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    Re: Fujinon 125mm f/5.6 W (old version)

    I have the 125mm 5.6 W but I think it is a newer (80's?) version with EBC coating. Its lettering is on the outside of the lens barrel. I really like the focal length and use it next to a 210mm APO...
  2. Re: Scanning Provia/transparencies with a digital camera: ICC profiling?

    Are you blocking off absolutely all extraneous light from the LED panel? I have a pixelatr film holder which I place over a light panel. I have found that if I take the bellows from my old monorail...
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    Re: Focus accuracy issue with Intrepid 8x10

    I guess the two questions I would ask is just how accurate is the CNC manufacturing process and what QC checks are undertaken once assembly is complete? Accuracy costs money of course and these...
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    Re: Focus accuracy issue with Intrepid 8x10

    Perhaps this is a stupid idea, but have you tried inserting and removing a film holder then re-checking focus? Just wondering if the camera might be moving when you are loading the holder.

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    Re: Hello From The UK (West Sussex)

    Welcome to the wonderful/frustrating* world of large format photography!

    *delete as applicable
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    Re: Portraits from 2021

    This is from a shoot I did a couple of months ago, just got the colour film back from the lab to nowhere II by Toby Key, on...
  7. Re: Marketing Platinum Portraits in 11x14 , Is this posible and then How?

    The marketing hook for this is taking people's photo with a ULF camera. You are selling an experience and that is the crucial part of it, not any of the method that happens behind closed doors. I...
  8. Re: Help identify cloud-like artifacts on film

    Happy to help. Good to see my memory is still more or less working!
  9. Re: Help identify cloud-like artifacts on film

    Toyo had an issue with film holders that had non light tight dark slides about five years ago - this looks like that issue. If the holder is new take it back to the dealer. I think there was a...
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    Re: Portraits from 2021 Rose by Toby Key, on Flickr

    Wista 45DX 210mm APO Symmar. HP5+ exposed at 250iso and developed normal in DD-X 1+9.
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    Re: Ilford Ilfosol 3

    I am a big fan of DD-X. It is expensive but you can use it 1+9 to keep costs down and still get good results.
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    Re: Portraits from 2021 to Travel by Toby Key, on Flickr

    I shot this at Hayling Island beach railway. A funny little narrow gauge train that runs up...
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    Re: Portraits from 2021 by Toby Key, on Flickr

    Shot on HP5+ in Ilford DD-X. Wista 45DX, 210mm APO Symmar @ 1/60th, f11.
  14. Re: Bought a nice Linhof Master Technika Classic. Can I do the CLA myself to save mon

    Personally I would get the repair done professionally and hold off on the camming and the CLA for now. If you are good at repairs the CLA might be something you could attempt yourself and replacing...
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    Re: Kirk Tuck commenting on 4x5 video blog

    I saw the video he was commenting on - this is the link

    This is a man who live in New York and can't find anywhere that can develop film in less than...
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    Re: Lens recommendation: Indoor, wide

    I use a Fuji 125 5.6 and it renders like this Foister by Toby Key, on Flickr
  17. Re: New here, new to LF, strongly considering a Wista

    I have a Wista 45DX and a Toyo monorail. If you want to do close ups with a 300mm the Wista won't cut it, it will only focus a 300 at infinity (I don't know what the extension is on the metal...
  18. Re: What lens board for Wista 45DX and Schneider 90mm f/8

    A 90mm will focus on a Wista DX with a flat board and it is a lot less fiddly than using a recessed board. Only problem is that the compressed bellows can limit movements a little. I use a 75mm on a...
  19. Re: Advice on lens with Cleaning marks on the Front optical element

    It depends on the marks and their location but cleaning marks usually have zero impact on the optical performance of a lens in most circumstances. Do your homework - check they really are cleaning...
  20. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    I have found that as I have got better at large format photography, the better I am at spotting and diagnosing small perfections in my images and the more demanding and methodical I have become. The...
  21. Re: 4x5 lens recommendation for fast shutter speeds

    I think there are issues beyond shutter speed if you are going to use a large format camera in inclement conditions.

    1. Copal 0 and 1 shutters will get you where you need to be in terms of...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes Park near Goodwood, West Sussex by Toby Key, on Flickr

    I shot this in early spring when the leaves on the trees were still...
  23. Re: The things I don't know... :) Help (Crazy lens movements; lens choices; bellows o

    If you want a front standard/bellows that isn't fixed look at the intrepid cameras. Their front standard is loose until it is secured by a bolt to the base so I guess you could work out a way of...
  24. Re: How much dimmer on the ground glass is an f/9 lens vs a f/5.6? Or f/5.6 vs f/4.5?

    75mm 4x5 lenses are not particularly easy to use. I have a Schneider 75mm 5.6 Super Angulon, it projects quite a dim image on the ground glass of my Wista 45DX. You have to look at the edges of the...
  25. Re: 210 for travel and landscape: Heliar or Schneider?

    If I am travelling reliability is my overwhelming concern. So I would be very wary of taking a lens with an electronic shutter and it jiggling around in the pannier of a gravel bike. No point having...
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    Re: Yellow, Orange, Red Filter Factors?

    I got a similar set of filters recently and I found the readings I got putting the filter over my spot meter did not correspond to the filter factors at all. I just used the manufacturer's...
  27. Poll: Re: Landscapers, please share wisdom about scouting

    I do initial scouting by studying UK ordnance survey explorer maps, I don't know what the US equivalent is. These are very detailed and include contour lines, footpaths/bridleways and parking spots....
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    Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Shoot a test shot with a digital camera to check your exposure really is in the ballpark. There are lots of things that can be slightly off that can add up to a big overall error. So meter 1 stop...
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    Re: Monorail vs. Folding Camera Weight

    I am sure that you could make a monorail that was lighter than most, but that is only half the battle. The biggest problem with making a portable monorail system is it's bulk rather than it's weight....
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes Harbour at Sunset by Toby Key, on Flickr

    I have revisited this scene a few times over lock down trying to get the definitive...
  31. Re: Scanner software for HP G4050 in Mac 10.14 (High Sierra)

    You can do multiple scans with vuescan. Go to options+ > Crop and turn on multi-crop.
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    Re: Framing and focusing in a breeze

    The drawback to having a dark cloth that attaches to the camera is that if it catches the wind it could take the camera with it. There are pop up hoods available but that would depend on which camera...
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    Re: How Many Pros use LF?

    I think it depends how you define 'pro'. I don't think there is much traditional commercial work being done on large format, but there are plenty of film youtubers shooting large format and earning...
  34. Re: How are Camera Bellows UK bellows holding up over time???

    The bellows I got for my Wista 45DX were identical to the originals so I assume they must make bellows for Wista (they were also a stock item). Only had them 6 months but they are definitely better...
  35. Re: Wista 45D strange reflections on images

    I would check the camera thoroughly for light leaks as a first step. Sometimes a pinhole can project a second image on to the film. If that doesn't show anything it maybe that light is flaring off of...
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?

    Thanks Philip!

    I also made another version from a lower viewpoint, which involved getting rather muddy. Harbour Landscape...
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?

    A shot I have had my eye but getting low tide, dusk and some decent weather to coincide can be tricky! Harbour Low tide by...
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    Re: Fujinon W 125mm lens cap

    Unfortunately there are lots of different versions of this lens so you might need to be more specific as to the version you have. I have an early 125mm NW (labelled as a 'W' but with lettering on the...
  39. Re: Best 4x5 camera to accommodate a 65mm lens?

    Depends on how you are using the camera and how much portability you need but I picked up a Toyo 45C monorail with a short rail and bag bellows (and a roll film slider) for 250. That's only slightly...
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    Re: How many film holders?

    I have about 20 4x5 holders. I regularly shoot portraits where I might get through quite a few holders so I often will have them all loaded for a shoot (although I would rarely use that many). If I...
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