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  1. Re: Looks like Adox CHS 100 II sheet film is back...

    Two-plus years later, has anyone yet tried this film (sheets) in PMK? If so, what time did you settle on and how were the results? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: 8x10 slide stock onto LED panel

    Five years later, ADOX has introduced its Scala reversal kit

    that should permit relatively...
  3. Re: Why View Camera & Sheet Film Today, in our here and now?

    One doesn't need to. Those who reply to the question choose to. Perhaps in order to induce frustration by providing a well-justified "no reason" response. :)
  4. Re: Never should have been called "photography"

    This is elitist nonsense. It's all photography. Implying that it isn't flies in the face of both reality and this site's definition of large format photography.

    It is indeed too bad that those...
  5. Re: Why View Camera & Sheet Film Today, in our here and now?

    I'm not sure of your number references, but to me all the things I wrote about are problems that have not been solved by any manufacturers whose products are accessible to home users without the...
  6. Re: Why View Camera & Sheet Film Today, in our here and now?

    Understood, but...

    ...which was a factor in posting what I did. Emphasized even though you added:

  7. Re: Why View Camera & Sheet Film Today, in our here and now?

    The broader question is "why film (and darkroom prints from it) today?" My answer is: there's only one reason, namely, print life expectancy. As for why a view camera, given the premise that one...
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    Re: Advice request: cutter

    Thank you very much Bernice. Those look promising; I wasn't previously aware of them.
  9. Re: Ilford ULF annual order period for 2021

    HARMAN uses "cutting masks," which I interpret to mean a die cutter, for each size of sheet film. Simon Galley explained that when, 16 years ago, the annual special order adventure began. He wrote...
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    Re: Advice request: cutter

    I agree with this, and also use a Rotatrim for paper. However, I've never been able to get a straight cut when attempting to trim 4-ply mount board with it. Other photographers I've known in the...
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    Re: 300mm lens 4x5" landscape

    To eliminate any confusion about the Horseman teleconverter's physical configuration, it has two components. One is a replacement for the lens' Copal 0 retaining ring, which screws onto the shutter...
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    Re: Copal 3s to Copal 3 adapter

    In my opinion, the S.K. Grimes prices mentioned are bargains for the custom work described.

    There were likely no mass produced adapters because at the time this equipment was common, one could...
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    Re: Yellow, Orange, Red Filter Factors?

    There are three variables involved. The spectral response of your light meter. The spectral response of each film. And the spectral composition of the scene, which is a product of both the subject...
  14. Re: Retaining ring stuck on Horseman board

    The images you attached to the original post didn't make clear that there were flat tips on the other end. I'm unable to determine how thick they are from this image. However, the wrench doesn't...
  15. Re: Retaining ring stuck on Horseman board

    You guys are both wrong. Jim on both counts.

    I've had the same struggle with retaining rings on Horseman field camera 80mm square lens boards, of which I have many for my VH and FA cameras. ...
  16. Re: Aardenburg Adhesive-Free Picture Framing

    My inkjet printer is capable of a maximum 13 inch paper width. For display in a 14 x 18-inch frame, I made a vertical print on paper 13 inches wide and 18 inches high. Then, near the top of the...
  17. Re: Aardenburg Adhesive-Free Picture Framing

    I've only used it in 8x10 and haven't framed any of those prints, but suspect that the new Multigrade RC Portfolio paper might be able to go a bit larger than other RC products. It's a very...
  18. Re: Aardenburg Adhesive-Free Picture Framing

    Let's see, to whom ought one pay attention on the subject of framing inkjet prints. Drew (who knows everything about everything and regularly denigrates inkjet prints on forums) or Mark...
  19. Re: Higher fog in rotary development of fiber-based paper?

    Fog from "flopping around" when developing fiber-based paper in a Jobo drum isn't an issue. That process was well documented. Rather, the challenge is paper being "plastered up against" drum ribs...
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    Re: 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 cameras?

    I know what you'd really like is a 225mm Apo Sironar S. I'm also aware that you're, shall we say, not fond of Fujinon LF lenses' out-of-focus rendering. Nonetheless, here's a bit of information...
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    Re: DIY PX28 or 4SR44 Battery

    I assume Eric incorporated voltage regulation in his meters. Pentax didn't when designing its Digital Spotmeter. For that one, use only silver:

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    Re: Four Liter Jugs ?

    Decant them into glass containers. :)
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    Re: So long. Been less than great.

    What issue is that? A problem with some new fashion trend that puts tails on clothing? :)
  24. Re: Designing a studio space for natural light portraiture

    Monty, this old thread

    includes much information that might be helpful. Although I never had an...
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    Re: Droopy rear standard on Ebony camera?

    While the screws on some other Japanese cameras I've worked on required those thin-blade drivers, adjusting screws on both my 5x7 and Whole Plate Ebony cameras are compatible with Phillips...
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    Re: how old are we?

    Komamura built some very fine products. I'd advise against letting any Horseman cameras pass by. :D
  27. Re: Arca Swiss 8x10 - The Ultimate Carry Solution

    I'm not as old as you are, Jim, but am pushing 70. No one has ever accused me of being a weight lifter. :)

    I've tried various internal frame packs. None of them can hold a candle to good...
  28. Re: Arca Swiss 8x10 - The Ultimate Carry Solution

    Nice, but I went with this instead:

    It's readily available to customers in the U.S.:

  29. Re: My negatives are backwards....Shanghai 8x10 Film.

    Not necessarily. But one always pays for what one gets. :)
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    Re: Droopy rear standard on Ebony camera?

    Wow, that's an incredible amount of play. I own two Ebony cameras, both purchased brand new, and neither one displays anything like the gap seen in your video between their movable sections and the...
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    Re: Droopy rear standard on Ebony camera?

    I suggest checking out FAQ #3 here

    before making any modifications to the camera.
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    Re: Bellows for Phillips 8x10"

    I checked with Dick Phillips about this today. He replied that most, but not all, came from Camera Bellows (now Custom Bellows). A small number were sourced from Western Bellows in the U.S. ...
  33. Re: Pentax Digital Spot Meter battery/storage

    As a general rule of thumb, sure. Other than under extreme environmental conditions, I consider leaving a silver oxide PX28 sitting in an unused Pentax digital spot meter for six months (possibly...
  34. Re: Pentax Digital Spot Meter battery/storage

    It wouldn't be possible for me to do that, since I've never started a "useless argument." :)

    I'm a retired aerospace engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Not that any of your or my...
  35. Re: Pentax Digital Spot Meter battery/storage

    I've owned my Pentax digital spot meter since purchasing it new in the 1980s. It always has a silver oxide PX28 in it. The batteries have lasted up to three or four years before needing...
  36. Re: Pentax Digital Spot Meter battery/storage

    No problem leaving the battery in, even for extended periods. However, I'd strongly suggest using a silver oxide PX28, not a lithium wannabe. Here's why:

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    Re: Ball or Pan-tilt head for 8x10?

    Not surprising; it's a great head.

    Here's how I use mine under a Phillips Compact II:

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    Re: f/5.6 or slower 300mm for 8x10?

    Actually, more than twice as much light. One and one-third stops more, to be precise. :)

    My 8x10 is a Phillips Compact II. It's equipped with a Satin Snow ground glass and a Maxwell fresnel. ...
  39. Re: Sinar to Linhof Lensboard Adapter with Heavy Lenses

    I can only speak to the version of that adapter made by S.K. Grimes. I own the exact lens you plan to use, have mounted it to my Phillips Compact II using the adapter, and found no issues with...
  40. Re: My new Jobo/Tmax 100 consistency problems solved

    120 r.p.m.? That's quite fast. What processor do you use to achieve such a high tank rotation rate at the "1" setting? :)
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