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    Re: Help me choose a camera to hike 2000+ miles

    I went to New Zealand a couple of years ago and covered about 2000 kilometres in the North and South Islands. Drove nearly every day, hiked nearly every day, covered some rough terrain, and went out...
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    Re: Congo 250mm f4.5 which shutter?

    My old catalogue for "Congo" Studio Lenses in Normal Barrel lists your lens. Specifications are:

    Focal length 250mm
    Aperture f4.5 to f64
    Format intended 6 1/2" X 8 1/2"
    Angle of view 54 degrees...
  3. Re: Size or 3D Model for a Linhof Kardan Color 8x10 lensboard ? + bellows ?

    I'm pretty sure I have a Linhof Kardan Color 8x10 lensboard that measures 223mm in the horizontal dimension and a maximum of 235mm in the vertical dimension. The shape is not rectangular and has...
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    Re: Long exposure experience with portraits?

    8x10 Studio Shoot, Tewantin
    Gelatin-silver photograph on Ultrafine Silver Eagle VC FB photographic paper, image size 16.2cm X...
  5. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?
    Blizzard, Charlotte Pass.

    Gelatin-silver photograph on Ultrafine Silver Eagle VC FB photographic paper, image size 16.3cm X 21.3cm, ...
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    Re: To loupe or not to loupe?

    There is an old rule with a bit of truth to it: confirm focus using a loupe that has more power than the intended enlargement ratio. Two times enlargement - use a 4x loupe. Four times enlargement -...
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    Re: Heliar Picture Post
    Fire Scar, Flinders Ranges
    Gelatin-silver photograph on Agfa Classic MCC III VC FB photographic paper, image size 24.4cm X 19.4cm,...
  8. Re: Hypo Clearing Agent = Ilford Washaid? I am confused!

    There is a shelf life trap that occasionally disappoints. Suppose a batch of Hypo Clearing Agent or Washaid is used to only half its capacity, say 20 sheets of FB 8x10 paper per litre instead of the...
  9. Re: Proper Formula for Sodium Chloropalladite?

    Beware the nomenclature trap. Sodium Chloropalladite is not the same as Sodium Chloropalladate. The "ate" ending tends to be used for a higher oxidation state and the "ite" ending for a lower one.
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    Re: Heliar Picture Post
    Melaleucas and Sedges, Afternoon

    Gelatin-silver photograph on Freestyle Private Reserve VC FB photographic paper, image size 16.3cm...
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    Re: Winter Wonderland: Post Your Photos
    Billy Buttons in Snow
    Gelatin-silver photograph on Ultrafine Silver Eagle VC FB photographic paper, image size 16.3cm X 21.4cm, from a...
  12. Re: Archival Rating of The New Gen 5 Ilford RC Multigrade Deluxe Papers?

    I used to worry about the archival permanence of photographs I made using fibre base and RC base papers. But I don't worry anymore.
    I just process and wash the papers according to the best archival...
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    Re: Winter Wonderland: Post Your Photos

    Grass in Snow, Charlotte Pass

    Gelatin-silver photograph on Ultrafine Silver Eagle VC FB photographic paper, image size 21.3cm X...
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    Re: What Happened to Dry Mounting Prints?

    As I type this reply, on the bench behind me is a big roll of Kodak type 2 dry-mounting tissue and my tacking iron is heating up. All being well by the end of the day I will have dry-mounted 70...
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    Re: Keeping Time tray developing film

    Talking Timer purchased off Ebay. Nice electronic voice. Counts down minutes and seconds with a choice of alarm sounds at the end.
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    Re: Ventilation specs for darkroom

    First establish what fumes your chemistry will produce. If the fumes are irritating or toxic then you need a effective ventilation arrangement that pulls the fumes out of the darkroom before they get...
  17. Which labs still make traditional optical enlargements from 4x5 color negatives?

    A colleague of mine wants to shoot 4x5 colour negative film, develop it himself in C-41, and sent the negatives to some one who put those negatives in an enlarger and turn out 16" x 20" prints. The...
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    Re: What Makes a sellable photograph?

    After being associated with several photographic galleries over some decades my strong impression is that sales of photographs are not inherently related to the content of the photograph, the...
  19. Re: How to Develop Characteristic Curves in Large Format...Cheaply

    Years ago I used to test 8x10 films by doing stepped exposures by means of advancing the dark slide a little bit between shutter clicks. It's not hard to put 10 or more exposure steps along an 8x10...
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    Re: 450mm lens with 420mm bellows draw?

    Yes, I've done extensive trial with minus lenses from -0.5D to -2.5D. The stronger the supplementary lens the worse is the image quality, as expected.

    The reason to settle for tolerable image...
  21. Re: The Mystery of Dad's Nikkor-W 210m f5.6

    I have a couple of Nikkor-W 210mm f5.6 lenses. Serial number 741104 has the 77mm front thread. It is in a Copal #1 shutter with the older style silver speed ring. This is a lens I use on an 8x10...
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    Re: 450mm lens with 420mm bellows draw?

    One desperate trick I've resorted to is to shorten the focal length of a lens. The 300mm I use on my 8x10 camera is sometimes too long and I want something slightly wider. Answer? Screw a #1 close-up...
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    Re: XTOL Replenished Facts vs Fables

    My replenished Xtol has been working since 2007 so it must be well seasoned by now. Between developing sessions it is kept in full-to-the-top oxygen impermeable bottles. I do a lot of open tray...
  24. Re: 8x10 Development in tray - How to know the time

    I use a Talking Countdown Timer that I bought off eBay. The electronic voice that counts down minutes and seconds is a reassuring presence in the absolute darkness required for open tray film...
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    Re: Straight Edges

    I've cut hundreds of mattes over the years and my straight edge, about 4 feet long, is a piece of aluminium extrusion I found on an abandoned building site. It was probably part of a window frame....
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    Re: Darkroom Ventilation advice, please

    My present (and best) darkroom was designed to solve the ventilation problem by leaving it out entirely. I use odourless developers, odourless stop bath, odourless fixer, odourless hypo-clear, and...
  27. Re: When did decent wide angles show up? [lens history question]

    When I wanted a good, cheap wide angle lens for the 8x10 format I went for a Wollensak Velostigmat Wide Angle Ser. III F9.5 61/4" Focus No. 284751 in a working Betax shutter. Cost exactly $100 on...
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    Re: Field 45 has D stamped on it?

    It's a Tachihara to its bootlaces. The back springs design and the eccentric toggles to lock the front are Tachihara exclusives as far as I know. This camera was probably made after Michio Tachihara...
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    Re: A visit to an art fair

    Sometimes the buyers don't care.

    Years ago I was talking to a senior curator at an Australian gallery who was trying to wrangle half a million dollars out of the Board of Trustees. The purchase...
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    Re: Viewing light brightness

    I use a tungsten filament inspection light, 20W Pearl, ceiling mounted that gives me 40 lux at the fixer tray. This is too dim to judge fine detail but the tones seen this way are near to what the...
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    Re: Changing bag

    I used the biggest changing bag with a cardboard carton placed in it to create free space for film loading onto developing reels. Without the carton the bag collapses and it's a sweaty hands...
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    Re: Quick Question Tray Processing

    Yes! A developed film in a full strength acid stop bath for 30 seconds will not be harmed by exposure to moderate light. Any trace of carried over developer is completely inactivated in an acid...
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    Re: 8x10 Camera mainly for portraits

    Here's an account I wrote some time ago. It's one way of using a big camera for portraits:

    Yesterday I shot six full face portraits with a Tachihara 810HD view camera and the process went smoothly...
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    Re: Some B&W Interiors...
    Garradunga Hotel, Front Bar

    Gelatin-silver photograph on Freestyle Private Reserve VC FB photographic paper, image size 16.4cm X...
  35. Re: C-Congo 180mm f/6.3 -- what do we know?

    My Commercial Congo lens catalogue has this:
    Focal length 180mm
    Aperture range f6.3 to f64
    Film size 5"x7"
    Shutter #0
    Angle of view 56 degrees
    Image circle @ f16 is 220mm
    Front lens mount...
  36. Re: Ph level of water from faucet and RO system

    For the point of view of electrochemistry, an old laboratory specialisation of mine, it is theoretically impossible to measure the pH of pure water using a glass electrode. The hydrogen (and...
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    Re: Help Toyo View D45M Focus problems

    If the focus you get on the film is clear for objects further away that the ones you focussed on in camera then the film is closer to the lens than the ground surface of your ground-glass. Two...
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    Re: Lens diopters for the complete idiot (me)

    Variable dioptre lenses are easy. Just get two of the same power but of opposite sign eg a +3 and a -3. Standard 75 diameter mm spectacle lenses are a good place to start experimenting. When the...
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    Re: February portraits 2019

    I often make a flipped portrait to show to the sitter. Occasionally I get a reply like "You're the first photographer to get me as I really am." Why? The flipped portrait shows a familiar face just...
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    Re: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format
    Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain
    Gelatin-silver photograph on Agfa Classic MCC111 VC FB, image area 16.4cm x 21.2cm, from a Tmax 100...
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