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  1. Re: What padded case would fit an Ebony 8x10?

    I used a Lowepro Super Trekker AW II backpack to haul my Ebony 8x10 around. This backpack has been discontinued for years but decent samples pop up on the forums and auction sites from time to time....
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    Re: Schneider APO-Tele Xenar HM 800 f/12?

    Here is a review I wrote back in the day regarding the APO Tele Xenar HM's successor product:
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    Re: LF cameras with geared tilt movements

    I use an Arca Swiss F-Line monorail with the Micrometric Orbix option which supports geared front tilt (no geared rear tilt) in a relatively field friendly form factor. Jack Dykinga used an Arca...
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    Re: Neutral Density filter advice?

    I have both of these Lee press-on holders. They are pricey but can work well on large barreled lenses. Additional barrel diameters can be accommodated via custom doughnut adapter rings, I had SK...
  5. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    I faced these same questions when I sold off my 8x10 kit. My initial inclination was to go with drum scanned 4x5 only (I don't contact print). Here is my thought process that led me to using 5x7 in...
  6. Re: Metering for the shadows with an incident light meter

    I tend to like flat negatives with lots of shadow detail myself, so I tend to incident meter the darkest shadow area that I want to retain detail, and use that as my nominal exposure reading! If I...
  7. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    It's not as flexible as a monorail, but a Chamonix 57Fs-2 is an excellent landscape camera and a decent architecture camera. While it does not support front base tilt or rear shift, it has front...
  8. Re: Which of my 5 LF lenses are worth keeping or worth upgrading?

    In the U.S. Kodak ships Portra 160 and 400, Ektar 100 and Ektachrome 100 in 5x7 through group orders via Keith Canham. In my experience he has been easy to reach on the phone if you would like more...
  9. Re: Who has experience with the Cook XVa? I am thinking of one for my Wisner 8x10
  10. Re: Any Suggestions/Recommendations For A Lighter Field 4X5 Camera?

    From your description and list of cameras researched so far (three of four are very precise, relatively heavy metal field cameras), I'll assume that set-up/ease of use is your primary objective, with...
  11. Re: 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    I primarily shoot landscapes and architecture, and progressed through 35mm, 6x7, 4x5 and 8x10 in search of optimal image quality for large (24x30 inches and larger) prints. 8x10 was my primary...
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    Re: Nikkor-T ED 1200mm f18 on 8x10

    I don't have a scanned image handy to post, but I can tell you this lens covers 8x10 with room to spare, even for enlargements. In my experience the biggest limiting factor in achieving sharp...
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    Re: Droopy rear standard on Ebony camera?

    I also own an RSW45 and it behaves much the same way. The front standard has a fair amount of slop as well when racked fully out. Part of this is due to not enough rail remaining in the flatbed at...
  14. Re: Recommendations for labs that process C-41 (color neg) 4x5 in the US.

  15. Re: Harrison Jumbo Film Changing Tent - Sticky

    After 10+ years of flawless use, I inadvertently stored my Harrison tent is a room where morning sunlight would blast through the window and illuminate the tent for several hours each morning. The...
  16. Re: Rare Rodenstock APO-Sironar W 300mm F5.6 MC Lens

    For reference here are photos of my multi-coated 300mm APO Sironar (which I sold roughly ten years ago) which sounds like the lens that you have. It is the same as a 300mm Sironar W or 300mm Sinaron...
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    Re: 210mm F5.6 Lens For 8x10

    Here is a list of 210mm 8x10 lenses I put together some years ago:

    Small/light lenses
    Graphic Kowa f/9 (Copal 1, single-coated, reportedly around 380mm IC)
    Computar f/9 (Copal 1, single-coated,...
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    Re: C-41 Recommendations?

    I ultimately settled on Edgar Praus ( for processing 8x10 C-41, after experiencing mottling problems with my local labs. The trick apparently is to be sure there is enough...
  19. Re: Color correction filters for transparency film?

    In my experience cooling temperature adjustments (such as 3300K to 5500K) are very, very rarely encountered when shooting landscapes in the field. The warm, soft light just after sunrise and just...
  20. Re: Color correction filters for transparency film?

    If you can get hold of a July/August 2005 copy of View Camera magazine, Charles Cramer wrote an excellent how-to article on this subject. He recommended a Gossen ColorPro 3F color meter and a set of...
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    Re: Chamonix Hs-1 Review
  22. Re: Affordable 8x10: Any Other Game than Intrepid?

    Freestyle is now carrying Gibellini:
  23. Re: Lee Filter Hood With Linhof Master Technika?

    Believe it or not, there used to be a gentleman at Lee USA named John Adler who actually was pretty knowledgeable about large format cameras. I haven't spoken with him for years but if he is still...
  24. Re: How much bellow draw needed for 30" lens for 14xx17
  25. Re: Grad ND, Contrast and Color FIlter Setup with Center Filter

    If you regularly use ND grad filters then I think 4x6" ND grads are the way to go with LF. Re your problem child 90mm lens with CF: there is a press-on filter holder that can accommodate this, but...
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    Re: Lenses for new 5x7 / 6x17 kit

    I use a single lens set with both 4x5 and 5x7: Super Angulon 72XL, Super Symmar 110XL, 150 Sironar-S (for 4x5), 150 Sironar-W (for 5x7), 210 APO Symmar L, Fuji 240A, Nikon 300M, Fuji 450C. I...
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    Re: How sharp can I expect from 4X5
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    Re: Starting 4x5 - Which film?

    4x5 Velvia 50 is available directly from Japan, albeit at a significant price premium when using sources such as Ebay sellers and Japan Exposures. I purchased some from fellow LF forum member B.S....
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    Re: Arca Boards on Sinar Cameras?

    When I bought my 141mm Arca F-Line Classic I tried attaching my Sinar boards to it, and they would not fit (despite appearing to be virtually identical in size). I assume the reverse is true...
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    Re: Fuji 240-A f9 for 8x10

    I also shot exterior architecture during my 8x10 shooting days, and similar results to this prompted my replacing my Fuji 240A with a 240 Germinar W for 8x10 use. About a year after I originally...
  31. Re: Focusing Issues with Nikkor T-ED 360/500/720 lens?

    There are a couple tricks you can try. If you are concerned about the distortion caused by rear movements, you can use back tilt to determine the total amount of tilt needed, then re-zero the rear...
  32. Re: Is Schneider 58mm XL OK with center filter 3c?

    You can save a bit ordering from Robert White in the UK, assuming you can arrange shipment through the post or possibly something like Parcelforce:
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    Re: Nikkor M 450 F9 - Question

    But how do you determine whether the lens covers 20"? Go off of manufacturer rated image circles? Then ULF shooters would be significantly limited in terms of cost effective lens options. Even for...
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    Re: Wide angle lenses for 8x10

    SS110XL covers 8x10 without movements. Even with the CF there is some noticeable light falloff.
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    Re: Nikkor M 450 F9 - Question

    If needed there are various ways to brace the front standard of a lightweight camera to dampen shutter vibration. Connecting a large rubber band between the bottom of the front standard and the hook...
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    Re: 210mm f/5.6 - Rodenstock or Nikkor?

    Another option to reduce cost is to consider Caltar lenses, which were typically off-the-shelf Rodenstock and Schneider lenses rebadged by Calumet under the Caltar name. If I recall correctly the...
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    Re: 5x7 back for Intrepid 8x10

    My recollection is that when Intrepid first introduced their 8x10, they talked about following up with a 5x7 reducing back in lieu of a dedicated 5x7 camera.
  38. Re: Negative vs. Transparency - Pros and Cons | What's Your Favorite Type?

    I scan and print digitally so I have no intrinsic preference for neg versus chrome. I primarily shoot landscapes and exterior architecture, and historically have used chrome for low contrast...
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    Re: 360mm Lenses for 8x10

    When I shot 8x10 in the field I used a Fuji 360A f/10, which is the cat's meow for a field 360 (small and light with lots of coverage and a relatively low vibration Copal 1 shutter) if you don't mind...
  40. Re: DSLR scanning vs Dedicated flatbed scanning.

    BTW, I received notification today that version 2.0 of Negative Lab Pro is now available, with much improved support for flatbed scanners among other things:
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