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    Re: Request clarification of large format.

    Though a long-time member, I don't post here often, and I certainly wouldn't presume to suggest what should be included and excluded. But simply weighing in as one reader, I'll note that something...
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    Re: New moderator: Ted Harris

    Came across this thread while looking for an autobiographical note from Ted, and the words above are suddenly very poignant. Requiescat in pace...
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    NY Times Photography Article

    Interesting article; hard to judge trends by one show, even a large one.

    As far as the "literal" vs. "altered" issue is concerned, I think a lot of people subconsciously make a distinction between...
  4. Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

    Excellent report, Rick (you write very well); thanks for detailing your weekend.

    Your wife's positive experience is particularly noteworthy, I think, because it seems that in the digital age more...
  5. Lightweight 8x10 architectural camera (A-S?)

    Thanks, Tim; like others here, you speak with extensive experience and I appreciate your input. I know there are always tradeoffs (especially if one tosses "price" into the list of factors), and of...
  6. Lightweight 8x10 architectural camera (A-S?)

    Hi Brian,

    Well, in my original post I wrote of "my quest for a precision 8x10 that is light enough to carry around." So yes, I suppose a 12lb. camera is light enough to carry around, although I...
  7. Lightweight 8x10 architectural camera (A-S?)

    Hey thanks, Marco, for that report! The rigidity of the front standard with the extender was a concern of mine, as my favorite lens is the Nikkor 360W and with many cameras' front standards, that...
  8. Lightweight 8x10 architectural camera (A-S?)

    Hmm. Very interesting, Evan; thanks for the news. I'll give Rod K. a call and see if the front end of the new version is as impressive as the back end.

    Christopher, the Toyo 810 looks like it has...
  9. Lightweight 8x10 architectural camera (A-S?)

    Janko, at least on my browser there's a very short character limit in this forum for "Subject of post." I didn't want to imply in the title that my question wasn't fairly arcane, yet there wasn't...
  10. Lightweight 8x10 architectural camera (A-S?)

    Sorry; "A-S" is "Arca-Swiss."

    I previously owned an 11x14 Canham and am open to the 8x10 model, but wonder if I could do better with respect to rigidity, versatility, and/or precision. (I do like...
  11. Lightweight 8x10 architectural camera (A-S?)

    Hi, I have a pretty specific (A-S) question relating to my general quest for a precision 8x10 that is light enough to carry around (I do a lot of urban walking and architectural work).

    I have used...
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    Ansel and his PhaseOne back ????

    I think Weston would be the one more likely to have the 18-year-old assistant.
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    Toyo 810M into 11x14

    Hi Richard,

    Hmmm. I don't remember what year it was, but somewhere in the mid-90s I did buy through the View Camera classifieds an 11x14 monorail camera that had been made from a Toyo. It was...
  14. Has it been done - Burn/Dodge w/ MC Filters?

    Brian, I can't speak for Domenico but I have multiple sets because I cut the filters into strange little shapes for dodging and burning specific prints. One set, of course must be left intact for...
  15. Has it been done - Burn/Dodge w/ MC Filters?

    I have a couple of sets of 6x6 MG filters that I have cut up into various dodging and burning tools; periodically I buy another set to make more tools for specific images (this is in addition to an...
  16. Did anyone see the editor's statement in B&W

    "Did any of you see B&@ magazine's editorial statement?"

    This was discussed at some length a month ago:

  17. "B&W" magazine says No to digital photographs

    B&W, perhaps the fastest growing serious photography magazine (at least among those that don?t showcase equipment and supermodels), has declared that it will not feature "digital photography." (No...
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    Frederick Evans

    Brilliant work, isn't it? Don't think there's any website, but if you go to and type in "Beaumont Newhall" for the author and "Frederick Evans" for the title, you'll find plenty of...
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    Lost Art - Hand Held LF

    These URLs always get broken up. In the one listed in my post above there should not be a space between the 1's in hand-held-11x14-html.

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    Lost Art - Hand Held LF

    I agree that there is (still) a place for this kind of photography, and although I don't have anything focusable like a Super Technika, I've played around with handholding homemade/prefocused LF...
  21. Source of pincushion distortion with 6x12 rollfilm back?

    I'm looking at an architectural project suitable for a 6x12 back on a view camer a but I'm concerned about pincushion distortion.

    I've owned both the Calumet Series I 6x12 holder and the Horseman...
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    Fuji Quickload failures in cold weather?

    I'm asking a question rather than making a statement because I'm not sure if my experience is an anomaly.

    Last December while shooting outside in cold, dry weather (0 to 10 degrees Fahre nheit) I...
  23. Is Half Dome is a joke God played on photographers ?

    "Down deep, I think all landscape photographers know that they are failures."

    If their objective is to convey exactly what it's like to "be there," yes. But if the picture is meant to portray...
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    Carrying a Large Format Camera?

    "Other than the possibility of the camera falling off the tripod (which I will try to double secure), does anyone see any serious problems in using this method?"

    Catching low-hanging tree...
  25. View Camera Magazine - What Would You Like To See?

    Very interesting to compare the above comments with this same discussion from last March:
  26. 47XL with Arca 6x9 - movements restricted?

    Hi Sandy,

    This doesn't address your main question but rather a side comment you made. If you only use lenses with #0 and #1 shutters, use Toyo's handy little flat tool instead of a complex...
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    11x14 format or bigger

    I just want to add that Lotus is also _apparently_ an excellent source for ULF film holders (I recommend Fidelity for holders, but 11x14 is the largest they make). In July 2000 had approached ...
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    Center Filter Requirements

    "I have several Nikon super wide angle lenses (120 and 150SW) and have not noticed fall off problems, although I only shoot B&W."

    Michael, I don't know which formats you're shooting, but with...
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    Fujinon SW 125 f/8 for 8x10?

    "I would use it for architecture and therefore need some room for movement."

    Tony, the shortest modern lenses that would fit the bill in this respect (for 8x10) are the Nikon 150SW and the...
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    Arca swiss 69 vs. Linhof 69 vs. Fuji 680

    I looked for a long time for a MF system with movements that would be faster to use than LF. I eventually figured out that it was the movements themselves that take time (tilt/swing does, anyway;...
  31. Thread: atget

    by Micah Marty


    ...Unlike Richard Gere...
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    Ansel Adams At 100. Reviews?

    If you have most of Adams' other exhibition books (i.e., not merely his technical guides), you'll want this one to complete your collection. If you don't have many of his other books, the $150...
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    More WESTON at AIC

    I'm not sure what you mean by inconsistent. EW shot most of his well-known portraits handheld with a 3x4 Graflex, "as low as 1/10th of a second," according to Nancy Newhall (I think he used tripods...
  34. New Newsletter - The 37th Frame by Mike Johnston

    There's a sample of Mike's recent writing on the luminous-landscape website:

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    Weston at AIC

    Here's the exact wording re: the prints in the exhibit, copied from a card on the north wall of the exhibit at the Art Institute:

    [In addition to Brett] "Toward the end of his career, Edward...
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    How to enlarge 6x12 negs

    Actually, it looks to me like you can easily reverse the column on an L1200, at least on more recent versions. The column on newer L1200's is secured from below by 5 bolts running vertically...
  37. How many quickloads can you carry on a trip...

    "I disagree that most of the weight in a box of Quickloads is the cardboard."

    Sorry. As I said, I don't have a scale, but I can't believe that a 20-sheet stack of 4x5 film weighs more than a few...
  38. How many quickloads can you carry on a trip...

    That should read "pincushion-like" distortion.

  39. How many quickloads can you carry on a trip...

    P.S. You've probably considered this option already and rejected it, but if I were backpacking with a view camera for 5 weeks with no prospect of replenishing my film supply, I'd use a 6x12 or 6x9 ...
  40. How many quickloads can you carry on a trip...

    Stuart, perhaps as significant as the "space" issue is the weight problem: Quickloads can get pretty heavy. Compared to 50-sheet boxes of sheet film you're shlepping around a lot of cardboard (most...
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