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    Re: Jasper National Park Fall 2020

    Yes the Frank Slide in the Crows nest Pass.
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    Re: Jasper National Park Fall 2020

    If you are driving and going to be in Glacier on the Montana side drive up through the Chief Mountain border crossing and hit Waterton Lakes National Park. It's small, beautiful and not full of...
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    Re: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

    Unfortunately I have to say the better team won. So much speed in the American team.
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    Re: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

    Thanks for your response. I will probably order them to be shipped to Idaho and to be picked up at the end of our holiday unless we decide to take them on our holidays.

    No interested in joining...
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    Re: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

    Jason, I have a question about shippibg. Are your rates correct as it would cost be I think it is 6 tines as much to have it shipped to Canada then just across the border in the States. It is the...
  6. Re: Kodak 2D 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 sighted today at a shop

    Whole plate film holders seem to me quite expensive but if you wait you can sometimes find them at a good orice. We now have 8 of them. You could make a 5X7 back for it and shoot that format while...
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    Re: Developing Labs in Canada

    You might try Canadian Film Labs in Vancouver as I believe they do 4X5 in black and white. I have nit tried them yet as I still have a lab in Medicine Hat that can do C41 up to at least 4X5 but...
  8. Re: Best easy to use tank for developing 4x5 sheets

    Do you not find too much agitation with it? I was given one and have only used it for 5x7 and whole plate xray film manually agitating it.
  9. Re: Visit Banff, Jasper and Yoho NPs in early September

    When in the Banff towns it drop in the Sax and Willox gallery, Tom Willox is a large format photographer who primarily shot in Waterton and Banff.

    If you are looking for a change from landscapes...
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    Re: Lets see how you store your gear!

    We keep the camera gear in the camera bags we use when out shooting. In a closet in a spare bedroom we set up shelves and but the bags on the shelf. But humidity is not a problem as Medicine Hat is...
  11. Re: Where to obtain a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 ground glass?

    My wife broke the ground glass of the 5X7 back of our whole plate camera. Stubborn person that she is she made a replacement. I think she also bought a whole plate size as well to make a replacement...
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    Re: galaxy dry plate kickstarter

    Xray film is even cheaper than paper. I think I figured it out to .09 for 4X5, .16 for 5X7 and the whole plate a grand cost of .26 per shoot.

    too many other projects on hand to start dry plate...
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    Re: The Mercury, a universal camera

    I backed it and then went back and added stuff to over double my commitment. Zach you were very prompt and helpful in answering questions. For a little while I was not sure you would reach the goal....
  14. Re: Summer water is warmer! What temp is yours now?

    The only time that my water in SE Alberta is not around 68 F is during a really cold period when some of the water in the house freezes and that has to be in the minus 30 C range. I don't do that...
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    Re: What are you useing for Tech Pan Dev.

    I have sufficient Technidol to process my two rolls of 135 and my box of 50 4X5.
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    Re: Mark Sawyer's Pixies in Lenswork

    Got it in the mail yesterday but did not look at it, I will when I get home today
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    Re: Bucket List of equipment

    For large format a replacement 5X7 ground glass to replace the one that did not survive my wife's elbow. She just might make one herself, groundglass not elbow. A few more sheaths for WP film...
  18. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    For 4X5 we usually cut 24 sheets at a time and load the holders and the rest goes into a film box. We don't yet have spare film boxes for the WP and 5X7 so just fill the holders for now. My wife does...
  19. Re: Hello form Calgary - new to LF (already have a question!)


    there is a large format photography group in Calgary. They meet once a month and there is a email list. I get the emails and have been out shooting with two of them once but cannot drive 3...
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    Re: Ways to store enlarging lenses ?

    Relative humidiy is the percentage of water in a parcel of air compared to the maximum amount of water that the air could hold at that temperture. Warm the air lower the RH. There are charts in first...
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    Re: Lens Board Adapter--I'm stuck

    We had thought of going that route with our Seneca Improved Whole Plate. We had several modern lenses and two flange mounted lenses and wanted to be able to use all of our lenses on both the Seneca...
  22. Poll: Re: 7x11 and whole plate (6 1/2 x 8 1/2) formats

    They cost twice what I paid for my Seneca. I too like holders to have character, and a more affordable price tag, mostly the latter. ☺
  23. Re: X-ray aside, where can I get high volume orders of 4x5 or 8x10 sheets? (Canada)

    Freestyle and often B&H for me is cheaper for me to go down to Montana for the weekend and have the parcels shipped there than to have them shipped to my home. Often as not Customs lets me by with...
  24. Poll: Re: 7x11 and whole plate (6 1/2 x 8 1/2) formats

    My wife and I have two whole plate camera, a Butcher and Son that we have three or four plate holders for and a Seneca Improved that we have 5 film holders that we got on this forum at a terrific...
  25. Re: Freezing 4X5 film: bag the box, or just freeze it?

    Most of my film in the freezer is in sealed tubs. Never had a soggy box yet this way plus it is easier to find the film and none of it falls to the floor when I open the upright freezer. that which...
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    Re: Filters on Turner Reich

    That is a great suggestion, I have two lenses that fall into the category.
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    Re: need help with 210mm.

    And generally considerably less expensive.
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    Re: need help with 210mm.

    I got my 210 Symmar S non multicoated lens a few years back for $210. The Symmar convertibles as mentioned above should be under the 200 dollars. You may also be able to find a Caltar for that price.
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    Filters on Turner Reich

    Yesterday during some down time I made up a list of all the things gear wise I wanted and could easily afford for my multiple format photography gear. One was to have the ability to put filters onto...
  30. Re: Lf gov't job opening

    On the Canadian government now it is so hard to get to the point that you can list a position to get candidates and that if you close it without hiring if there are suitable candidates the most...
  31. Re: Whole Plate format observations. Please join in with yours.

    Yes 8 am aware of that and do shoot both Atista and Ilford products in 4X5 and 5X7 and have a box of FP4 in WP. Choice is good though
  32. Re: Whole Plate format observations. Please join in with yours.

    Has anyone contacted Freestyle about providing in whole plate size?

    We have just started using our whole plate Seneca now that we have the 5X7 back made and obtained 5 whole plate film...
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    Re: Only a mile (with an 8x10)

    Or a spouse who also shoots LF. But then you only get to use the camera half the time.
  34. Thread: Iceland

    by redrockcoulee

    Re: Iceland

    That is good to know. I hope to go there next spring but taking my Hasselblad rather than LF. I had already decided to take the 250 rather than the 150 for the longer reach and the 150 is so close to...
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    Re: Mixing Film w/Food in a Freezer

    ALmost all the film in the freezer is in water tight plastic tubes and most of it is on the top shelf. The easy solution to having to share it with the spouse is to have her a photographer too. As an...
  36. Re: Another FujiFilm Price increase + Film Discontinuations

    I really do not understand Fuji's pricing. Right now their 120 film is less expensive than Ilford or Kodak and has been for most of the last few years. But the price for 4X5 is way higher. I have...
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    Re: Post yer pinholes


    Your pinhole and zone plate images are always a treat to view

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    Re: Mortensen, the Antichrist...

    Noseratu is certainly a masterpiece. At university I had a part time job running a projector for a film studies class and that was one of the films I had to show, the second and third times for me...
  39. Re: MF (6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing


    Hasselblad 500 C/M 75mm Zone Plate lens
    Exposure f65 @ one thousand one, one thousand and two

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    Re: Returning to USA from Canada??

    A couple of years ago my wife and I went into Montana at the Wild Horse crossing with a bunch of large format gear. US Customs guy suspected that we were commercial photographers until I told him it...
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