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    Re: Kodak D23 Question

    I keep D-23 at all times. If kept at a constant temperature, used undiluted, it keeps for a year or more. I use it for those special negatives which won't respond as I like for one reason of another,...
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    Re: Hello from Columbia Tennessee

    You are in my favorite part of the country. We moved to San Diego from Columbia in 1961 because of work. Prior to that we lived in Nashville where I grew up.
    As far as I am concerned, you are in...
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    Re: Arista Ortho Litho Help

    ISO 6 is pretty commonly used with this film. On occasion, particularly early morning or late afternoon, I use a speed of 2. My normal development is in HC 110 - 1+63 from syrup. I develop by...
  4. Re: Carbon Transfer Workshop, Oct. 20 - 23, 2021, Yosemite Valley

    Jim and Vaughn,
    I wish I could join you for this exceptional experience. My 92+ years on the planet cause me to be lacking in the energy for such a great workshop.
    Have a great one, and i hope to...
  5. Re: Not understanding Toyo Base Tilt Front and Rear

    If this is the model with a plastic body, we had one at the college. The 1st time it was put on a tripod by the lab tech, the body cracked and was unusable.
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    Re: Determine developing time for any film

    The tests are worthless until you try them on a sample film you have exposed.
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    Re: DIY Wehman Not for Profit

    I have wondered what others would do if a rivet or rivets became too loose. Although I am not having any trouble with mine, I believe I would dril and tap then use appropriate round head bolts.
  8. Re: Popular Photogenic Sites/Locations in Yosemite NP

    The 1st time I visited Yosemite with a LF camera I had 100 loaded film holders and exposed them all. Once home I processed and proofed them. Soon after I threw all of them away. I had wasted al of my...
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    Re: Contact Printer from Germany

    Your biggest problem after replacing questionable wiring, will be finding contact printing paper. Enlarging paper is far too fast for this printer.
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    Re: Unsharp Masking…Would I/Could I/Should I?

    Iuse ortho/lith film to make masks. Not difficult, but it takes practice to get to the point of them not being difficult.
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    Re: Importance of back movements

    I disagree. I make the same type of images regularly. I could not do so w/o rear movements, and sometimes front. Yes, rear movements change perspective, but they are great for emphasizing areas of...
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    Re: I've built a 5x7" camera

  13. Re: Extremely Dumb Questions about Lens Systems (Specially Cooke triplet)

    #1 answer is not quite correct.
    Focal length is the distance from a point (usually the middle of the lens, or close to it) to the surface of the film or ground glass when the lens is sharply focused...
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    Re: Protar Lenses.

    An interesting comparison, ridax. I assume all conclusions are based on either the negative, or final print.
    Also, I expect these are made based on a single example of each lens. I currently have 2...
  15. Re: Now e-Bay wants my SSN and bank account info . . .???

    Since it appears a seller can no longer respond to my inquiry about paying via USPS Money Order, I no longer attempt to buy from Ebay.
    On 3 recent occasions I have made such an inquiry, and failed...
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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    D-23 is a much older formula than D-76.
    I am also a user of D-23 when the occasion calls for it. I mix it from raw chemicals and dispose of it only after using it for up to a year or so. The reused...
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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    I have mixed this by the spoonful since i was in high school in the 40's.
    Shake the package until you are sure the settled powders have dispersed, then shake it that much again.
    The measurements...
  18. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    Good comparison Daniel.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Still Standing

    I have no problem with EMA and Pyrocat HD. By the way, I do not buy this developer from a company, I mix it form raw chemicals. I have used iit with Super XX, and Ortho Tri-X, both of which are very...
  20. Re: Going home again - my journey back to film!

    A good 150mm is your best choice, and 135mm second best.
  21. Re: 4x5 lens recommendation for fast shutter speeds

    it is the rare LF shutter which will produce the shutter speeds you are talking about. The only reliable one is a Speed Graphic on which the focal plane shutter has been CLA'd by a reliable repairman...
  22. Re: Does changing aperture move the focus point

    I have never had the problem with any of my Dagors, in fact I have never had to stop down when using any lens other than a few from the 18th century. I do recheck focus after stopping down and if...
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    Re: 10 3/4" Dagor for 7/17?

    My 10 3/4" Dagor was my favorite lens on my 7x17 Korona. Probably 90% of exposures were made at f22, and there was no vignetting. Although I have other lenses, it was rarely off the camera until I...
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    Re: Restoring a tailboard e bay find

    Bring back the good old days when such items were more readily available. They would cost more, but maybe not relatively.
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    Re: Darkroom print and data filing system

    All of my printing info is on the negative sleeve, including a sketch of any burning/dodging. I used to keep it in notebooks, and later on computers, but this system work's best for me.
  26. Re: The things I don't know... :) Help (Crazy lens movements; lens choices; bellows o

    If you really don't want to use Photoshop any longer, delete the program from your computer.
  27. Re: Is this emulsion 'damage' due to a light leak or chemicals ?

    It appears you did not have enough developer, so that strip received little development.
    I use vertical tubes when using the EMA process and always make sure there is enough developer to insure no...
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    Re: Rollei Ortho 25 in 5x7 Question

    I haven't used this film, but presume it is 9x12 cm which is slightly too large for 5x7" holders. Also, any 25iso film is going to call for extremely long exposures in a pinhole camera.
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    Re: Boston Deardorff?

    I agree with Drew about the quality of the different builds.
  30. Re: How much dimmer on the ground glass is an f/9 lens vs a f/5.6? Or f/5.6 vs f/4.5?

    It should not impact your focusing on the subjects you say you photograph.
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    Re: Paterson Contact Frame for Kallitypes?

    It is necessary to open part of the back, while leaving pressure on the rest to maintain alignment of negative and print, to judge exposure.
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    Re: Paterson Contact Frame for Kallitypes?

    The split back of a traditional contact frame is necessary in order to judge exposure when printing.
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    Re: 4x10 how does it work and what do I need

    I won't enumerate, but there are so many misleading statements in here i can't believe it. 4x10 is a nice format. not my favorite which is 7x17, but a nice format. I don't know what is the cheapest...
  34. Re: Can someone identify this focusing accessory?

    Probably not. Both Linhof and Sinar made these, as well as possibly other manufacturers.
  35. Re: Can someone identify this focusing accessory?

    It is a monocular magnifier built into a bag bellows.
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    Re: Methods for cutting 8x10 film down to 5x7

    I cut film down on a regular basis. I have rotary cutters of various high quality cutters. NONE work as well as one would think because they allow the film to slip.
    The best I have found for...
  37. Re: Grandagon 75 mm, what lens board do I need?

    You will need a 10mm recessed Toyo board.
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    Re: Retaining ring stuck on Horseman board

    Unfortunately your wrench is too flexible to do the job as evidenced by the marks left when it came out of the grooves. It's too bad the best lens wrenches are no longer made. The best alternative...
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    Re: what grit for ground glass

    I started making my own ground glasses during WWII when it was difficult to find it readymade. I make 2 at a time using one to grind the other.. I usually cut the corners before grinding, but have...
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    Re: what grit for ground glass

    Be careful - the way you install the fresnel may change the point of focus so that your images are out of focus.
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