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  1. Thread: Trail cart

    by reddesert

    Re: Trail cart

    You could look at bike cargo trailers for ideas. At the burly end of the spectrum of bike cargo trailers, people use them with mountain bikes for loaded touring on rugged dirt roads. The hitch...
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    Re: Shooting in burn areas

    Just a note, if you go into burn areas where there are standing dead or damaged trees, watch your head. To my amateur knowledge, tree fall becomes a significant hazard a few years (some sources say...
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    Re: New to me printing issue

    Maybe the below the lens filter, that you don't normally use. Did you focus with the filter in place? Could the filter have some haze that is causing scattered light, perhaps localized to some part...
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    Re: Linhof Technica 5x7

    Bob is the expert here, but a suggestion:
    Does the camera have infinity stops that are tiny notches filed into the rail, rather than fold down infinity stops? If so, in your picture 4 there is a...
  5. Re: Help identify this 4x5 "point and shoot"

    I agree that is likely a plate recording camera for a scientific instrument. My guess is that it could have been used with a spectrometer, which would have contained the optics to project the image...
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    Re: DIY "classic" 8x10 field camera

    Very impressive work.

    Certainly do make your own ground glass. If you can do all that, you'll find grinding a groundglass very easy (just takes some 600 grit silicon carbide and about an hour).
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    Re: Use of Tripods on NYC street

    Security guards often behave as if they own not only the ground, but also the air, as in Robert Tilden's story of forbidding taking a picture across a parking lot. They will probably stake claim over...
  8. Re: Anniversary Speed Graphic 4x5 Top Viewfinder Question

    I opened mine up to look (Pacemaker Crown, but I'm sure the finder is similar). To get at where the rear lens should be, there are two screws in the side of the rotating collar that has the distance...
  9. Re: Rise/fall and shift mechanisms on Horseman L45 basic model

    There are a range of small variations of this system with slightly different letter names, I've never had one, the version with friction rise might be an LB. There is a similar picture here:...
  10. Re: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    You need a "tee nut." I believe the standard large thread is 3/8-16 (standard smaller is 1/4-20). Like these and search your favorite vendor.
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    Re: Moon lit scene with Txp 320

    f/16 is going to make life difficult. Reciprocity failure means that faster f-stops are more efficient than longer exposures. I haven't taken a moonlit shot for a while but believe that I've had...
  12. Re: Which State is the Best State for Landscape Photographers to Live?

    Haha Bernice that's great. I was very interested in Mark Tansey in the 90s and had a book on his work, but did not know that painting.

    Here is a Yosemite photograph that shows there's always a...
  13. Re: Which State is the Best State for Landscape Photographers to Live?

    I'm okay with becoming food for mountain lions, giant centipedes, or even realtors - all part of the ecological cycle. But it's the poison oak I can't stand!
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    Re: Developer capacity, D-23, and dilution

    FWIW, linseed oil (sometimes stand oil, which is a thicker processed variant) and turpentine is a classic oil painting medium, meaning an liquid that is mixed with oils to achieve the consistency,...
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    Re: Pinhole cameras

    I guess I didn't mean to say that the pinhole calculators are exact. Different ones give slightly different answers, and there's very little exactitude in pinhole photography.

    In the ideal case,...
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    Re: Pinhole cameras

    The sharpness of a pinhole image is limited by
    1) the diameter of the pinhole - the image will have a blur spot size of at least the pinhole diameter
    2) diffraction, which makes a spot size...
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    Re: Route 66 in the 1950's (also an obituary)

    If you look at the shadows in most of the photos, he must have been using a flash held high above and photographers' left of the camera. Sometimes balanced with exterior lighting (in the sense that...
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    Re: Unicolor 8x10 Unidrum Clips

    There's a picture of the original rubber block with a V-shaped slit about 1/3 of the way down the page at The person who wrote that page used...
  19. Re: Are the higher shutter speeds on large format lenses always off?

    For a typical modern leaf shutter, the shutter blades are very close to the aperture stop - the pupil of the lens. Roughly, the light cone coming from a point on the subject and entering the lens is...
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    Re: Fuji Frontier Dark Box for wet plate?

    The Fuji dark box FDB-12L is a substantial changing bag suspended from a folding frame. Since information on it is a little scarce, I measured it. It is about 28x24x25" WxDxH, but the bag sags a...
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    Re: spring steel for camera back?

    FWIW, this process is called cold working, or work hardening. The post on bladeforums has the right process but incorrect explanation. It doesn't have...
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    Re: 8x10 on a Bicycle?

    Nice video, great editing.

    I grew up there - is that the bridge across the Allegheny to Lawrenceville? I had to look at a Bridges of Pittsburgh website to research it - there are so many.

  23. Re: Disinfecting developed film from lab due to Coronavirus

    This is a respiratory virus. You have to get it into your respiratory system to get it. If someone sneezes on your film box, it gets in the mail, and you touch it a day later, you still have to then...
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    Re: Hole Saw For Commercial Ektar Lens

    The Bridgeport lathe (I know, it's a vertical mill, not a lathe) is also the only machine tool that I know of to have an entire New Wave song dedicated to it, by "The 2x4s" from Boston:...
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    Re: What to do about leaf springs.

    For improvised materials, maybe a dulled hacksaw blade? Rather springy and conveniently already has holes in the ends.
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    Re: Building a simple 4x5 scanner back.

    Is it practical? Not really. Is it clever and an entertaining idea? Yes. Image quality isn't everything.

    The reason that he needs the ground glass surface, and that putting a scanner under an...
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    Re: New light box from Home Depot

    There is no way any harmful UV would get through that white plastic diffuser.

    To make UV emitting or UV transmissive optics, one often needs to use special glass types that transmit well in the...
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    Re: Out of Stop, switch to water?

    Stop is the least expensive of the chemicals because it is diluted so much and keeps well. It's basically just acetic acid (pus a dye for indicator stop).

    People do forgo stop - if you know what...
  29. Re: B&W negative looks normal when projected onto mirror.

    At some angles and against some backgrounds - I think you need a dark background and light illuminating the negative - you wind up seeing a combination of reflected light off the negative, and...
  30. Re: Comparing the Toyo 45CF and the Super Graphic

    Sakai Machine Tool, Inc, (site in Japanese). The early Toyo Field is marked "Sakai Special." If you search for "Toyo lathe" or "Sakai lathe" you can find some examples of...
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    Re: Describe a style for me

    What I see in Ken Lee's plants and in some of Maria Isabel Leblanc's images, (including for example the first image of the cabbages, and the images of the tented rows of plants with hills in the...
  32. Re: Help! I can't open my new B&W King 4x5 tank...

    Try to blow air in through the open cap? (using a vacuum in reverse or a foot pump, with a hose adapted to the cap opening) I think there is a Jobo pump for opening their tanks, when hard to break...
  33. Re: Three Views of Manzanar: Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange and Toyo Miyatake

    Some great comments in this thread. Many (all?) of you may know that a book titled "Manzanar" was published in the late 80s. It has a large selection of photographs by Ansel Adams, an essay by John...
  34. Re: The greatest fashion photographer you’ve never heard of

    Aha! I went to the Leopold Museum in Vienna a couple summers ago and happened to see this exhibition there. It's really good. I was a little familiar with the artistic ferment of early 20th century...
  35. Re: 4x5 Kodak HSI: any special considerations?

    I never used Kodak HS IR in 4x5, only in 35mm. Even in 35mm, you are supposed to open the film can and load the camera in total darkness. Following the principle of having two layers of prevention,...
  36. Re: Me, my inexperienced butt, and the backcountry

    Try to find a Bogen or Manfrotto tripod with a pan head (not a video head) on the used market in decent condition (eg Bogen 3011 or 3021 plus 3047 pan head, or the equivalent Manfrotto numbers). A...
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    Here is a bobcat that ran across the road in front of me a few miles up the Mt. Hopkins Road south of Tucson. She or he stopped in the bushes and I was able to get out and take a picture. (Sorry, not...
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    60 lb is pretty small for a mountain lion, it could have been juvenile, sick, or a runt as Drew says. Typically a healthy adult will avoid people and not attack them. State wildlife departments...
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    The park is in the Santa Cruz range, but not really that close to Santa Cruz city. Mountain lion kills (of deer, not photographers) are relatively common on the UC Santa Cruz campus, and there are...
  40. Re: Caltar II-N 210mm f5.6 aperture scale help

    f-number is focal length divided by apparent diameter of the aperture as viewed from the front. The apparent diameter can be different from the physical diameter of the aperture. Sometimes the front...
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