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  1. Re: Henry William Jackson glass negative from NGM 1989/2 , Is it colorful ?

    Let me consult with my wife; she is a photograph conservator and will help with identification.
    In the meantime, let's hope someone already informed will explain.
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    Re: Filtering for a deep red filter

    I used to have a Zone VI modified meter, and metering through the filter worked well, at least through the mild correction filters I used. I rarely used the really strong ones, like a #25 or #29 red,...
  3. Re: Henry William Jackson glass negative from NGM 1989/2 , Is it colorful ?

    There are several possible reasons. My amateur suggestion; It may be that the emulsion is "mirroring" due to deterioration, from improper processing and/or storage.
    This is often seen in prints,...
  4. Re: The Wratten Mystery, or, What's My Factor?

    Haha. I read Doremus' last comment... and was reminded of the old joke (popular among RIT students) that Kodak invented the 18% gray card because that was the color of the sky in Rochester. Having...
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    Re: To all Linhof Kardan GT 8x10 owners

    The Commercial View is a fine camera; essentially a magnesium version of the famous 2-D. I expect that you'll enjoy using it.
    As Vaughn mentions, Kodak's Master View is another excellent camera....
  6. Re: How can I construct an inexpensive accent-light holder?

    Lowel made various types of grip gear that would suit your needs, as did Bogen/Manfrotto. Super Clamps and the like... I have a bunch of that stuff, most of it owned for so long that I don't remember...
  7. Re: The Wratten Mystery, or, What's My Factor?

    The publication "Kodak Filters" has all the data you're ever likely to need about Wratten gels. There were several editions; of course it's out of print now, but I'm sure you can find a used copy. I...
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    Re: Linhof Crests-Counterfeits?

    A few random thoughts.
    Counterfeiting is driven by demand. Apparently there's a market for Linhof badges... maybe Genuine Linhof badges cost $500 with a year's wait?
    Certainly the value of old 911s...
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    Re: Wooden film holder arcing

    Those wooden film holders are at least 75 years old and may be well over 100, so it's not surprising that they would warp. Many of the holders we see for sale nowadays were used hard for decades, and...
  10. Re: Getting Back To PMK - Want To Try Pre-Mixed But Is It Good?

    I started using PMK immediately after it was announced in "View Camera" magazine, in what, 1993? It was not long after that when PF introduced their liquid kit, and I used that exclusively until 2010...
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    Re: Greetings from marseille !

    Welcome! And do share some of your photographs when you can.
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    Re: Shopping cart camera carrier

    Interesting device, an ingenious and high-quality solution.
  13. Re: How many color-based folks are still out there

    I started shooting 4x5 color neg in 1982. Vericolor II Type L, with an 85B filter @ EI50 in daylight... for those who remember. Began concentrating on b/w when I built a darkroom at home in 1989. I...
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    Re: Refrema Machine Film Developing

    Per my friend Edgar Praus, the Refrema processors are the best on the market. That was a few years back, but I suspect that it's still true. Despite the fact that all the machines in this class are...
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    Re: TF-3 Precipitate problems

    That white/yellowish precipitate is indeed sulfur; it precipitates out of the solution after a long time (years, usually). If you see it in your fixer, that means your fixer is dead and gone. Don't...
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    Re: What was Feininger using?

    The dry air of the West will amplify the effect of strong filters, too. It's also possible that that the Route 66 image was intentionally underexposed and overdeveloped to increase contrast. (in...
  17. Re: Kodak Eastman View 2D: Serial Numbers?

    Alfred Stieglitz' 8x10 2-D is in the collection of the George Eastman Museum. You could ask Todd Gustavson, the technology curator there, for its serial number, just for fun.
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    Re: Ilford vs Kodak enlarger gels ???

    Kodak changed its "Polycontrast" filters in about 1989. The older set came in a bright yellow plastic box and went from grade 1 through 4. They are not very useful with modern variable-contrast...
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    Re: Urge of ULF Panorama

    Well then, I suppose that Douglas Busch holds the record for contemporary ULF field cameras. As noted in a recent thread on a similar topic, he made a 40"x60" camera in the late '80s He, his camera,...
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    Re: Schneider-itis: The Perennial Problem

    No, but you can make yourself sick with worry about it. It's a popular pastime among Schneider lens owners.
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    Re: Road to Mt. Williamson photo location

    I seem to recall a story about how someone or some group found the exact spot and put up a historical marker, only to have some vandals damage or destroy it. I can't offer any reference, but I'm...
  22. Re: Ebony or Gandolfi, That is the question

    Finding an example of either one might be difficult- both cameras were made in small numbers and are long out of production. By all accounts, both are very high-quality machines. It's hard to say...
  23. Re: The largest and/or heaviest 4x5" camera ever?

    David, the best information about Douglas Busch and the de Golden Busch lenses will be found in that old "View Camera" article. But whoever was involved, I believe that very few of those lenses were...
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    Re: Nikkor 90mm; f/8 vs f/4.5

    I don't believe that there's an older/later issue; AFAIK those two lenses were offered concurrently. My Nikkor-W 90/8 is a superb lens. When I bought it used, over 30 years ago, the f/4.5 versions...
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    Re: post your urban landscapes

    Ari, very well done.
  26. Re: The largest and/or heaviest 4x5" camera ever?

    John, you are thinking about Doug Busch. His 'de Golden Busch" cameras were, I think, the first of the modern boutique ULF cameras. He had Rodenstock make lenses for those cameras under his own name;...
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    Re: Arca-Swiss 5x7 platform restart

    That's good news; perhaps A/S is responding to customer requests. I'm sure that those parts won't be cheap... but to the user, good value for money spent. "There is always room at the top."
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    Re: What print washer was it?

    Quite possibly made by Calumet. Their original business was making stainless steel darkroom sinks and processing equipment. I recall using a washer similar to what you mention when I was first at...
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    Re: Kodak Hawk-Eye Aerial Lens Help

    I'll suggest that it's pre-WWII. I worked in (and from) Kodak's Hawk-Eye plant from 1984-2010. All their classic lenses were made there- although the optics dept. moved to newer facilities in the...
  30. Re: Calibrating Modern Flash & Flash Bulbs & Zone Focus 4X5

    With an electronic flash, use film to figure your exposure at 10 feet (or 8, or whatever) and a given f/stop, say f/16. Then you'll know.
    With fixed-output flashes, bulb or electronic, we used a...
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    Re: Dim Natural Light LF still life pics

    Well done, sir!
  32. Re: Macro lens for 11x14. Will the 300mm Rodenstock cover?

    When you have pictures you like, please share them here. Best of luck- it seems like a challenging (and rewarding) endeavor!
  33. Re: Any film restoration experts here that can confirm if E6 is more archival than C-

    The C-41 process was introduced by Kodak in June 1972, replacing the C-22 process. E-6 came out in the summer of 1976, replacing E-4 and eventually replacing the sheet-film E-3 process. The last...
  34. Re: Planning Roadtrip for June in Middle/Western USA

    I'll suggest that it's best to spend more time at a place than traveling to/from. Most of those locations you mention deserve more than a drive-by... you might consider fewer spots and more time at...
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    Re: endless Bergger paper backorder...

    I just bought some 8x10 Bergger Neutral tone from B&H. I've made one print so far... looks promising. Some comparison printing will be in order, can't say any more until after that.
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    Re: Ansel Adams Portrait Session

    Looks like a Schneider 121/8 Super-Angulon. Kind of a wide lens- I wonder what the final image looked like.
    And you might think that he'd have used a longer cable release.
    (When I was a studio...
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    Re: RIP William "WFW" Whitaker

    Like many of us, I never met him in person. But it was always a pleasure to communicate with him through this forum, and directly on line.

    "The world is a smaller place today, folks."
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    Re: Ektar Lenses in a Different Shutter?

    Congratulations. I'm sure that you'll be happy with that lens. Do share a photo made with it, when you have one you like.
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    Re: Vericolor Print

    Well, I went back and looked at the linked data sheet. Stupid me, you have VPS-III. That was the standard color neg film for portraiture and wedding work, low-contrast and balanced for skin tones....
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    Re: Ektar Lenses in a Different Shutter?

    Bernice, if Ari's new lens is in a #5 shutter, it's probably a 14" Commercial Ektar. The 12" usually came in a #4 shutter... but I could well be wrong, as EK made many variations.
    Either way, a...
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