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    Re: New bellows made in the USA?

    I have had two made by Dynatect to replace deteriorated Toyo bellows. They are more expensive than imported products but far superior. If you can, send them your old bellows to duplicate, but you...
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    Re: Flash Firing Before Shutter?

    You have an X sync shutter. Aim the strobe to light up a wall with the strobe. Hold the lens in your hand and look through it at the wall while you trip the shutter 1/60 sec. at wide open aperture....
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    All Joking Aside

    It may soon be possible for even independent photographers to influence the moods and behavior of their subjects with frequencies emitted by LED lights.

  4. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    Doesn't the camera use Technika boards? I had a factory Linhof 360 Tele Xenar on a Technika board. The rear element was the same size as that of my 250mm Imagon.

    I just checked the Linhof...
  5. Re: Crown Graphic Top Rangefinder Plunger Cap

    Yes, you are right. Looks like the tube assembly has been stripped. I feel your best solution is to find parts from a donor camera rather than trying to machine them yourself. Good luck!
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    Re: LF Flash Sync

    Strobe sync voltage is DC. You can connect the sync cords together by various means depending on the type of connectors as long as you keep polarity the same. John Falk's book "Adventures in...
  7. Re: Crown Graphic Top Rangefinder Plunger Cap

    A forum member has all the parts you need and more for $20.
  8. Re: Lampheads, Powerpacks, & Still Life Photography

    Large power packs, likely to be used with 8X10 cameras can have flash durations as long as 1/250 second. The flash does not sync until the shutter is fully open, so using 1/250 sec. can cut off part...
  9. Re: 150mm f8 SW Nikkor is retrofocus

    My mistake! I didn't account for the recessed board the 150 SW Nikkor is in. I measured again with a Toyo recessed adapter board on the stops and get 164mm. FFD is still 5mm longer than the 159mm...
  10. 150mm f8 SW Nikkor is retrofocus (updated: not)

    I have had a 150mm f8 SW Nikkor for about ten years and use it on my Toyo 810M. I have it set up with infinity stops and although it is big, heavy and now quite costly, it gets left behind more often...
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    Re: Dynalite "factory" repairs available.

    It's very good news for studio strobe users. I invested considerable time and effort in 10" spot/Fresnel conversions to Dynalite. Unless a very slow emulsion like wet plate is being exposed, 800Ws...
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    Dynalite "factory" repairs available.

    Although Dynalite has ceased production, repairs are now available at the same location by former lead technician,
    John Prazeres. He has a large stock of original replacement parts, and the...
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    Re: Help with Toyo 45 moldy bellows

    "PS. I think that the bellows do not have light leaks. I just made my first photograph (on Fuji FP-100C) with the camera and it became out just fine."

    Do the flashlight test. A few exposures tell...
  14. Re: Light Meter for Large Format (4x5) Landscape Photography

    A small digital camera with full manual capability and a zoom lens, like the discontinued Fujifilm X10 can provide more useful exposure information than any light meter I have ever used, and there...
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    Re: studio space problems with soft boxes

    Here are some recent tests of the output of flash Fresnels. These were high power tests with wet and dry plate use in mind. For studio use at 100 ISO, we have only required 200Ws to 400Ws with...
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    Re: studio space problems with soft boxes

    With the original 2Kw quartz bulbs they got very hot, so hot that the paint burned right off the top and insides of many of them. With electronic flash and a 250w bulb they don't even get warm. I...
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    Re: strange Componon 240 lens


    I have both a 240 Rodagon 5.6 and a Fujinon W 6.7. I have used them both on 8X10 enlargers and I can't see a difference in the prints. The Fujinon is mounted on a Graphic board and I use...
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    Re: studio space problems with soft boxes

    Spot/Flood Fresnels like the 10" DeSisti and Quartz Color Castor are available for about 1-2% of original cost that you might consider converting some to electronic flash. They throw a unique and...
  19. Re: Any recommendation on an 8x10 lens for tabletop and sculpture

    I worked with an "odd couple" for many years. A Fujinon 250 6.7 and a G Claron 355 9. A little bit wide and a little bit long. Made very pleasing 11X14s, 16X20s and 20X24s back through them using...
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    Re: Low reciprocity Sheet Film?

    When it comes to reciprocity failure compensation, don't trust the published data (as with development times themselves) run your own tests. I overexposed many negatives made on TXP before I tested...
  21. Re: Help with Speed Graphic ground glass/fresnel

    In cameras where the Fresnel is in front of the ground glass, between the ground glass and the lens, the Fresnel, which is a lens, affects the focus on the ground glass, effectively moving the...
  22. Re: Help with Speed Graphic ground glass/fresnel

    Here is what you want.
    Beg to disagree Dan. The...
  23. Re: What's these strange marks on 4X5 film? They come sometimes.

    You see the dense areas along the edges of the film, which are very common on the negs of even the most careful and expert workers, they are from the emulsion sliding along under the rails of the...
  24. Re: Help with Speed Graphic ground glass/fresnel

    Ebay seller "photofinder" , Stephen Shuart, AKA "The Rev" knows just what you need to set up your camera, with or without Fresnel. I never liked the Fresnel in my Graphics because I frequently use...
  25. Re: What's these strange marks on 4X5 film? They come sometimes.

    Anytime the unexposed emulsion is subjected to stress, it reacts as if exposed to light. This can be from folding or kinking, pressure, or scratching. These exposed areas could be from loading and...
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    Re: An extra pane on my Tachihara

    And if that "protector" that you found in place is not supposed to be there, it too will throw the focus off even if the ground glass is facing the right way.
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    Re: How Can I Get More Bellows?

    On the convertible Symmar, there appears to be little difference in using just the front element alone or the rear. The easiest solution to reducing bellows extension is to use a good quality mild...
  28. Re: Removing Rear Lens Elements for Potraits

    Try adding a plus lens (close up element) to shorten extension. I have two of good quality, a +.5 and a +1 that I have used with excellent results.
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    Re: Meridian Model B 4x5

    Beseler enlarger lens boards are 4"X4" and flat. They will go right on. Most of my lenses are on Pacemaker Graphic boards. I obtained a Graphic adapter board meant to mount lenses in Pacemaker...
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    Re: Condenser lens in a snoot?

    Some other views of the inside showing the shutter blades adjusted to a pattern and the gobo holder in place with a B size pattern.

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    Re: Condenser lens in a snoot?

    I just completed a Dynalite flash conversion of a 12" focal length Century Strand Lekolite. This is an optical spot projector, originally fitted with a halogen bulb in a parabolic reflector. It is...
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    Re: Magnesium Powder Flash

    The 10" spot/flood 2k Fresnel lights can now be purchased for a fraction of new cost. (about $100 delivered) If you have 117v 25A service and can stand the heat, use a 2k bulb. You also need a...
  33. Re: Preservation and maintainance of old stuff

    Try Balistol, any gunshop. Use on wood metal or leather. Invented Prior to WWI by the German Military as an all purpose oil for the soldier it was approved in Europe for internal and external use...
  34. Re: Self-development, education on the ubiquitous web

    Years ago I learned an excellent method to find the correct developing time and EI for any film. I source was an article by William Mortensen. Mortensen wrote some excellent books and articles about...
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    Re: Please help ID

    That's the cold light head for the Beseler 8X10 conversion for 45VXL and 45M Series. In addition to the large cast upper stage, it requires a high voltage power supply to work.
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    Re: Cars, Boats, Trains, Planes

    All in the same boat. USS Tiru (SS416) Bangkok, Thailand 1968. Nikon F, 50mm 1.2, Kodachrome 25

  37. Re: How much detail is lost enlarging a 4x5 negative to 8X10

    Has anyone ever made 8X10 prints from 8X10 negatives with an enlarger? Once I started doing that, I never made contact prints again. There may be a very sight difference in image quality, but the...
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    Re: Used gear and availability

    There is a great deal of Toyo equipment, cameras and accessories on the used market, most of it is very good quality and reasonably priced. Mr. Sakai realized early on the benefits of a thin bellows...
  39. Re: Using TFT backlight as soft light like an led panel

    I have been using a Fresnel Spot/Flood converted to flash with a polarizer and a back light/ hair light with a polarizer inside the grid, both oriented in the same direction. The quality of the...
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    Re: 65mm lens comparison

    I have a 65mm f4 Nikkor SW on a Pacemaker Graphic lens board and it fits just fine on a 4X5 TRF Crown. It can cam-couple to the RF like the Fujinon 65/8, but it cannot fold up in the case.
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