Zeiss

    Seems to me it is not in a compur 0 shutter but in a Ernemann 'Automatverschluss' and the serial seems to read 455844.
    Here you can find the many models of the camera with the lens & shutter: ...
  18. Re: Iron ring on brass lens - possible to get off?

    It seems your lens has a mix of the old German f-value system and the old Stolze/Goerz system:
    f4.5 6.3 9 12.5 18 25 36 50 71 100

    here some tables relating older and more modern f-stop systems:
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    Re: Afghan Box camera Build

    Nice focussing system...but how did you put in the film at the right spot?
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    Re: 11x14 camera build attempt - Questions

    Great craftsmanship, the camera and the photos! .....just read the whole thread :-)
  21. Re: Iron ring on brass lens - possible to get off?

    If you don't have a torch but only a solder iron, you might take off the solder in little steps using desolder pump aka solder sucker...
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    Re: Restoring my "new" Agfa Ansco 8x10.

    Since the bellows look fine, the camera will greatly survive; indeed a lovely project to do.
    Because you're only missing one screw/bolt I would keep the camera as original as possible and...
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    Re: April Portraits

    Great portrait - lovely grays and sharpness - which film did you use?
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    Re: post your Architecture photographs!

    superbe shot btw!
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    Re: Flowers Anyone?

    Great picture indeed, but is this really LF or should it be in the MF section?
  26. Re: Easter Corona Weekend - DIY lens boards

    Indeed Steven, with motorised tools one must always be extra careful, especially with the ones hand held....Sometimes I buy indeed old piece of furniture, but rather for the full hardwood than for...
  27. Re: Easter Corona Weekend - DIY lens boards

    Thanks and yes, have two of those also with the same lens...but their f-stop scale is a little different.
  28. Easter Corona Weekend - DIY lens boards

    This Easter Corona Weekend, with very fine weather, and only being in and around the house, I finally found the time to make some lens boards for 3 of my British oldies which were desperately in need...
  29. Re: Newbie Questions about Field Camera

    You have the choice of working with a lens directly put on the camera, were you can put a shutter in front of the lens or
    you take a lens which is already mounted in a shutter.

    Finding the old...
  30. Re: Newbie Questions about Field Camera

    Recently I've put my little collection of bookformholders in a little database - which is now in a thread on Photrio forum (set up by Ian Grant). It shows al the dimensions of the plateholders (I've...
  31. Re: Mystery Carl Zeiss Lens - Anyone know what this is?

    Indeed non-original engraving and by the look of it not a front element. I have Zeiss lenses with much lower numbers but all with milled engravings.
  32. Re: How to properly use a Goerz Ango (Anschütz) camera?

    All seems to work fine - all shots came out well.
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    A-Pattern or 'A' Pattern camera

    Who of our fellow members has an A-Pattern camera?
    I ask since I've acquired one in very nice shape, but alas as so many times with these oldies, without any plate holders.
    If you have such a...
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    Re: 5 x 7 film holder confusion

    So that wouldn't fit 12,7mm which is the width of the 5x7" film.....
    but of course half plate film sheats would fit a 5x7 filmholder - just to add to the confusion
    but I guess the op was actually...
  35. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    In the film Elsa mentions there were 6

    Great shot, can you post a bigger size of the print so we can enjoy all the gear shown?
  36. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    Is that the same camera that Elsa Dorfman was using for quite a time?
    see here:
  37. Re: My Cycle Poco 5x7 is Very Excited...

    Very nice device, but aren't the light rays - partly - not hindered by the funnel?
  38. Re: Picture frame refurbishing a la cheap with polyurethane

    Before coating, to get a smooth surface, fill in the pores of the wood. I do this by applying egg white on the surface before wet sanding with (ultra)fine sandpaper - let dry and only sand one last...
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    Re: Dating Derogy lens

    Although I don't have a Derogy lens in my little lens collection, I saw another variation; one that entails the address in Paris:

    "Derogy Optn
    Breveté s.g.d.g.
    quai de L'horloge 33
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes me your shot - guess made almost at the same spot and time - posted in...
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