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  1. Re: Is this because of light leaking? Or overdevelopment?

    I vote for a light leak in the camera.

    If it were a development problem there would be a dramatic increase in contrast and not much fogging of the shadow areas of the image.

    The light leak...
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    Re: How Many LF Formats Do You Use/Own?

    2x3 Zeiss Ideal (?)
    4x5 Speed Graphic; Sinar F; Sinar P
    5x7 Seneca home portrait, or something to that effect
    8x10 Century; Shen Hao

    Which ones do I use? The Speed Graphic, Sinar F & Shen Hao.
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    Re: What was Feininger using?

    For guaranteed black skies try the combination of a #25 red filter and a polarizing filter. You can even try a #29 deep red. Depending on the conditions a #21 orange filter can work almost as well...
  4. Re: Imogen Cunningham: A Retrospective at Getty

    Can't say I went to see the show, but...

    I am reading the book "Group f.64" by Mary Alinder which, along with Imogen Cunningham, has sections on the "West Coast Photographers with all those...
  5. Re: B&W Film Completely Blank After Processing

    The most common cause of complete developer failure is fixing before developing. The purple tinge of the first solution gives some credence to the mix-up. We all think '"it can't happen to me," but...
  6. Re: How do I get a warmer tone when developing BW film?


    In my experience warm-tone developers only make a difference when used with warm tone papers and an optional Se toner. The combination of warm tone paper, warm tone developer and Se toner...
  7. Re: Series 6 R72 Infrared filter - any source for one?

    I had a similar conundrum - trying to put an IR filter on a Zeiss Nettar. I had a lens hood for the camera that took Series V filters - not particularly useful. The opening on the hood was a tad...
  8. Re: How do I get a warmer tone when developing BW film?

    The second developer can be most anything. Very fine grain developers give 'warmer' results. So you could try Microdol-X (or whatever the Ilford equivalent is).

    I imagine you can also use a...
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    Re: Groundglass vs. Image Focus Disparity

    1mm thick cardstock: back of a pad of paper; carton from a box of Wheaties ... I'd just wander around the house with a micrometer.
  10. Re: Is fiber paper worth the additional cost for selling prints compared to rc paper?

    I guess that is another definition of art. The artist is permitted, if not positively encouraged, in telling the customer to stick it. If there is quality in the materials and workmanship it is...
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    Re: Groundglass vs. Image Focus Disparity

    If this is a problem with a new camera and not a suddenly appearing problem on an old camera then may I suggest that the camera is designed for a Fresnel screen. Without the Fresnel the ground glass...
  12. Re: How do you clean your ground glass and make it brighter?

    Grid lines on Sinar ground glass can come off with a spritz of Windex.

    I no longer clean the ground/grid side of ground glass. Since the ground side is on the inside of the camera it should not...
  13. Re: Is fiber paper worth the additional cost for selling prints compared to rc paper?

    I used to sell prints via galleries and hangings. It was all fiber. Yes, it is a bit of a pain but I figure if someone is shelling out good money for the product the product should be as high...
  14. Re: What's the most compact 4x5 enlarger in terms of vertical height?

    From The Vision of Milty Boil by Howard Fast. Excerpt via StackExchange.

    The eponymous Milty Boil is a developer who manages to get the minimum ceiling height reduced:

    And Milty made friends...
  15. Re: Using up all my film, paper and chemicals----------not me

    Suddenly the state of my freezer doesn't seem so OCD.

    An old internet adage: The answer to the question 'Am I the only one who...?' is always 'No.'
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    Re: Outdated Film and Paper

    The film will be good as new. The paper, if it is by Ilford also, ditto.

    I've used film that expired in ~2000 with no problems other than a small amount of fog with 400 speed film. 3200 speed...
  17. Re: Possible corrosion on rear standard of Graflex Speed Graphic. Cause and Remedy ne

    Take a toothbrush to it and see what's underneath. It looks like very light corrosion - the camera got used at the sea side and got put away wet? It's no show stopper. I've always assumed that...
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    Re: 1960's Linhof camera factory tour movie...

    Hmmm, I'm not sure I would brag about a product needing 954 parts to function.

    A Technika made from 15 parts - now that's something worth talking about.

    "A good engineer can make with 10 what...
  19. Re: DIY ULF Lenses - 3D printing resin, epoxy casting or sand casting?


    You might also look at the inventory at Surplus Shed. A 900mm f11 mounted achromat for $42
  20. Re: What issues are there with this Aero Ektar lens - and how can I repair them?

    Specs of black on the inner surfaces won't have any effect on your pictures. Though if they are shiny and metallic it may be that something in the diaphragm mechanism is grinding itself into dust...
  21. Re: Safe/Legitimate Resource for Nude Models - LF Project

    Contact a modeling agency.

    The low budget sleaze route is to hang around the theater department at the local university and see what you can recruit.
  22. Re: 8x10 Field Camera which uses Sinar Lensboards?

    I do what i think a lot of people do.

    I have Linhof lens board adapters for the Sinar and the 8x10 Shen Hao. Lenses that go back and forth between the systems are mounted to Linhof boards - which...
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    Re: Point Reyes Advice?

    Ditto. I walk around new places just taking snapshots. Then come back with the high-caliber gear.
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    Re: Reveni spot meter

    Dropping the 1/3 stop aperture readout was a big boo-boo.

    Modern SLR's let you set the shutter speed in 1/3's of a stop (ie 1/80 ...). But there is no need for a separate meter with a modern SLR...
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    Re: 2022 Your Favorite Image of You No rules

    What the heck. Spiratone Portragon & Nikon TC-201 extender:

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    Re: Question: What is this?

    At f22 they may work just fine. As Dugan suggested, try them out.
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    Re: 210 Xenar f/6.1 sharpness?

    All manufacturers occasionally produce a lemon. I had a 150/5.6 multicoated Xenar, mid 80's vintage in a Copal shutter - it was soft when viewing the ground glass and it got no better when stopped...
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    Re: Focus accuracy issue with Intrepid 8x10

    From your newspaper test it looks like the ground glass is closer to the lens than it should be.

    So, you are in luck: it isn't (or shouldn't be) hard to add some shims (i.e. bits of cardboard) to...
  29. Re: Dallmeyer 3"=75mm Rectilinear Patent lens query

    The page is for the f11 version of the lens, the text above states that coverage may exceed 100 degrees at f16.

    The native 86mm f16 lenses may then indeed have a coverage of 105-110 and cover 1/2...
  30. Re: Dallmeyer 3"=75mm Rectilinear Patent lens query

    The Wide Angle Anastigmat should cover British 1/2 plate. Apparently good for ~110 degrees, or a 245mm image circle; the diagonal of 1/2 plate film is 204mm, less with a margin around the film for...
  31. Re: DIY 5x7 fix focus LF Camera Light Leak / Reflection ?

    The problem could be the longer exposures at f45 - the darkslide was removed for a longer period of time and the light leak had a longer time to expose the film/paper.

    BTW - yes, the inside of the...
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    Re: Taking film in and out of the freezer

    Not at all. Consensus is something one should be suspicious of; well, at least I am.

    I seem to be a voice of one here - saying condensation is not an issue - and on this I will not concede. I...
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    Re: Taking film in and out of the freezer

    "Confusion will be my epitaph ..."

    A certain amount of confusion is necessary. The thing to look out for is too much certainty.

    It is funny that noise interferes with information, and yet the...
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    Re: Taking film in and out of the freezer

    I'm not sure where I mentioned 'art'.

    In any case, I am approaching the question from a scientific point of view and my conclustion is there is no condensation: Experimentally - I've tried to make...
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    Re: Taking film in and out of the freezer

    No. Absolutely not. Think what a boring place the world would be if everyone agreed.

    I double bag using freezer zip-locs when re-freezing open packets of film to prevent freezer burn.

    Do what...
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    Re: Taking film in and out of the freezer

    I make it a practice to take film straight from the freezer, load it in the camera or film holder and shoot it. And I'm not being facetious, I really do - hoping to see some evidence of...
  37. Thread: Gas Light

    by nolindan

    Re: Gas Light

    Gas lights that ran on 'city gas' were very similar to old Coleman lanterns.

    My firm designed a low-cost...
  38. Thread: Gas Light

    by nolindan

    Re: Gas Light

    But the museum would have to display the paper itself in the dark.
  39. Re: Seeking better flip-up/down eyeglass magnifiers

    For 4x5 I use a Sinar reflex viewer.

    My astigmatism isn't that bad so I can use a pair of +3 reading glasses from Costco, slide them down my nose and peer above them for distance vision. Beats my...
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    Re: Zeiss Protar 8.5cm f18 Bill Brandt lens

    Ultrawides can decidedly make things look unnatural. It's not really a distortion, though. Hold a print from an ultrawide shot really close to your eye and suddenly everything looks natural. If...
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