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  1. Re: how to avoid the lens shade / compendium in the image

    This is one of the reasons many groundglasses are clipped at the corner; the aerial image tells you if movements are too extreme (not all blades of the diaphragm are visible) or if the shade is in...
  2. Poll: Re: Poll: Tmax400 (TMY-2) vs Tri-X Pro (320TXP), which do you favor more?

    TXP, since TMY is not available in 5x7
  3. Re: new Epson 3880 for B&W Cone conversion when new?

    Install new dampers every 2 years to avoid cross-contamination and make it a ritual to shake your cartridges every Monday morning at 9:00
    Otherwise your prints will become darker and darker, due to...
  4. Re: Technika owners -- do you use the rear movements?

    Technikas are great cameras. But their rear movements are a pain. If you ever used an assymetric back (such as a Sinar P or an Ebony "U" series) going back to front movements will be hard. These...
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    Re: Leaving a lens on a Ebony 57SUE

    An apo-symmar 210 fits on mine, so the G-Claron should not be a problem (I also use the 150mm G-Claron, it covers5x7). The metal extention retracts further than the wodden one, without protuding on...
  6. Re: The 10(+) most useful “tips-to-self” before taking the shot

    N+1. After removing holder, check that focus and composition haven't been ruined as you kicked the #@mm tripod.
  7. Re: I've got a garage of darkroom gear and no idea of its worth

    Look at ebay's "completed items". Without doing that kind of homework, this community will think that you consider it a free marketing service. Welcome to the forum anyway.
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    Re: Switching from Windows to Mac

    Couldn't resist.
    Would be perfect if Roy Harrington compiled QTR for it.
  9. Re: Epson 3800 magenta ink clog ...and other weirdness

    I am new in the digital workflow also have three reluctant magenta gaps.
    I tried PiezoFlush, Magic Bullet and then Windex, both below the head and in refillable cartridges on my 3800, without...
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    Re: Carrying Linhof TK on tripod

    I tore out the threaded base of my Technika 13x18 (V) this way. A machinist friend of mine with golden hands installed a new one. I could probabely safely lift a truck with it now.
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    Re: Agfacontour film?

    Agfacontour was a sandwich consisting of a positive and a negative high-contrast film. If you photographed with it a grey scale, the beginning and the end of the scale would be full density, leaving...
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    Re: Question about front axis tilt on ebony 45s

    There is an article by Mr Merklinger that seems to support the idea that there is a connection between tilt and (apparent) focal length:
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    Re: Question about front axis tilt on ebony 45s

    My Technika has also axial tilt. I once tried to center one of my lenses (not a telephoto) with that axis as perfectly as possibly. The picture would then stop moving up or down when tilting the...
  14. Does a 210mm Symmar-S fit into a closed Technika IV?

    The 210mm apo Symmar fits in a Technika V (5x7) on a flat lensboard Regards Andreas
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