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    Re: Uncertainty vs. Failure

    When I was young I had a lot of failures. Itís been a part of my life. I looked at each time I failed and how I could prevent it from happening again in the future.

    Self confidence is important...
  2. Re: Always go for the light stand with the heaviest weight rating?

    Over the years, I used several lighting set ups; however, the best system for me was using Quantum flashes with Pocket Wizards. No cords to trip over, light weight stand used and with the pocket...
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    Re: George Hurrell, Documentary

    Thanks for the link.


    His style of photography was liked by Hollywood stars at that time.
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    Re: Why are we here?

    Gives me something to do.
  5. Re: How can I construct an inexpensive accent-light holder?

    I would sometimes use a Jorgenson spring loaded hand operated clamp, the clamp end has orange rubber gaskets. The end that.I would squeeze, has a hole in it. I used that with a fastener to mount my...
  6. Re: Software for Converting Scanned Color Negatives

    I did find this source of information:

    Decades ago, I printed color slides using a Unicolor drum. Then I would print client selected slides to make a...
  7. Re: Calibrating Modern Flash & Flash Bulbs & Zone Focus 4X5

    I studied lighting patterns and various camera positions with the body and lighting set up to make flattering photographs of people. Those are two important ingredients when making photographs of...
  8. Re: Software for Converting Scanned Color Negatives

    Some info:

    (It’s more than twenty five words, but worth the read!)
  9. Re: Software for Converting Scanned Color Negatives

    What about Photoshop Elements.

    Two important ingredients with Photoshop are layers and blending. You can work with both with this program.

    Check here:...
  10. Re: Shutter Speed... Flash... What Difference Does It Make?

    I find this place is helpful for photography lighting:

    And if you’re interested in lighting just for people, this is a start:
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    Re: Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

    Very nice. Good job.
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    Re: Developer Formulas for C-41 film?

    John Dersham is on Facebook and a former Kodak sales rep.

    Maybe worth a try and ask him.
  13. Re: Are print drums a more practical way to print big in a bathroom?

    When I had to make a large print, I would put at least one, usually fixer, sometimes two on the floor in the darkroom. It wasn’t very often. 20x24 is the largest I made and I used trays for 16x20 and...
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    Re: How Many Pros use LF?


    May I suggest having a backup job, just in case you need it.

    Some advice:

    Find someone who could help you with your photography, be your coach and mentor.

    Do you have a...
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    Re: How Many Pros use LF?


    I’m retired now but when in business, it was digital for me since 2004.

    Film days, it was medium format which, when looking back, was a Pita!
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    Re: Anyone use A and I lab?

    They used to be listed on the B&H web site. Just checked it and when I searched, it didn’t produce any results.

    When I was in business, I used WHCC but they only print from digital files.
  17. Re: Can you guys critique my website/portfolio of my large format photography work?

    I’m a retired professional photographer. It was a second career for me. But I did pretty good with it and I enjoyed every moment of my business.

    The best thing that happened to me, helping me get...
  18. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    Could be, but I finally got all of the ingredients correctly put together when my wife started liking the portraits I made of her!

    Most people I met wanted a portrait made that makes them look...
  19. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    So true.

    Thanks for mentioning the rapport that's needed between subject and photographer. I found this enjoyable and fun and people could tell it.
  20. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    "Lighting is often more significant in creative/expressive image making than camera/lens and related gear."

    Yes, you are correct.

    But also posing and composition are two
    more pillars out of...
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    Re: Dynalite Infrared Transmitter

    Sorry to hear about Dynalite. I have their system but put it aside when I went to Quantum flashes.
  22. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    One of the reasons I got hired is my ability to put together lighting patterns to make beautiful photographs of people. I would do, sometimes rather quickly, a facial analysis to determine the best...
  23. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    "Right, go out an buy a digital SLR when a $25 flash meter is all you need."

    Stupid answer.
  24. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    You could use a digital slr as your tool for correct exposure. And there are some apps to make your phone into a light meter.

    I always work to get proper exposure for the entire photograph....
  25. Re: Hello and happy new year from Lancashire, UK

    Itís those few glasses of wine that can get you to buy things you might otherwise pass on. Iíve done that myself even having found my cc on the floor of our living room the next day! No more as I...
  26. Re: Marketing Platinum Portraits in 11x14 , Is this posible and then How?

    Iím retired now, but I started a professional photography business when I was in my fifties (1998). I was lucky to meet a fellow who became my coach and mentor. I recommend you do the same.
  27. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    Yousuf Karsh made the portrait of Churchill you describe.

    The story I heard about it is when Churchill walked in to have his portrait made, he had a cigar in his mouth. After setting him up for...
  28. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    This gentleman was my teacher and coach.

    Look at this video when placing this description in google search:

    portrait photography for everyone zucker

    Hope this helps you.

    The portrait of...
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    Re: High-Speed Sync for Speed Graphic

    Could the fp shutter be held open then use a lens on the camera with a shutter.

    Shutter in lens would sync with all shutter speeds.

    I used a graflex, long time ago, but if my old memory is...
  30. Re: Investigating the image orientation bug: feedback, please!

    What I do is to use “save as” is I will add the letter c after the file name. For the first iteration, c1 after the file name. Second iteration I use c2 after the file name. And so on. I use the...
  31. Re: Your experience with Perceptol and Microphen, compared to ID-11 - Some questions

    I find that ID-11/D-76 is a very good developer.

    Microphen gives me more contrast negatives.

    Perceptol is a fine grain developer.

    I use mostly ID-11/D-76 developers. But it depends on film...
  32. Re: Report Shows it is Rare to Translate Success on Instagram Elsewhere

    When I started my photography business in 2002, I soon learned that beauty is in the eye of the checkbook holder.

    I had a great coach and mentor who helped me.

    I’m retired now. I enjoyed it...
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    Re: Darkroom from zero: Chems disposal

    Check with other businesses in your community that have waste to dispose. Car dealer, oil changing business, plumbing business come to mind. Maybe one of them could help you.
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    Re: Lightleak: from where + what to do?

    Hi Bill,

    After I take the photograph, I don’t wind the shutter until I’m ready to set up to take another photograph.
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    Re: Lightleak: from where + what to do?

    Haven’t had light leaks. I use the dark slide only when changing backs, otherwise I leave them out so as not to compress the gasket, which can cause light leaks. Some of my Hasselblad cameras go back...
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    Re: Lightleak: from where + what to do?

    Place to order light trap seals for Hasselblad:
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    Re: Thinking of buying an Omega B-8 enlarger

    Omega D-2 is built like a tank. Both in high school and college used to make prints.

    Another consideration, if you’re only going to enlarge 2&1/4 square negatives is a B-22. I do own one, it’s...
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    Re: What makes a photograph "good"?

    I’m a retired professional photographer.

    There are basics to learn for making beautiful photographs. Essential to consider when making photographs of people are poising, lighting and composition....
  39. Re: Lowest temperature for C-41 / E-6 cross-processing?

    Interesting article:

    Thanks Bob for your thoughts.

    Now I only use...
  40. Re: Lowest temperature for C-41 / E-6 cross-processing?

    Iíve sometimes wondered if the temps that are used for developing with C-41 were originally recommended because thatís what labs used to get things done quickly during the heyday of film.
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