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    Re: Ground Glass Resource

    I just make my own, easy to do.
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    Re: the "best" 5x7 Camera

    My 5X7 Deardorf Special (comes with a 4X5 back as well), classic, sturdy and has all the bellows I need, a wonderful tool.
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    Re: William Garnett Aerial Photographs

    Garnett is one of my favorites for sure! I cannot photograph a sand dune without thinking about his work, stunning!
  4. Re: Very neat artice by the New Yorker on Thomas Joshua Cooper

  5. Re: Very neat artice by the New Yorker on Thomas Joshua Cooper

    Which of his books would be a good introduction to his work?
  6. Re: Mat conservation for a vintage Laura Gilpin print ??

    I believe you mean the Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth, as a kid it was my favorite place to go on Sunday after church. An outstanding collection of American art.
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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    So sorry to learn of his passing, condolences to his family.
  8. Re: How I enjoy this hobby is not how You enjoy this hobby. Get over it.

    Shoot Jim, I have always loved your posts and what you do (and sell). Keep on keeping on, just don't stop!
  9. Re: New "Competent" Photographica Auction House?

    That is a fun site Steven, I agree, they have done a nice job in describing items and there is a lot of fun things listed. There are a few photos I may want to bid on. Thanks for posting!!!
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    Re: Is 5x7 endangered?

    Is 5X7 endangered? Nope, at least no more so than film in general I suspect. Plenty of great films available (just limited on the color side), enlargers can be found, most 4X5 lenses can cover 5X7,...
  11. Re: Zone System Negative Design needs an Update

    Nice article and perhaps we need to take a look at how the Zone System is used with multi-contrast papers. I think what this article shows is just how flexible film based photography can be, it...
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    Re: Quality Papers

    I agree with the replies stating that most papers available today are very good.

    I tend to favor Ilford Classic in the neutral (slightly warm) tone and the Ilford Warmtone is awesome with the...
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    Re: Fujinon T 400/8

    I used one on 5X7 for a few years but it had to be stopped down to at least f22 and it still barely covered. It is a very nice piece of glass but I would say to keep looking for an alternative. I am...
  14. Re: Favorite Inkjet paper that emulates ilford FB classic glossy

    I am another fan of the Canson Platine Fibre Rag, excellent paper.
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    Re: Newbie of sorts: Photoshop Now?


    My Adobe photo subscription runs $10/month and allows access to Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, etc. So, you can pick and choose which you want to use. Some people do not like the monthly fee...
  16. Alan Ross Workshop: Dallas, Texas - Summer 2018

    As a follow up to my earlier post about workshops in Yosemite taught by Alan Ross, here is one in Dallas. I did not even know there was a Dallas Center for Photograph, I wish that was there when I...
  17. Re: 1940's WWII Navy Darkroom Restoration

    That is a wonderful project, way to go! Nice job!
  18. Alan Ross Workshop: Yosemite, October 2018

    To all my traditional, darkroom photography friends/fanatics out there, if you are looking to hone your darkroom and image making skills, be sure to check out this workshop from my friend Alan Ross....
  19. Re: Source for small piece of white plexiglass

    Alan will sell you a piece and cut it to size, just contact him.
  20. Re: Major Photography Exhibition at Art Institute of Chicago/through October 29, 2017

    I wish I could see it Merg, I am sure it will be an outstanding show. And congratulations on having a print hanging in the show!
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    Re: Grottos Trail, Aspen CO

    Just be careful, the entrance into the cave is tricky and unless you are nimble a ladder may be needed. I have been there many many times over the years, best light inside the cave is basically...
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    Re: Lenses for Custer Battlefield

    The Little Bighorn battlefield is a very interesting place, I have been there many times over the years, the first being about 40 years ago and the most recent being yesterday. They do not mind...
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    Re: Ghost Town,St. Elmo CO.

    Do some research on ghost towns in Colorado as there are many good ones. St. Elmo is nice and if you are there very early in the morning you won't have issues with people. Depending on budget you can...
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    Re: What size ziplock for 5x7 holders?

    Vaughn nailed it, I put two into each bag.
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    Re: Wildflowers in San Juan Mountians?

    Might not be too bad during the week, weekends can be nuts but even then you can find nice spots. At least, I have always been able to. Of course, as we live here, we can pick and choose when we go...
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    Re: Wildflowers in San Juan Mountians?

    Heck, rent a 4 wheel drive from Lake City and head over Engineer Pass for a day, should be wonderful in July. We had a lot of late season snow but run off will be hitting very soon.
  27. Re: The Black Canyon of the Gunnison & Curecanti

    For the Black Canyon you will likely be looking down into the canyon from the rim. There is one road to the bottom but you really cannot get into the canyon easily. The Painted Wall will provide you...
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    New Book: Merg Ross "Beyond Casual Vision" - Highly Recommend


    I had a wonderful surprise come to me in the mail last week, my friend Merg Ross sent me his new book "Beyond Casual Vision" which covers Merg's more than 60 years as a fine art photographer....
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    Re: Omega NE?

    The E series enlargers are great but not very numerous so parts can be a challenge. My LED head was made for me by Modern Enlarger Lamps and is terrific but is no longer available. I believe...
  30. Alan Ross One on One Coaching - On Line Mini Workshop

    This past Sunday I took advantage of a new service offered by Alan Ross. He is now offering a one on one coaching session that is online but live and face to face. If you have some images that are...
  31. Re: LED UV Light Box: Build Your Own for Under $150

    By the way, it only took me a few hours to build the unit, it is very easy. The lights are cheap, so even if I replace them every 2-3 years it is no big deal.
  32. Re: LED UV Light Box: Build Your Own for Under $150

    Well, we have to try new things in order to advance - otherwise life just stands still.

    The LED box is a good alternative, not sure why everyone says it is more expensive but that is OK. If you...
  33. Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    I use the Canon Pixma Pro-100 with excellent results. I use Dan Burkholder's system and enjoy it. The ink is pricey but the printer is a steal and has been very very dependable for me.
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    Re: Panorama insert for film holders

    A friend of mine made a dark slide splitter once for 4X5 but I must confess I never used it. For me it is far easier to simply crop the image on easel when printing the image (or in Photoshop if I...
  35. Re: New 5x7 daylight processing tank on Kickstarter

    There are many 5X7 users here, it is my primary format. Open a new thread to introduce yourself and I am sure you find many like minded members.
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    Re: Workshop 2017

    The "best" workshop is one that covers the subjects that interest you, meaning there is no one best workshop. Find an artist whose work you admire and then contact them for workshop information. It...
  37. Re: Platinum printing demo - my new video!

    Nice video Paul.

    What LED strips are you using?

    I posted detailed instructions on making an LED UV box on the forum a year or so ago. Recently the LED's in my unit shifted color and no long...
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    Re: Zone VI head conversion to LED

    Like you I love my E6 MEL unit, it is terrific. I hope your projects goes well, keep us posted.
  39. Re: Gear Review: Orvis Gale Force Boat Bag and the Stone Equipment Lens Wraps

    I like your moxie Alan! Yes, I better pick up another lens so I can get a nice bright green lens wrap! My wife would be so happy!
  40. Re: Gear Review: Orvis Gale Force Boat Bag and the Stone Equipment Lens Wraps

    Dan has a Facebook page but I am not sure about a website, you can contact him directly from here - just send a private message.

    Also, if you are going to the Park Meadows store, call first as...
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