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  1. Thread: Oh my . . .

    by djdister

    Re: Oh my . . .

    Does it count if your 4000th post is one that announces you hit 4000 posts? :confused:
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    Re: Vintage Portrait lens for 4x5 view camera

    The Heliar and Ektar are quite different from each other - are you going for vintage sharpness or vintage softness? Also worth considering are the Verito/Veritar and Kodak Portrait lenses.
  3. Re: KEH is Opening a Brick-and-Mortar Location in Atlanta

    Good to see this...
  4. Re: Marketing Platinum Portraits in 11x14 , Is this posible and then How?

    Yikes! They look like overpriced digital shots, heavily retouched in Photoshop.
  5. Re: Marketing Platinum Portraits in 11x14 , Is this posible and then How?

    Tillman Crane has been selling Platinum prints for years, but not portraits, so might not be much help, but

    If it is going to be portraits, then your...
  6. Re: Large Format Conference / University of New Mexico

    Conferences are one thing, but shooting workshops are quite another. Tillman Crane used to shoot LF exclusively but no longer, however at his shooting workshops he encourages folks to shoot with...
  7. Re: Opinion: Would a 90mm f8 or f6.8 lens be too dark for dawn and dusk landscape?

    Create your own infinity stops and shoot at f/16. All you need is a flashlight to set your focus at the infinity stop (or other preset hyperfocal distance) and set the f stop and you're done.
  8. Re: Does a new luxury 8x10 camera make sense in 2021?

    By their definition, the terms "luxury" and "sense" as in "sensible" are opposing terms. So no, it does not make sense, but when has that stopped anyone...
  9. Re: More detail from internegative or digital negative ?

    If you want to make an 8x10 contact print on glossy paper, then an internegative may have higher resolution and acutance, but it is a more difficult process to get a perfect internegative. On the...
  10. Re: Camera overview for a brief course introducing large format photography

    For a 15 minute overview, you could just extract the major points from this page:
  11. Re: How to keep film ending up wrong side of dark slide after exposing

    Pulling and reinserting the dark slide is not the best way to check, so I am offering a better check on film loading.
  12. Re: How to keep film ending up wrong side of dark slide after exposing

    Quadruple checking while loading is my approach. First double check is when I think the film is under both side rails, but before sliding the sheet the rest of the way in, I try to lift the film at...
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    Re: Quitting Flickr Soon for imgbb

    The country of registration for is Iceland, but that may not indicate who's really behind it.
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    Re: Insurance Questions

    My approach when traveling with gear is: 1) keep it within my arm's reach; 2) locked in vehicle that is within my direct line of vision; or 3) secured someplace that is not easily pilferable. This...
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    Re: Lenses for landscape w 4x5 camera

    A 90mm would be a good bet, doubtful a 65mm lens will work in a 45D.
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    Re: Insurance Questions

    Potentially that could be 3 different types of insurance. Your home insurance can add a rider for your photo equipment. Travel insurance could cover your equipment that is in your possession while...
  17. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    Hoodoo that voodoo that you do so well...

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND
  18. Re: Which Camera is Thomas Struth using here - please advice

    Pining for a particular camera (and lens) that another photographer uses is a waste of time. Analyze what kind of camera and lens that you want (and why), then see what is available. Keith Canham...
  19. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    I say the medium can enhance the effect of the image, but is not the sole factor. I've seen plenty of ugly images created in every possible medium.
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    Re: Gradients on short edge of 4x5 Negs

    Are the thin gray borders around the images ones that you added digitally? If so, they are not helpful here. It would be helpful to show a scan of the entire negative, all of the rebate to include...
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    Re: Kirk Tuck commenting on 4x5 video blog

    When I saw that this thread was about social media arguing between 2 or more people I usually ignore it. It is past time to lock this unproductive and reductive thread.
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    Re: A quick comparison of three 135mm 4x5 lenses

    I think shooting all of them at near wide open, like f/5.6 would have been more interesting to see things like how out of focus areas look, possible distortion, etc.
  23. Re: Bought a nice Linhof Master Technika Classic. Can I do the CLA myself to save mon

    No, you did not buy a "nice Linhof Master Technika Classic" - you got one with serious problems which should have been disclosed prior to the sale. I would return it and shop wisely next time.
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    Re: Film on a Plane: Check It or Carry-On?

    Carry on and let them scan it. This has worked for me for years with no problems, sheet and roll film, international and domestic travel.
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    Re: RNI Big $$$ Apps

    I find their website to be frustratingly lacking in any meaningful detail about their product, which, from what little they do say, seem to be just a set of "film-like" profile settings for Lightroom...
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    Re: 4x5 sheets with a white "triangle"

    Not a lens problem. You have fogging of the film from light leaking around a badly seated bellows or lensboard perhaps.
  27. Re: Any suggestions on who to commission to help me build a camera?

    Well, if you "commission" someone to build a camera, then they are building the camera. Or, do you want to build one from scratch, or from a kit?
    I suggest you buy one from this forum, or ask...
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    Re: New and need help

    Canham 5x7 MQC with 75mm lens and 617 rollfilm back. Foldable, portable and versatile.

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    Re: Chamonix Camera Rental Services

    I think it is a great idea and can help folks determine if LF is for them as well as how they like the Chamonix camera. In addition to the matter of lenses (they may not have any) there may also be...
  30. Re: Canham MQC 57 User experiences and comparisons ?

    Just wait until you try the 6x17 roll film back on that baby!
  31. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    Since the OP is in Los Angeles, there should be any number of opportunities to rent or borrow some 5x7 equipment to see how it goes...
  32. Re: Canham MQC 57 User experiences and comparisons ?

    For some perspective, I have owned the Canham 5x7 Wood Field, the Canham 4x5 DLC and the Canham 5x7 MQC. The 5x7 MQC is the only one I have now as it hit my sweet spot. I also have the 4x5 reducing...
  33. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    Canham MQC 5x7, available new and used. Made in the US.

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    I think it would be interesting to bring out the yellow tones even further, in contrast with the grayish rock.
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    Re: New to LF - First shot - Focusing

    If you are just getting started and want to check the accuracy of your focus, don't stop down to f/32. Shoot near wide open, like f/8 to ensure the focus in the shot is what you focused on. And...
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    Re: Epson V850 Pro Scanner and 5x7 film & other

    I have the Epson V750 scanner and use a simple 5x7 negative holder made out of two pieces of mat board - it works well for me.
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    Re: the "best" 5x7 Camera

    The Canham motorized 6x17 back is a great piece of engineering - and the best rollfilm back I've worked with. It does take some practice to get the hang of loading the film, but after that it's just...
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    Re: the "best" 5x7 Camera

    I stopped buying LF cameras after I got the Canham 5x7 MQC. Then I added the Canham 617 rollfilm back and also the 4x5 back adapter. I've used lenses from a 75mm to 360mm with the same bellows. So...
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    Re: Landscape 5x7: Chamonix 57N3 or 45H-1 ?

    The Canham 5x7 MQC is an excellent camera too - very adjustable, portable and adaptable.

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    Re: a fake Topcor 90mm f5.6 (Horseman)?

    Well, that shutter is not the right one for the lens, but I doubt that the front element is a "fake." Since the shutter is not right for the front element, the rear element could also be mismatched...
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