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  1. Re: B/W film & B/W chems - What's in your darkroom?

    HP5, FP4, Ilford Ortho, Tech Pan from days of old -- from 35mm to 8x10. Developers are DS-14 for paper, Wimberley's HD2H+ variant for film, XTOL.
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    Re: Camper Van Suggestions in 2021


    These folks brought this from Europe and were driving from Alaska to the bottom of S. America. At this time, they had dropped anchor in the Sonoran desert in need of a part.
  3. Re: Looking for 5x7 macro lens recommendation

    I'd probably use my Nikkor 90mm.
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    Re: threading the needle

    Most people don't know what they like. They tend to admire what they think they should like based on their friends' perceived opinions. If you make yourself happy, at least that is one.
  5. Re: Print Washers, again. Interested in the 'tray type'.

    Jim, what are the posts in the tray?
  6. Print Washers, again. Interested in the 'tray type'.

    I'm not sure what it is I want. Something simple. I have a fancy vertical washer for 11 x 14, but it is a pain. My tray siphon is on the fritz and I don't trust. I usually print a dozen 8x10s. ...
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    Re: Camper Van Suggestions in 2021

    Some Caribbean nations, former Brit colonies, solved this right/left problem another way. Drive on the left with left-hand drive cars. Not sure, does that make everybody happy or nobody happy?
  8. Re: Maintaining 68 with tankless water heater

    I have two tankless, propane fired water heaters. Impossible for darkroom. A 5 gal electric water heater in my darkroom I turn-on as needed.
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    Re: Camper Van Suggestions in 2021

    Nice camping box. Refined.
  10. Re: Boosting contrast with extended development, your choice of film.

    Formula for WD2H+ is in the 3rd Ed. of Darkroom Cookbook. Not sure if there is a difference between 'plus' and 'non-plus'.

    EDIT: My copy of DR Cookbook forgot 60 gr pyro. Verify.
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    Re: Too good to be true?

    This is only my two bits...

    It is unlikely any tablet would emit enough violet light to give the highest of contrast possible with VC paper. I'm using an LED light source made with "green" and...
  12. Re: Boosting contrast with extended development, your choice of film.

    In order of the amount of contrast you can build: Ilford FP4, Ilford Ortho, Kodak Tech Pan (obsolete).

    Use Wimberley's WD2H+ developer for FP4. Normal Plus 4 development is available with this...
  13. Re: Pentax Digital Spot Meter battery/storage

    I don't remove them, but I should. After a battery leaks, it is a big mess and hard to recover. Another thing I should do, but don't, is to simply replace all batteries every year. Changing...
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    Re: Homemade LED light source is working

    Forgot this schematic was there. I should update. Many changes, but I will address your questions anyway. R6, R55, F48, R24 are 'power dropping' resistors. I use a 36V power supply. LEDs voltage...
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    Re: Camper Van Suggestions in 2021

    Ford E350 van with Sportsmobile poptop modification is my mode of travel. Works well for one to four. No extras. (If I want to cook and clean, I stay home.) More Ford repair shops in US than...
  16. Re: Small claims court for copyright cases?

    I've always heard that a simple copyright is nearly worthless, whereas a register copyright is a slam dunk good thing. Still, you must find the violation. There are companies that will do this for...
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    Re: Do you keep a checklist?

    Testicles, spectacles, wallet, watch. Camera, cloth, tripod, film, lens, and a meter would be nice. Over the years, I've managed to forget any one these. I can make it work without the cloth or...
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    Homemade LED light source is working

    After years of thought and slow construction, my modified Beseler CB-7 (changed from the negative platform up) is newly mounted with a 10x12" LED light source of my own design. For those considering...
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    Re: Hello from Santa Barbara.

    Hey Hun. Welcome to LFF. Good to have another Barbarian here. I'm near San Marcos Pass.

    [Nice little rain storm, eh. 3.5" here. Finally.]
  20. Re: Large Print Process - Long Post! (w/pix!)

    Very timely post. I'm curious: what is your exposure time and f/# for the print? How does your LED light source brightness compare to whatever you had before in this regard?

    I'm with ic-racer...
  21. Re: Show Your Compendium Shade on a Field Camera Thread...

    Does anyone know of a 'French Flag' for view cameras. Cine folks use them, but they look heavy.
  22. Re: Show Your Compendium Shade on a Field Camera Thread...

    Doremus, Voss holders are very good. Wish they made a 100mm version for larger lenses, but the 75mm version works for most things.

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    Re: Meditation on house fans

    On the same film try several shorter exposures that add up to 1/10. Example, six exposures of 1/60.
  24. Re: Rodenstock LF lens aperture band numbers

    My Apo-Sironar 150/5.6 is marked the same as the yellow band above. However, there is no yellow band, no W, no "80deg", and the f/numbers go all the way to f/64. It is a very early model.
  25. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    John Reuter and the 2024 Polaroid made an appearance at Victor School (Al Weber) in Summer 1983. Not much of a camera in the outdoors. Hard to transport and wobbly. In the studio it was fidgety at...
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    Re: Tennessee Deardorff Video

    Link works here. Thanks. E
  27. Re: Metal darkroom trays ?? Advice needed

    How long is a wallpaper paste tray?
  28. Re: Diy tripod, plans, advice and links to plans please

    I've made a couple. Wasn't hard. All wood. Sitka spruce legs with one extension. Cherry wood block where the legs come together. I still have and occasionally use one of them. I used it for...
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    Re: How Much Have We Accomplished?

    I've made a few images, but not many. I did some printing for my daughter. Tried out a new paper. Started a photo essay, but found the camera I needed to do it was dead, so it's out for repair. I...
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    Re: glass neg carrier

    If the top of the glass carrier is instead a diffusion material, there is no dust problem and Sir Issac Newton takes his rings and leaves the building.

    I use various kinds of plexi for...
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    Re: How to open old Gralab 450 for repair?

    I'll guess that the screws that hold the case together are under the rubber feet.
  32. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    I'm in the "other" camp. I'm still shooting all the time and I already have so many negatives to print that I worry I won't get to all them in my lifetime.
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    Re: Developer trays

    I have all flavors. I like hard rubber trays and enamel trays. Both are fairly rare and finding a seller with reasonable prices and low shipping for more than one tray is unusual. Stainless is...
  34. Poll: Re: Some Darkroom questions, mostly on enlargers

    Question one) Consider analog and digital print making to be two different art forms that are non-competitive. When photography matured long ago, painters didn't stop. When TV was invented, the...
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    Re: Darkroom Safe Light

    Longer wavelength, not shorter. Blue is short, green is middle, red is long.
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    Re: Hard water!!!

    I have 29 grains hardness. A glass of standing tap water precipitates calcium carbonate. No iron, no chlorine, so that's good. I mix film developer with distilled or RO water. And the last dunk...
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    Re: mounting gelatine filters between glass

    You can buy lens adhesive from Edmunds Optical. Why not just use gelatin or poly without glass? Lighting gels are so cheap. You can get dozens of 100mm square gels from a single piece. No worries...
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    Re: Vitamin C developer for paper

    I figure it like this: Vit C is a substitute for hyrdroquinone and phenidone (or I use Dimezone, dissolves easily) is a sub for metol. For now, I buy Legacy Pro EcoPro Ascorbic Acid Paper...
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    Re: Going Long on 5x7

    I used the Nikkor 600/800 Tele. Great lens, but very heavy. Now I use the Fuji 450mm C. If I need longer, there is plenty of negative and I crop.
  40. Re: Beseler 45MCRX motor struggles when raising

    I heard the 'X' in the part number was for the 'X' shape supports on the main chassis.
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