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    Re: Mac mini M1 Thoughts

    I have used Macs (and Windows and Linux along with virtually every chip) since 1984. I'm not sure that the M1 is the droid that you are looking for, nor that the mini is your best solution. Those...
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    Re: What to build next?

    11x14, 7x17, 8x20 and 12x20 are the ULF formats that I find most interesting. Especially since Xray is available in 7x17 and 11x14 currently. Both of those formats would be doable with some minor...
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    Re: Darkroom cooling/air conditioning options

    I used a portable unit for several years in Richmond VA. We have high humidity most of the year. The portable worked ok. But it only lasted 3 or 4 years, I think. When I redo my home darkroom (I am...
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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    In Richmond, but certainly interested in any Zoom meetups pending the "end of the world as we know it."

    Mike Davis
  5. Thread: My mistake

    by jmdavis

    Re: My mistake

    Every day you put off shooting makes it easier to put it off the next day. Every day you shoot and develop makes it more difficult to put off.

    Working from home this morning I was reminded of a...
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    Re: Post Your Own 12x20 LF Image

    Beautiful! That print could change my mind about HP5. I have always felt that it was too gray for my tastes. But clearly not in Chattahoochee. :-)
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    Re: New to this world, looking for advice.

    Direct to positive is its own beast and is as expensive as film with fewer knowledgeable resources. If you want to shoot paper, consider shooting paper negatives and contact printing them. The price...
  8. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?


    I shoot alot in rural areas. I've never had that, but they may ignore me because of my beard and my pickup. But I avoid people in general.
  9. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    i understand over-suspicious security. I was once threatened with Trespass for using my 8 inch Telescope in a State Park where I was camping. I have been questioned by law enforcement about my...
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    Re: Director's viewfinder APP

    Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner. After trying several apps, I decided on the viewing card.
  11. Re: Recommendations for labs that process C-41 (color neg) 4x5 in the US.

    Many cities have a lab that will process c41 up through 5x7. Richmond VA has Phototech Labs. E6 processing on the other hand became more rare during my 10 year haitus.
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    Re: Artifex beta 8x10 daylight tank

    I've used the combiplan in a dip and dunk configuration for almost all of my 4x5. It provided the best development for me.

    I wonder if HP ever produced an 8x10 version. I know from read Bob S's...
  13. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    I worried about surge marks with the SP-810 and the UM-MA but so far my agitation method seems to have worked. Each agitation, I lift first from a different side of the tray moving in a counter-...
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    Re: Tim Hall, videos on darkroom materials.

    Definitely high signal to noise ratio, thanks Bernice.
  15. Re: Pyrocat-HD Process times at other dilutions

    DBI is the only answer I can think. I've never seen anything that quantifies the difference.
  16. Re: 2005 What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann

    I only wish I had watched the film in 2006 instead of 2019 for the first time. I also rewatched it recently.

    I saw a show that she had at the Reynolds Gallery in Richmond VA back in 2006. There...
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    Re: Anyone use a hat?

    It is always better to process an unexposed sheet than to inadvertantly double expose a shot.
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    Re: Donald Ross Photography


    This is an excellent book. The only problem is that I now want to see these prints in person and I am across the continent.

    When I read the intro about house building, I immediately...
  19. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    With the single side, I would think any tray would work for single side. The SP-810 has a textured bottom. But others have much more experience with X-ray.
  20. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    One sheet at a time of single sided Fuji works great emulsion up in an SP-810 tray. I would assume that it would work equally well in any smooth bottom tray.
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    Poll: Re: Some Darkroom questions, mostly on enlargers

    I use a D2 with a Zone VI cold light and controller at home for 4x5. I have no idea what is up with the D2 in that photo.
  22. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

  23. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    My biggest anxiety is running out of film before I am ready to stop shooting.

    On the subject of location, I was thinking about Brett Weston, a man that I never met, but with whom I have shared...
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    Re: New To LF and To LFPF

    For heavy cameras I use either a Ries, or a Bogen cine tripod and head (I forget the head number, but it had no problem with old 3 tube video cameras, an Arri 35 or with an Arri Super 16 in a...
  25. Thread: Lupex Paper

    by jmdavis

    Re: Lupex Paper

    I'm looking at the actual print, it is not green and has a contrast that I find appealing. It also has the "glow" that I associate with silver chloride paper and Amidol. Both of the prints in the...
  26. Thread: Lupex Paper

    by jmdavis

    Re: Lupex Paper

    I have a print from a digital negative by Tim Layton using Lupex and in a variation of Weston's amidol recipe, I think. It has citric acid. Compares...
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    Re: Post your churches (medium format)

    That's the first time I have seen that view. Is it from the steps at the front gate, or a ground view from the yard? Very nice.
  28. Re: It happened to me! What Disasters or Near-misses have you had while Shooting?

    Not while shooting, just living. Lived in the NW corner first floor of the Richelieu Apartments in Gulfport in 1969. We moved back to TN a few weeks before Camille. We moved so that I could start...
  29. Re: Which State is the Best State for Landscape Photographers to Live?

    There are places with both high population density and high mosquito density. DC was considered tropical pay by the British before AC.
  30. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    My experience is that shadows are sometimes hard to see in your 40's and 50's or at least they were/are for me. Thanks for the info.
  31. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    Jim, Another inspection question do you use reflection or transmission inspection? I learned normal inspection from Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee primarily based on reflection, but occasionally...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    In SE TN (Cleveland to be specific), it is pronounced war/sher or at least it used to be.
  33. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    What kind of times are you getting with the Microdol-X on average? When do you first examine the negative?
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    Re: B's 4x5 reel, experiences?

    Doesn't Foma 100 use a blue base film?

    I have only done one run through the B's and one through the SP810. I tend to prefer the SP810. My favorite 4x5 technique is the Alternative dip and dunk...
  35. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    I have my first 4 sheets of Fuji UM-MA loaded into holders. My plan is to shoot at ISO100, develop in Pyrocat by inspection. First inspection will be at 5:30, since my "cold" water is in the mid 70s...
  36. Re: Eliot Dudik's "Paradise Road" series featured on NPR

    Thankfully, unlike much writing about art, the words aren't a blatant attempt for the writer or critic to insert him or herself into the art. I actually like the use of the artists words to tell the...
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    Re: Ilford ULF annual film order 2020

    The mpex announcement has been made. I just wish that 18x24cm was less expensive.
  38. Re: ChromaGraphica Double Dry Plate Holder Kickstarter - Friday 9 August 2019 Noon la

    Are there any plans for future sales? I would be interested in 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10
  39. Re: An Un-Announcement of My Carbon Workshop, Yosemite, Oct 2020

    It's funny how photographers see light by seasons. There are days and times that I can expect a certain light, dependent on weather. Some of those days may be the only time if the year that a...
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    Re: 8x10 Camera Musing

    A c1 is heavy but it has good movements.
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