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  1. Re: Any thoughts on why my film washer is not working?

    Many years ago I built a similar washer following directions in "Petersen's Photographic". It worked beautifully.
    Yours must have an air leak somewhere. Action depends on the upside down"U",...
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    Re: Finding f-stops for remounted lens

    I know well how to compute f-stops by measuring the apparent aperture and applying the formula. I was looking for a method which is a little faster more practical. This Is a triple convertible lens....
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    Finding f-stops for remounted lens

    Any suggestions for best way to find f-stops for lens mounted in a different shutter?
    I just moved my Protar IIa from an almost worthless Compound to a modern shutter. I know I can send it off and...
  4. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    Wish I could afford a case, but my 300 sheet supply will last a while. Glad you got some.
  5. Re: TRI-X Pan TXP 518 4x5 16 Sheet Pack Film advice/TIPS?

    Iheard the same story about the one lady who knew how to assemble the packs. Hard to believe, but told many times.
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    Re: how old are we?

    I don't know why I keep answering this thread. I am now a year older than last time so I must be 91. I'm lucky to have good genes and good doctors who brought me back from death's bed when I was...
  7. Re: Help needed with Wollensak f:4, 11.5 inch Verito

    A Galli shutter only requires 2 dark slides. It takes a small amount of practice to use efficiently. contact Jim GAlli at Tonopah pictures
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    Re: Easy alternative processes?

    I make prints using the Ziatype process often. It is not an easy process for the new alternative printer. Judging the print is not as easy as it sounds until one gets used to doing so. ALso, it is...
  9. Re: TRI-X Pan TXP 518 4x5 16 Sheet Pack Film advice/TIPS?

    I still have a few film packs of this in the freezer. I use an EI of 100, and develop normally in D-76 or HC 110-b. Little or no age fog is evident. I process in a tray. The 1st sheet from each pack...
  10. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    I ordered 2 boxes of EB/RA yesterday. Short supply maybe, but it is available. Check with your normal supplier.
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    Re: Ektascan B/RA Sources?

    Glad to see it is available again. I just ordered 2 boxes to add to my supply. I Told my wife I Intend to die with film in the freezer, rather than run out.SHe agreed it is a good idea.
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    Re: Ektascan B/RA Sources?

    I have been keeping a supply frozen and it fares well. Also it is important to remember that we are dealing with orthochromatic film which has an unusually long shelf life.I pay no attention to dates...
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    Re: LED UV Light Box: Build Your Own for Under $150

    ANother advantage in favor of fluorescent is the evenness of the output. without adding any kind of diffusion material the output is so diffused that even if a tube should happen to fail no banding...
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    Re: LED UV Light Box: Build Your Own for Under $150

    I agree with Sandy. I built my box using BL's about 25 years ago. None have needed to be replaced. Printing times are fast enough. I also have a NuArc, which although faster by about 3/4 stop, rarely...
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    Re: Out of Stop, switch to water?

    Water for film, diluted vinegar for paper
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    Re: Still Life 2020

    Jim,I think you found my lost boots and gloves. Great image!
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    Re: Easy alternative processes?

    Both cyanotypes and VDB are easy,as are most alternative processes. But for a beginning go with CYanotype. It is cheap, simple and requires no darkroom in addition to other advantages. ALthough Imake...
  18. Re: B&W negative looks normal when projected onto mirror.

    For years i purposely did what you have done accidentally so that I could easily see a positive image prior to deciding what to print. It made me lazy about making proof sheets, but saved a lot of...
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    Re: Filters for 8x10

    WIth x-ray film your red and orange filters are useless. Migrate toward yellow for general use. I use wratten #8 most often.
  20. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    I prefer the Sinar method, even though I no longer have one.
  21. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    I finally had to give up my various motor homes and resort to motels. My children don't like for me to drive long trips alone so one of m sons in law flies down and drives me., Getting old is a...
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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    Try loading roll film with a thumb and the 2 adjacent fingers having no feeling. I do it, but not like I used to.
  23. Re: A DIY 177mm f/8 Cooke triplet for 4x5 from off-the shelf lenses that YOU can bui

    It appears it is time for me to clean up my old Sears mini lathe. Thankfully, they are still made under another name so parts and accessories are available. I Think I'll order a screw cutter today.
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    Re: Fidelity elite 8x10 film holder question

    I refuse to use ANY PLASTIC 8x10 holders. All I have ever seen eventually warped to the point of possibly allowing light into the slot. Until I found enough good old wooden holders with metal dark...
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    Re: explain like I'm 5......... 90mm lenses

    If you have trouble focusing with an f-8 lens you need to see an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist. Cataracts reduce the amount of light focused through the lens onto the retina. Removal is simple...
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    Re: Harris Tent Storage

    WHen I travel with mine, I set it up on the bed.
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    Re: Adaptor for Kodak AG 9x12cm to 4x5?

    Not any more, but in the 50's or early 60's I remember an auxiliary back which converted these,and other, "film Pack" cameras to a springback. One would have to be extremely lucky to locate one today.
  28. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    Vaughn, I really like those images! Not just for focus,but exposure, organization, everything.
  29. Re: Question about flash photography with a Chamonix

    Flash is controlled not by the lens, but by the shutter.
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    Re: New Dektol Mixes Dark Brown

    In the days when Dektol, and D-76 it's predecessor, were packaged in metal cans this oxidation never occurred. It began when the company saved money with paper packaging and raised the price. A few...
  31. Re: Ansel's Adams & Co Minex De Luxe Tropical Mahogany Camera

    This AA doesn't stand for ANsel Adams! Maybe Alcoholic Anonymous
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    Re: Relevance of zone system when scanning

    Proper use of the Zone System, or similar alternatives, does not produce dense negatives. the Zone III shadows will be somewhat thin and detail just visible. On the other end of the scale, Zone VIII,...
  33. Re: Developing Time the cause or somethings else....

    You did not shoot the same film in 35mm and 4x5. They are two different emulsions.
  34. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    Development by inspection works for any printing process.
  35. Re: Protar VIIa Triple Convertible Pictures POST YOUR PROTAR VII PICS PLEASE

    1st try at putting images on forum. Made testing the 201399Protar VIIa., 201398
    Both were made wide open and focused on a single blossom near the middle of image.
  36. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    My procedure is very similar to yours except I use 1.5+1.5+100 in trays and develop totally by inspection. My safelight is 6+feet from the tray, and is turned on after what I have estimated is 75% fo...
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    Re: How to get into ULF?

    Carestream, EB/RA is a single sided , 8x10 x-ray film with notch code. Expose at EI 100, develop in normal developers diluted such as HC110 1+60 or 1+100 nder tested red safe light. $0.85 per sheet....
  38. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    It looks as if you have found your exposure/development combo which works well for you.
  39. Re: Repair rack and pinion lock for extension rail

    If you choose to solder it,use only silver solder.
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    Re: To loupe or not to loupe?

    I had a lot of practice with them and became very efficient. I still have one in my closet along with several range finders, straight threaded cable releases and other
    useful tools from the past.
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