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    Mountain biking with LF

    I use the mountain bike Mogoose Alta and my Horseman FA+3 lenses and very often.
    Suggestion: Horseman and lenses better to carry in backpack (mini trekker in my case). Tripod could be on...
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    Your Best Photograph

    Just mine..
  3. improvement in the quality of my 23.62x47.2 prints

    Ok, Internet does not work properly for me. I was not ably to post my last massage
    Anyway, using Photoshop is important and I will learn more about digital printing.
    Arse longa vita brevis. ...
  4. improvement in the quality of my 23.62x47.2 prints

    My poor English does not allow me to translate the <arse<. But Google search helped me and gave me a lot of information about this word! Anyway, the work of scanner operator and using the...
  5. improvement in the quality of my 23.62x47.2 prints

    Thanks, Eric.
    Less enlargements higher quality of print. But my customer needs big prints for decoration of new building . Then, Epson 4990 is affordable for me. Using Imacon or Tango is too...
  6. improvement in the quality of my 23.62x47.2 prints

    I use a 4x5 camera (Horseman FA), Rodenstock Grand.75/4.5, 150mm Sir.S and Shneider 110XL lenses, 6x9 and 6x12 Horseman film holders. I have access to Nikon 8000ED scanner and Epson 9600 printer. My...
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    Protecting lenses while backpacking

    Sometimes I use the otterbox ( for my Grand.75/4.5 and 110XL with lensboards (Horseman FA) and some the silica packs.

    Dmitri Orlov
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    film scanning

    Hi, Can I make film more flat during scanning? I have a problems during scanning my 4x5 and 6x9 film with Epson 1200U. Can I use just a glass plate to make film more flat? Thanks, Dmitri
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    Horseman FA owners question

    Hi Dee, I bought FA, 6x9 back.I found, that many lenses have too big rear element. It is possible to use even 55mm lens, but you will have too many troubles with focusing and moments. Just rent 65...
  10. using Hasselblad and Mamiya RZ back on a 4x5 linhof techV ?

    Hi! I have same question: can I use 6x8 motorised back for Mamiya RBproSD with my Horseman FA? I could not find adaptor for this. Thanks, Dmitri
  11. Rodenstock 55mm in Focus-Mount on Horseman FA?

    Can I use 55mm Rodenstock in focus-mount on my Horseman FA? Where can I find pictures wich 55mm makes on 4x5 film? Thaks, Dmitri
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    Using 55,58 mm with Horseman FA

    Hi! Please, tell me, can I use 55mm Grandagon or 58mmXL lenses with my Horseman FA (for 4x5 film)? Thanks, Dmitri
  13. Wista reflex folding hood with Horseman FA?

    Can I use folding reflex hood Wista on my Horseman FA?
  14. Filters:set for 75mm,110mmXL and 150 mm

    Thanks a lot for all advises! Dmitri
  15. Where can I replace bellows in Los Angeles?

    Hi! Where can I replace bellows (Horseman FA) in Los Angeles? I live in Westwood. Thanks, Dmitri
  16. Filters:set for 75mm,110mmXL and 150 mm

    Hi! I am beginner in LF. I have Horseman FA. Recently i got my Rod. Grandagon 75mm N, Shn. 110mm XL and Rod. Sironar 150mm S.

    What will be the best set of filters for these lenses? I will use...
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    Lenses for Horseman FA

    Hi! I like landscape photography. I sold my Mamiya RB and lenses, now I have Horseman FA (my first LF camera), 75mm Rodenstock N, 6x9 and 6x12 backs, cut film holders. I discovered, that many...
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    lenses for Horseman FA

    I am a biginner in LF. I have Horseman FA field camera. Can I use wide angle lenses 65, 75 mm? What kind of lensboard will I need? I want to use my camera for landscape photografy in...
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