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    Re: 150 G Claron 4x10 ?

    Thanks a good observation. 4x10 really seems like an interesting format in that you can use lighter weight lenses and filmholders but still get an impressive contact print. And G-Claron Dagor types...
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    Re: Epson 4990 vs Nikon D850?

    Using a DSLR for digitization can be better than a flatbed.. but the effort/expense it takes to get there is large. Using a 4990 is much simpler and it has Digital ICE as a bonus. If you want better...
  3. Re: Wow, I just saw a price of my (budget film that I get), and is now $50 more!!

    That does seem low for a new Ford Transit. I have a friend who has a transit and built out a simple camping setup inside. Says he gets around 14.
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    Re: Seiko shutter question

    Seiko shutters work well, but they seem prone to breakage. I've fixed two Seiko's (using parts from other shutters) where one part of another had broken. I've never actually seen a broken part in a...
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    Re: Any advice on cutting your own museum glass?

    That's great if your buying 100s of pieces.. but anywhere that says Request a Quote is not going be economical for small batch runs. Cutting glass yourself isn't hard, neither is taking it to the...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    I was shown carbon prints on glass at the George Eastman Museum that were quite old. Not sure about metal. Note that we were told the carbon prints that had the most issues were the ones with very...
  7. Re: Subbing silicon coated mylar for carbon tissue

    Can you get something like PET 5.5 mil Eco solvent film in Europe? I've heard it's a good cheap option for tissue. Also you can try to pick up X-Ray film on Ebay, it doesn't matter if it's expired or...
  8. Re: Subbing silicon coated mylar for carbon tissue

    It sounds like great material to help coating your carbon tissue... See Calvin's video where he uses RainX on his table while making tissue. But using it for temporary support why exactly? There are...
  9. Re: Seeking Advice on Waterproofing Custom Built Wood Trays

    Making a sink out of cardboard sounds like an amazing way to save time and money building a darkroom sink. Especially if you don't need it to be permanent. I know the "proper" solution to these...
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    Re: Kodak chemicals -- now what??

    Might be a good time to switch to TF-5, a very nice working "odorless" fixer. I've kept the concentrate around for well over a year and it still seems clear and has no issues. Mix with distilled...
  11. Re: is there work arounds for missing retaining rings?

    My approach for this has always been to have two points of contact with whatever retaining system I could cobble together. Using a rubber ring with a worm gear clamp (or even just a cable tie) works...
  12. Re: is there work arounds for missing retaining rings?

    Not worth it to do that for the lens in question, but it would still be nice to allow these lenses to be usable..
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    Re: Thermometer for JOBO processor

    That's a nice little digital thermometer setup. It's a very good idea to not use the Kodak Color thermometer (except for occasional calibration etc)- it breaks easily and most of them contain a lot...
  14. Re: Symmar 300mm f5.6 in Compur electronic shutter

    I think it's simply because shutter repair people have no idea how to fix them, mechanical experience does not translate to electronic experience. This left a bad taste in people's mouth as their...
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    Re: Deardorff Identification Help

    That's probably fair. I have heard about people refinishing Deardorffs quite a bit on forums, but not sure how many actually go through with it. I kind of like having the original finish on mine,...
  16. Re: Symmar 300mm f5.6 in Compur electronic shutter

    Try to get the electronic shutter working, they are great to work with- they can do things like electronically time greater than 1 second exposure etc, and are more consistent than a mechanical...
  17. Re: Schneider Angulon I Purchased - Is This a Problem?

    I have no idea what the melting point of Canada Balsam is, but definitely don't leave it in a hot car. I could see this getting worse very quickly in that case.
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    Re: Deardorff Identification Help

    Basically same with 4x5 Baby Deardorff- it has some faded original lettering and the original patina. Most Deardorffs probably were refinished at least once and the lettering was lost.
  19. Re: International Shipping Costs Seeem Outrageous, USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL?

    Have you tried First Class International USPS? There is a weight and size limit on that but it's the cheapest option I know. It is what it is, prices have been moving steadily upward on International...
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    Re: Carbon transfer reticulation

    I agree that too hot development water could be causing your issues. One thing though- I don't think I have ever encountered a temporary support lifting off at the 30 second mark by itself. That...
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    Re: After coating Kallitype and Platinum...

    If you want an alt process where you can do all the up front work and then just take it out of the freezer to expose, look into Carbon Printing. I have made carbon tissue and sensitized with...
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    Re: Cleaning Blix container?

    Collapsible bottles are basically impossible to clean. There might not be a good way to do it short of painstaking work with a brush, or really strong nasty acids..
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    Re: Lightzone Inquiry - Problems Loading

    Lightzone looks like it's one step away from abadon-ware unfortunately. The project site is down, and the code was forked from a now defunct commercial product. Basically it's a labor of love with...
  24. Re: “Tripods for Bipods” (John Sexton new tech tip video)

    I actually have a 8x10 Gowland (not-so PocketView). It's very light, the problem is the 8x10 film holders really add up in weight fast. Not to mention the lenses are heavier (although there are many...
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    Re: Lost the Guy Who sells Pinholes Recently

    Cool site, I just ordered a body cap pinhole for my digicam. Decided it might be time to try pinhole photography again.
  26. Re: What is this adapter on my Dallmeyer Pentac 2.9/8" for?

    Or maybe it was just fixed focus at infinity, a poor man's telephoto for a 35mm camera.
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    Re: What's going on with Shen Hao?

    Maybe a reseller or they just decided to list some cameras on EBay to increase sales? The prices don't scream "close-out" to me.
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    Re: 300mm Rodagon with Slight Edge Fungus

    Acetone, as previously mentioned- also it always help to utilize a bench vise for situations like this. Either by using the vise to hold the lens (wrap it up in a rag so it doesn't scratch it) or by...
  29. Re: NEW BOOK: Finally, an easier and inexpensive (very) new technology for photogravu

    This looks very interesting. I'm assuming this means workers can avoid the current shortage of polymer plates (caused by the CPU chip shortage) and still practice photogravure?
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    Re: 300mm Rodagon with Slight Edge Fungus

    Can you try cleaning the fungus? Or is it in between elements? If cleaned it should not get worse. The small coating scratch doesn't seem like an issue to me, enlarging or not I doubt you could tell...
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    Re: Off on a solo 3-nite hike.

    We once ran into some backpackers heading down from a very steep pass in the Olympic mountains, about 5000 feet of elevation loss- pretty much the biggest elevation drop on a trail I've ever...
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    Re: Recommendation for a mini-fridge for paper

    If you don't keep food in a chest freezer and don't open it much you will get much less frost. It's not too bad.
  33. Re: curious how fast your scan times are with Epson 700 or similar

    Is the scanner actively scanning the whole 15 minutes? It might be tricky to tell in Epson Scan if this is actual scan time or postprocess time. Vuescan makes it much more obvious as the scan will...
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    Re: Technique for increasing depth of field

    If you scan digitally, focus stacking might be another way to get more depth of field without stopping down. Although you would need to make likely at least 3 exposures for that to work.
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    Re: Chromira Print Color Degradation

    You may be able to replace Dichromates in Gum Prints with a Diazo compound. Don't expect it to be plug and play though, it takes quite a bit of fiddling to use these compounds, at least that was the...
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    Re: Facebook Marketplace Question

    Did you try this?
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    Re: Facebook Marketplace Question

    It hasn't been that way for years though. I've dealt with the random holds on and off my account that has 100% feedback. Even without the holds, until the buyer got the item and left feedback (or at...
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    Re: Facebook Marketplace Question

    I'm not sure why anyone has an expectation of immediate payout in an online transaction. Even if you signed up for your own Merchant Account and did the payment processing yourself it just doesn't...
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    Re: Washington Beaches

    You got very luck not hitting much rain. This spring has been colder than average and wetter this year!

    Regarding- The Hoh rainforest, it is quite a long trail and does have some nice river...
  40. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    I would expand that to anyone who goes on a wilderness hiking trail to be honest. The headlines about missing hikers, in usually the same general area every year get tiresome.
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