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  1. Re: and its relationship to state surveillance.

    (Grammar pedant alert) It would be very hard to do "surveillance" (e.g. watching someone, something or someplace) when you don't know what's there, or what or who might be present in that unknown...
  2. Re: Need Help Identifying a 4x5 Piece of Equipment

    Looks like the rear standard, or most of one, for a Sinar F-series camera.
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    Re: Rail size for a CALUMET 4X5 CC401?

    Sorry Dann, I did some thinking and realized that it's been at least 25 years since I worked with those cameras. Have fun with yours!
    BTW the last time I used a long-rail Calumet, I had a 19"...
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    Re: Rail size for a CALUMET 4X5 CC401?

    CC-400 = 16" rail. Most common model.
    CC-401 = 22" rail. Otherwise identical to CC-400.
    CC-402 = wide-angle camera. Shorter rail, different front standard, bag bellows. Less common than the others....
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    Re: Rail size for a CALUMET 4X5 CC401?

    I've used both Calumets extensively on the job. Dann Corbit, KEH sent you the correct camera, and it's a real workhorse- congratulations. The 22" rail is long enough for most any purpose.
    The LF...
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    Re: Smoke smoke everywhere

    Re Tin Can's recent comment, smoke from the 1988 Yellowstone fires made it as far east as western NY state. so probably even farther.
    Here in Tucson it's a thin high overcast with an orange sun....
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    Re: old Kodak chemistry

    Note the brown stains near the top of the two Dektol packages. That suggests oxidation- you can mix it up and see if it will work. If the Dektol mixes up dark brown, it's likely no good... as it's...
  8. Re: Omega Super Chromega D Dichroic II on D2

    I think that the major difference is that the axle shafts are longer to hold the dichroic head; I believe that the four actual lifting arms are the same. It's been a decade since I had multiple...
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    Re: Shot abandonment

    I have plenty of shots that I've abandoned once I've seen the contact proof.
    They sit in the box, reminding me of my failures, when I go through my proofs looking for pictures to print. There's no...
  10. Re: Nagaoka cameras are still made in Japan. The story of a wooden LF craftsman.

    A Nagaoka was the first field 4x5 I ever saw, at South Plaza Camera in Rochester in 1981. I was instantly smitten with the whole idea, but by '82 when I had enough money, I bought a Tachihara....
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    Re: Chasing star trails with an 8x10

    Wow, lots of good info here. I've tried LF star trails casually a few times, with occasional success. I remember trying to shoot color star trails in the '80s with Vericolor film and an f/8 lens......
  12. Re: Need Guidance on Getting a Sensitometer

    I don't know of any consumer-grade sensitometers being made today. When I worked for Eastman Kodak, my division designed, built, and sold a few of the Model 1-B sensitometer. It was used to...
  13. Re: Dynalite "factory" repairs available.

    That's great news. My Dyna-Lites have served me well for over 25 years.
    Although I'm not doing much lighting these days (beyond copy work), I wouldn't want to be without them (or have to replace...
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    Re: New Dektol Mixes Dark Brown

    Jim, you're lucky. Kodak started putting developers in foil packages in 1974... Of course they never imagined that people would want to use products made decades before. The foil envelopes used thru...
  15. Re: 12" Goerz Apo Artar Red Dot filter size?

    I don't think that Goerz lenses were meant to take the (now) standard threaded filters, so the threads on the front of your lens may not correspond to any modern size. BITD you would have bought a...
  16. Re: Distance optimization for '60s-vintage Super Angulons and Symmars?

    I've used four of those lenses extensively and still own a 121/8 SA. I did use the 180/5.6 Symmar for close-ups on the job, back in the late '80s. I never had any reason to complain about its...
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    Re: NOS 1884 5X7 Dry Plate Exposed Today

    Spectacular. As far as the plates go, "they built better than they knew".
    Keep up the good work!
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    Re: studio space problems with soft boxes

    That's a nice-looking room. With your light-colored walls and low ceiling there's going to be a lot of reflected light bouncing around... which can provide some natural fill light. Your lighting...
  19. Re: Schneider symmar convertible in busch & pressman mod.d

    You've found the weak spot of an otherwise fine camera.
    It might be possible to mount the lens by removing the rear group and mounting the lens, and then installing the rear group from inside the...
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    Re: Smoke smoke everywhere

    Tough times for all of you in California. Recently I witnessed the Bighorn Fire (which burned for five weeks in the mountains above Tucson). I'd never seen a forest fire before, much less had one...
  21. Re: Any recommendation on an 8x10 lens for tabletop and sculpture

    Given your choices, I'd try the Symmar-S 360. The Ektar (one of my favorites) will have a slightly different 'look', lower in contrast than the lenses you're used to. It would still be a fine choice...
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    Re: 1935 Linhof ,,NORMA'' ???

    Worth noting that Porsche, back in the 356 days, offered a model called the "Normal" as well as a higher horsepower version called the "Super".
    The name Leica comes from LEItz CAmera, IIRC.
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    Re: Sinar Norma Copy Stand

    I remember being surprised when I went to take a workshop with Norman McGrath in 1989... he'd brought a 5000 w/s Balcar as his only power pack.
    Never saw another one before or since, but it did the...
  24. Re: Please share your darkroom prints from B&W slides

    Generally, the reason people used to shoot b/w reversal was to make 35mm slides for projection. Now I suppose people scan b/w positives, but I don't know what (if any) the advantages of that might...
  25. Re: Color correction filters for transparency film?

    Twenty-plus years ago, commercial photographers made their living by delivering perfectly-exposed, perfectly-colored transparencies to the client. This required careful and regular emulsion testing,...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    vert nice work. Happy to hear that you're getting back into the game.
  27. Re: Post your 8"x20" images in honor of August 2020 aka 8/20

    George, Jim,
    just marvelous work. I'll likely never use that format, but seeing your fine photographs is a real inspiration.
  28. Re: Justify the acquiring of a new Linhof Technika?

    "Fine tools contribute to fine work". -Alexander Calder
    The very best of anything is never cheap. In addition, the Linhof Technika was designed and built to be a superlative professional tool. Thus,...
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    Re: Film from Aero roll film

    Mr. Salomon is correct, assuming that you expect to be flying aerial missions with the film. B/W aerial films tend to be higher contrast than regular camera films, and the recommended processing...
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    Re: Process lens application?

    Grab it. That's a very high-quality lens, both close-up and at infinity. The industry standard for copying since forever, the design was made (by Schneider) into the 1990s.
  31. Re: What should I look for with the Omega Chromega D 4x5 Color Enlarger? Is it any g

    Comments above are all very accurate. I used these enlargers on the job from 1981-2009 (or so). They are real workhorses and should give excellent service for decades more if maintained. I don't know...
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    Re: Pyrocat HD Stain & Base Fog

    That negative looks underexposed to me, unless you intended a silhouette of the leaves. That to one side, making a "proper proof" (that is, making a contact proof where the film edge is *just* at...
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    Re: 4x5 lenses: telephoto and portraiture

    The NIkkor-M 300/9 is a great lens; I will never part with mine. See my first post above... if I wanted to do LF portraits (but I don't), that's the lens I'd use. It will focus close enough on your...
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    Re: 4x5 lenses: telephoto and portraiture

    Just so. And most sitters will be more comfortable (leading to better portraits) if the camera (and thus the photographer) is not right on top of them.
  35. Re: Removing Rear Lens Elements for Portraits

    There have been many generations of Schneider Symmars. The first was an f/6.8 design, similar to a Goerz Dagor. That lens series was made before and after WWII; later ones are coated with a red...
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    Re: print washers?

    I have the same print washer Tin Can mentions. I bought it in the late 1980s under the "Darkroom Aids" (a long-gone Chicago photo store) brand. It had been recommended (and tested) by my teacher...
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    Re: 4x5 lenses: telephoto and portraiture

    You don't have to worry about movements when making portraits. Your sitter is unlikely to be able to hold still while you fiddle with front swings and tilts.
    Years ago I had a 4x5 Tachihara, with...
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    Re: 8x10 Camera + Accessories: Advice

    I haven't shot 8x10 in a long time, but I will say that any of the lenses you mention will provide superb results. Buy on condition, then price.
    A tripod quick-release will be very helpful,...
  39. Re: Kodak Alaris sells off paper and chemical businesses

    Reviving Kodak's b/w papers is an impossible dream, I think. After EK ran that business into the ground in the early 2000s, they tore down their paper mill c.2006. The engineers and technicians who...
  40. Thread: Giday!

    by Mark Sampson

    Re: Giday!

    welcome aboard- there is lots to learn here, and plenty of 'interesting' 'characters' (not to say crusty curmudgeons) with lots of experience, so there's some entertainment value as well. Share some...
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