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    Re: Continuous Agitation?

    I put my Stearman Press on a laboratory tray "shaker" - although it isn't shaking as much as tipping. Worked fine - no noticeable swirl marks on the test 8 x 10..
  2. Re: Hi : )!!! - Please suggest me GPC flatbed scanner

    My sister just got one of these, but no report yet on how good it is. She just wants to archive old photos so hi quality isn't a high priority for her. But it might work out OK if you aren't using it...
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    Re: Tele-Xenar 5.5/500 on a Linhof 5x7

    I was just re-reading this and looking at the photo of the shutter something occurred to me. The threaded "nipple" you point out may be able to fire either with a cable release or an air hose and...
  4. Re: innards of a 40cm square digital sensor

    We had those X-ray machines in the local shoe store in the mid 40's IIRC. They were pretty neat - we used to stick our hands in there to see our finger bones - heck we would have stuck our heads in...
  5. Re: Opinion: Would a 90mm f8 or f6.8 lens be too dark for dawn and dusk landscape?

    I don't worry to much about a center filter on my SA90/8 on 4 x 5 - but I do when I have the lens on my 5 x 7
  6. Re: How to use a Rodenstock Makro-Sironar 210mm/5.6 lens correctly?

    I have the same lens. I really like it. Good luck
  7. Re: Is Horseman Camera Misleading Us Re Movements?

    I have a 5 x 7 Linhof Master L-System camera. The bellows is shot but I can swap the bellows from my 5 X 7 Kardan Bi so the camera is usable. I checked, and the film plane is indeed centered on the...
  8. Re: Best long lenses usable with Linhof Master Technika

    I have the Nilon 360/500/720 set and they're very sharp. No complaints. I use the 369 and 500 on the Technika and the 720 also works beautifully on my 5 x 7 Kardan Bi or other 5 x 7 cameras. The only...
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    Re: "Dark bags"

    You can use the light proof black bags in flat cardboard mailers.
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    Re: Flickr is now THE problem

    And Google Photos now offers encrypted folders for those pics of "secret puppies" - honestly, that's what they said when denying that it was to keep your nude photos a little less public. Unless...
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    Re: canyon de chelly

    Now that I drive a wheelchair this sounds unfortunate. Oh well.
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    Re: Digital Prints - Horrors

    And probably glossy or lustre paper to get the kind of saturation you seem to be looking for. Try it and see. Inkjet prints on matte papers can be quite beautiful, but they won't be at all "snappy"...
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    Re: KEH Camera “bargain” lenses

    I just got a wide angle Fuji GX680 bellows from them and their description was conservative. Haven't bought any lenses from them in quite a while though. I probably need to sell a couple of dozen...
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    Re: KEH Camera “bargain” lenses

    Long history of buying from KEH. I've never had a problem regardless of the rating. "Bargain" has always turned out just fine.

    I've sold stuff to them as well - obviously it isn't the way to get...
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    Re: IQ Smart Scanner

    Check Ari's post earlier in this thread. I used to use

    But Ari's info might be more recent
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    Re: IQ Smart Scanner

    Michael Streeter is the answer to almost any IQsmart question you can think of.
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    Re: 3D Printing for presentation

    Hi Bob

    I wouldn't say I'm a true expert but I've been 3D printing Technika boards and similar stuff.
  18. Re: How do I recognize lenses that will cover an 8X10 plate with no vignetting

    159mm Wollensak f/9.5 is a great lens IMHO. not too huge and I've been happy with the results. Not huge. A tad dim, but has worked well for me
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    Re: 210 mm Fujinar - any opinions?

    Thanks. I wasn't up to doing much today, but hopefully in the next day or two I can get the lens on a board. I'm thinking of mounting the shutter to a Technika board and making up an adapter that...
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    Re: 210 mm Fujinar - any opinions?

    That's what I was thinking it was. I've rummaged around the web a bit and it seems that a set of Fujinars (180, 210, 250) was more or less the standard complement for the photographers who waited...
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    210 mm Fujinar - any opinions?

    I recently bought one in a Shanel shutter - wanted the shutter (not the lens) to front moutn a few older lenses

    But just thought I'd ask about the Fujinar - since I have it, I probably should try...
  22. Re: Question for those who have 8x10 monorails...carrying....

    For my 5 x 7 Kardan Bi I had a machine shop cut town one of the rail sections so it was just long enough to hold the front and rear standards with enough space between them to insert in the rail...
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    Re: New Computer Time...

    Interesting that you mentioned SABRE. I spent 8 years working in the IBM Industry Marketing group that was responsible for sales to IBM's airline customers. I was primarily responsible for developing...
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    Re: New Computer Time...

    Someone asked what a "Computer guy is. I think it's someone like me. Started programming for pay in 1959, worked for IBM designing operating systems and computer languages. At one point I had 14...
  25. Poll: Re: Seeking 4x5 Lens Advice - Which Lens To Keep - Fujinon Or Nikkor 150mm 5.6

    Typically those big boxy video lenses are controlled from a master control room - the cameraman is just responsible for lining up the shot. I've seen them in person the couple of times I've gone to...
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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    My Harrison is like new after 18+ years. it stays set up unless I'm actually traveling with it. I "hide" it out of the way under one of my wife's two grand pianos with the sleeves draped across the...
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    Re: Velvia 100 discontinued in the US

    +1 on Astia. Velvia always seemed too saturated for my taste.
  28. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    My first view camera was a 5 x 7 Linhof Kardan Bi bought new around 1970. Still happily using it although it's been joined by a few other 5 x 7's. it's in nearly perfect condition - the only problem...
  29. Re: Not understanding Toyo Base Tilt Front and Rear

    From looking at the link to the camera specs, I think they're being a bit less that straightforward in how they describe this. If you drop the bed 15 degrees and then level the bed, the back will be...
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    Re: Advice request: cutter

    I use a Roto-trim 30"
  31. Re: Ross . London 6in Homocentric 1:6.3 lens

    The pneumatic cylinders are what times the exposure. The pistons compress the air in the cylinder and it leaks out slowly through a rather precise hole that lets the air out at a predetermined rate....
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    Re: Shipping 8x10 wooden camera safely

    My cousin was a cellist and when he was booked for a solo appearance he wouldn't take the gig if they didn't pay for two 1st class seats - one for him and one for the cello. His cello was made in...
  33. Re: 210 for travel and landscape: Heliar or Schneider?

    I bought a 305 Repro Claron that I used on my 5 x 7 Kardan Bi in 1970. I loved it - I did a lot of fairly close-up photography - not quite macro, but close. I still love it even though it may be a...
  34. Re: A question on Buying an Item in UK via e-Bay

    I've bought stuff from just about everywhere. Never paid an customs fees (nor FedEx or UPS fees)

    I prefer buying used stuff from Japan - people tend to be serious about taking care of stuff and...
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    Re: How to shorten a Sinar rail?

    I shortened a Linhof Kardan Bi rail so I could carry the 5 x 7 on the short rail all set up and ready to mount on the tripod then just add a rail and shoot. Worked fine. But I shortened it TO about 6...
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    Re: 300mm lens 4x5" landscape

    I still use my "ancient" f/9 Repro-Claron 305mm. I bought it new around 1970. But lately for a long lens I use the Nikon 360 - 500 - 720 set (720 on 5 x 7, 360 & 500 on the Technika.) Very sharp,...
  37. Re: Should I build a LF TLR? What would it take?

    Moving parts - lately my personal parts don't move so well. I'm still trying to build a camera support for my power wheelchair so I can mount my 5 x 7 Linhof on it.
  38. Re: Should I build a LF TLR? What would it take?

    I'd love to see an 8 x 10 version of the handy gadget Mamiya made for their TLR's - a little lift that goes between the tripod and the camera base. When you press the lever it raises the entire...
  39. Re: Epson V850 Pro Scanner and 5x7 film & other

    Hi Sandy

    Did you mean that the mounting station wasn't available for the 750 when it was ORIGINALLY sold? Because when I got my 750 it included the mounting station.
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    Re: Just 3D printed a technika board

    I designed the model so that the part of the board inside the light trap is a separate file so I just have to "punch" holes for the lens and mounting screws into a copy of the separate part. Load the...
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