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  1. Re: Air Travel Wwith LF Film: What should I Do?

    So, what about coming back with exposed film in the now unsealed boxes?

    Anyone . . .?
  2. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    Having worked for a firm that made radiation sources for industrial uses, I understand about background radiation at 35,000 feet, and from the thorium-sand beaches in faraway places. If high levels...
  3. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    So hand inspection not the carry-on bag X-Ray then?

    Well OK, but I am a bit nervous about that.

    Back in 2011 we made the same trip. In Houston I asked for hand inspection of a fifty sheet box...
  4. Re: Test exposure steps in half stop increments.

    I have had a little trouble with getting the stripes the same width on the negative when testing this way. Three is easier than four. Not sure how I would do five.

    Years ago, I did some...
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    MTERING for a deep red filter

    I meter with a Minolta Autometer IV F, in incident mode or with a 5-deg spot attachment. I have had poor results in the past using a deep red filter and applying a filter factor . . .either I have a...
  6. Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    We will be traveling within the USA iun July; one direct hop from Houston to Denver and return. I have not flown with LF gear for five years or so. What should I do with the film??
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    Re: Looking for info – 8x10 viewing hood

    What I am getting is that the inverted/reversed GG image is the issue:

    My experience is that after a while the brain adapts and this is no longer a distraction or a problem.

    An out of the...
  8. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Sure an LF camera is a tool to be used, but I view the older wooden cameras heirlooms to be conserved for the future use of others. My view is that we do not actually own that Ansco, 2D or 'Dorff. ...
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    Re: Cheap 4X5 Cameras are Everywhere

    I may be wrong on this, but it seems to me that DSLR outfit will come in at 3x to 5x over an LF shooting outfit.
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    Re: ULF DIY Camera Cart

    What a nice DIY project, and so well done. Please post some images with it loaded and in the field.

    I would like to see a parts kit to convert a golf bag pull cart into a camera bag transporter....
  11. Re: Kodak 2D: Dating by the Name Plate Changes

    TYhat does look like a real SN.

    Where can I find the relationship between the SN and the date of mfg?
  12. Thread: Ebike?

    by Drew Bedo

    Re: Ebike?

    What about a Segway? Are they still a thing?

    Why not a full-on electric trail bike?

    A Golf Cart?
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    Re: Shopping cart camera carrier

    I'd like to see a parts kit for converting a golf-bag pull cart into something that could mount an f64 size LF camera bag and wooden tripod.

    That would allow for travel over reasonable turf (like...
  14. Re: Kodak 2D: Dating by the Name Plate Changes

    I understood that to be an assembly number.
  15. Kodak 2D: Dating by the Name Plate Changes

    A number of years ago I was trying to date my then new to me Kodak 2D. Some website had a listing of the six or so changes in the name plate wording and the year ranges that each change covered.
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    Re: Where’s all my zone system experts??

    Buy the book Adams wrote. And there are others out there.

    Buy the Workshop and newsletter stuff from Zone VI (e-bay).

  17. Re: which Spot lightmeter for field use (dead Spotmeter V) ?

    I have used a Minolta Autometer IV f for years with a 5 deg spot attachment. Works for me.
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    Re: Cheap 4X5 Cameras are Everywhere

    I truely mikss the "good-'ol-days" of the Houston Camera Show.

    Wish I knew then what I know now though. I;d have taken out a loan and bought up all those old brass lenses.

    I would not have...
  19. Re: Agriotype Process: I tincture of Iodine of any use?

    Rats! Tried to fix the title, but can't figure that out.

    Got it, no problem. -- Oren
  20. Re: Agriotype Process: I tincture of Iodine of any use?

    My experience is thin; a few small plates at a workshop using the Becquerel process with Jerry Spagnoli. A great experience overall.

    In the distant past, I had some wet chemistry lab experience...
  21. Daguerreotype Process: I tincture of Iodine of any use?

    I did a Dasg workshop years ago. It was fun but I just cannot see well enough to decern the delicate color changes when costing s plste with Iodine fumes.

    Anyway, I was thinking about it this...
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    Thread Thread Delegated . . .Why?

    Not complaining, just asking for guidance.
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    Re: Kodak Eastman View 2D: Serial Numbers?

    Right now there is a guy on The-Bay who is asking $2,900 for a 2D. Sure, it has all the extra parts and is in great cosmetic condition but . . . .
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    Re: HF2024,ultra large format,field camera.

    "Field Camera", yet he is showing it indoors, not outside.

    Wish I could support working with one that big.
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    Kodak Eastman View 2D: Serial Numbers?

    Looking at Kodak 2D cameras on e-Bay this AM. Ran across a nice one, but it is offered at over 2Grand because it has a '"Low Number". . . .in the 90s I think.

    I didn't know that serial numbers...
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    Film Holder Price Drop?

    Just noodeling around on the-bay this AM and noticed an offer for ten brand new "Crown" brand 4x5 film holders for what amounts to around $7.50 each.

    Looking around more, I have seen other,...
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    A ULF from a cardboard box?

    Anyone ever make a ULF from a cardboard box?

    It could be lightweight (ish) and sturdy enough for an outing or two. Perhaps the bits necessary to reinforce whatever holds up the lens and the GG...
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    Re: Your Oldest Lens

    My oldest lens is a brass rectilinear of unknown maker and unknown age.
  29. Re: What's the BEST ultra-light weight, compact 4x5 tripod you've actually used

    I put my Wista 45DX on a • Velbon "El Carmagne 540", This tripod is mounted with a light-duty magnesium alloy "Gitzo G1177M" ball head.
    Never weighed the combo, but it is just able to hold the...
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    Nikkor 90mm; f/8 vs f/4.5

    Was doing an insurance review of my stuff the other day. Looking on-line, it seems that my Nikkor 90mm f/8 is holding a similar value to the f/4.5 model.

    It seems that the older lens is about as...
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    Re: BIG Camera on Wheels Project Doc

    Years agi I was able to view the private collection of a member of a cmera collectors club. Lots of great stuff in custome built-in cabinets. Right in the middle of the floor , on camera stands ...
  32. Books and other educational resources for large format beginners

    In the last few years there seem to be more posts from folks who want to get into LFP: but have no idea what is involved . . .and that is fine. We need new people moving into this aspect of...
  33. Re: What padded case would fit an Ebony 8x10?

    II do not backpack around, but:

    My 8x10 Kodak 2D lives inside a mid-1980s vintage LowePro Trekker Aw. I don't know the exact model. It seems well enough padded./ I have had it up in the...
  34. Re: Trouble releasing front element retaining ring of 178mm Kodak Ektar - images incl

    This may not help much, but I just have to tell it anyway.

    A long time ago, (early 1990s) I was able to salvage ten Oscilloscope cameras from obsolete medical scanners. My cost was a few dollars...
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    Re: Deardorff: "New" vs Old?

    Yeah . . .I understand that design and functionality are what matters to a "shooter ". . .I consider myself to be a shooter.

    However, going forward, there will become a time when the origin of a...
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    Deardorff: "New" vs Old?

    How can an older Chicago era Deardorff be told apart from one of the new series put together by the outfit that bought the company?

    Are they different in any way?

    Should I care?
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    Re: purchasing a 4x5 field camera need info

    I broke into LF back in the late 1980s with a beater Graflex and other stuff needed on a frayed shoestring budget. I took the photographs I could with that gear and learned what it could do and what...
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    Re: DIY 8x10 (or larger) Enlarger Chassis

    GEEZE! Back around 2011 or so, the last commercial pro-oriented processing operation, tthat I knew about, here in Houston, "Hot Flash" in Bellaire, closed shop. Over several weeks they sold off...
  39. Re: How do I make my Graflex Crown Graphic's ground glass brighter?

    Are ther not any 'bright screen" new GG that would just drop in?

    d wash it first and see.
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    Re: An e-Bay log-in Question

    CRAP! Now Yahoo has some kind of hold on me sending out e-Mails until I re-confirm my reply e-mail address.

    This one sound fishy though.
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