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    Re: Help identifying a RO&C Co lens

    I think the key search word should be Wollensak - rather than the “Rochester” companies. This is where I found the following pages.

    But it is possible there are other combinations of auto...
  2. Re: Whar are the implications of using a thicker ground glass than is standard?

    The only consequence is that the camera is a little heavier and the brass tab mounting system may need a little adjustment.
  3. Re: Voigtlander B serial transition to Portrait Objectiv serial engraving & Nomenclat

    Now I have a bad conscience!

    I started to write a contribution some days ago, but realized that it would take the best part of an hour to formulate what I wanted to say!
    I started with mentioning...
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    Re: Cooke Portrait Lens Serial Numbers

    Well well, I never realized that the first Cooke soft portrait series II used the rear cell for adjustment, rather than moving the central lens forward as in later series II and VI. And the maximum...
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    Re: Mattioli shutter

    I have only the more primitive “Le Perpetuel” shutter by G.Mattioli - which is still working!
    It looks similar to the contemporary Italian and German shutters (LUC etc.) which have simple springs...
  6. Re: Replacement Bellows for 8x10 Sinar Norma

    Another very happy multiple user of Custom Bellows. It is an enormous advantage that they have years of experience with Sinar.
  7. Re: Dallmeyer 3"=75mm Rectilinear Patent lens query

    Here is data for the 3 1/4 Dallmeyer - of which the Ross is a clone.
    These were made for decades!
    Possibly cover 1/2 plate but probably dark corners!

    The 3” Dallmeyer rectilinear lens is just a...
  8. Re: Hermagis Serial numbers Need your help with a database

    Just to present a nice example of an early Objectifs a transformations (convertible) or rather the lens edge writing on the front achromat.
    This is before date/year writing was started, but after...
  9. Re: What is a A. J. Thompson & Co Petzval lens about?

    G&C became C&G (Clement & Gilmer) after being Laverne for a period. Most of the G&C series were continued. The best coverage of the smaller French makers is the the A to Z Pont/Princelle booklets....
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    Re: Lens element sources and specs?

    This is the voice of reason and insight!
    Unless we have a person of unlimited wealth (and limited common sense) within the LF community, there is no chance of new production of lens elements that...
  11. Re: What is a A. J. Thompson & Co Petzval lens about?

    Gasc & Charconnet ceased to exist after 1877, so if GC on the lens rim means Gasc & Charconnet, then the glass was made before this date. The brass looks more like the 1890’s or early 20th century. I...
  12. Re: What is a A. J. Thompson & Co Petzval lens about?

    I’ll some ideas I will check out tomorrow.

    But as a starter, I don’t believe that Darlot - at least by the 1890’s - actually Manufactured their own brasswork.

    The tall 4 iron screws on the...
  13. Re: What do I need to do to use a R.O.&C. Co Telephoto Cycle Poco D ?

    It would be wise to check that the camera is the 5x7” model, as both the 1/2 plate version (if there was one!) and the full plate one (which certainly exists) are not easily modified to 5x7” holders....
  14. Re: What do I need to do to use a R.O.&C. Co Telephoto Cycle Poco D ?

    It is in nice condition!
    Just in case you haven’t found it, here is a catalogue entry for your camera. It was made over a decade, so the range of model sizes may have changed from year to year....
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    Re: Show off your ULF camera


    This is a utilitarian, rather than a bling/bling camera! I don’t think it has many moments. Around the turn of the century (19th/20th!), it was possible to buy (post order)...
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    Re: Lerebours Serial Number - Rice Writing

    I have rediscovered a catalogue for Bland & Co on one of my defunct computers. I found and used this in connnection with ownership of a couple of UK made Bland lenses. Later, I got the...
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    Re: C.P. Goerz Berlin Rapid Paraplanat II

    Now the Goecker Catalogue would be of interest to me as I have several of their Imported cameras around.
    Also what range of Pictorial lenses did they offer?
  18. Re: Disassembly and cleaning of an old Dallmeyer 220mm brass lens.

    Glass is extremely resistant to chemical damage. Lenses which have been left to rot in out houses for decades get awful “patina” on the brass but glass remains almost as new.

    Brass/brass threads...
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    Re: C.P. Goerz Berlin D.R.P. Dogmar Age

    99 years old-1922. Goerz became part of Zeiss Ikon a few years later.

    Probably mounted on a 10x15 cm folding camera. They are usually mounted direct on the front standard, so the lens board...
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    Re: Dating Derogy lens

    Not many Derogys get sold because of speculative BIN prices on that site. This one was a very welcome auction and gave an idea of the realistic level for Petzvals. The item gives a good impression,...
  21. Re: Disassembly and cleaning of an old Dallmeyer 220mm brass lens.

    MY, my, someone local!

    Here is the extract from an 1880’s Dallmeyer catalogue showing the relevant meniscus lenses.

    There are two versions of this single meniscus - those labeled “patent” are...
  22. Re: Soft focus lens, Emil Busch "Nicola Perscheid" F:4.5 F=42cm.

    Thanks for the correction. These coincidences do occur! I once won a vellum example of a pre-nuptial marriage settlement in my family from the 1730’s - and a month later I got hold of another one,...
  23. Re: Soft focus lens, Emil Busch "Nicola Perscheid" F:4.5 F=42cm.

    There are two versions of the Perscheid - one of these is a triplet and the other has a front and rear cell.

    I did see this 600mm at auction recently, but the rather unsatisfactory descriptive...
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    Re: Repair missing broken tenon

    I have done similar repairs. As this is pretty much out of sight, I would remove the rest of the tenor with a plane and sand paper Block.
    Then get hold of a nice “greasy “ piece of something like...
  25. Re: Anyone own Dallmeyer 3A waterhouse stops? Aperture size help needed

    From memory - screwed in is the sharpest. There are 4 “positions” as you unscrew though 360 degrees. Of course you can use intermediate positions to achieve effects based on previous experience. And...
  26. Re: Anyone own Dallmeyer 3A waterhouse stops? Aperture size help needed

    Take the focal length of the 3A has “around 16 inches”! But it could be a little less or greater than 16”

    Dallmeyer used the optical quality glass they could get hold of. Even within a batch of...
  27. Re: Anyone own Dallmeyer 3A waterhouse stops? Aperture size help needed

    So do I.
    Remember the thickness of brass stops varies - I don’t think there was a standard.
    I have 2 identical lenses Francais Rectilinear series A no.5. Both have Waterhouse slots. One came with...
  28. Re: Anyone own Dallmeyer 3A waterhouse stops? Aperture size help needed

    The patent Petzval Dallmeyer 3A’s were made over many decades and there are variations - even in the original rear defusion version!
    The focal lengths of the 3 adjustable patent Petzvals became a...
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    Re: CHAS A. GUMP brass Lens?

    We don’t refer to current eBay listings.
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    Re: Rack and pinion for 20x24

    Many continental large format cameras used a central long ACME thread with an attractive end brass turn handle and a fixed threaded brass block at the base of the rear standard. Obviously, both sides...
  31. Re: Anybody recognize this lens "Photo-Hall Paris"?

    Of course!

    Photo Hall was a large Parisian Retailer, who also had his own branded versions of camera sets, lenses etc!

    Their products are very common on
    I have their comprehensive...
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    Re: Houghton Butcher 'The Victo'

    Depends on the size of the camera!

    This model had the usual (GB) range of sizes from 1/4 plate up to 12x10”. This means there are no 4x5” or 5x7” versions.

    Lots of data in usual search - for...
  33. Re: How did they blacken the metal stops & caps of the Daguerre era lenses?

    There are two previous threads on the permanent blackening of brass!
    Here is my contribution on a previous occasion!

    Yes it is ordinary sheet brass.
    Ordinary small Metric screws.
    Thread cut in...
  34. Re: Universal Heliar 30CM Flange specifications

    It is the same optical design - other Heliars became Dynars.
    Mine is from the first batch, that didn’t yet have the “Universal” engraving. Serial number 251345.
  35. Re: Universal Heliar 30CM Flange specifications

    It may depend on the date of production.
    My early 30cm Universal flange is definitely a 90 mm, but is not the common 1mm variant (like the Compound shutter V flange).It is more like a 1.5mm thread...
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    Re: Facebook Group on 19th Century Lenses

    I am not - and never will be a FB person.

    There is a something about the place that is “off”!
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    Re: Plasticca 450mm F3.5 dimensions

    Just for the sake of comparison, here are the corresponding data for the tiny 200mm Plasticca!

    Focal length 200cm.
    Max aperture 40mm /F4.5 (engraved)

    Realistic max. Aperture is F5 - and, of...
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    Re: Using a soft focus brass lens

    good examples.
    You just missed the curved focal plane of Petzval in the double portrait - but it still makes for a very interesting shot. Quite timeless- could be 1952!
    The single portrait is...
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    Re: shutters compatible with 7" Dagor?


    In the good old days, there was a lot of joint production of shutters for camera makers and lens makers. Things became a little tense with the disappearing market of the 1920’s!
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    Re: Using a soft focus brass lens

    taking a break from painting windows, I have done a quick search for cervees.
    It is a short period product from the New York lens company. Who were also a short lived company, I seem to remember....
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