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    Re: Visualization, Pre and Post?

    Did you see Alan Ross' announcement for a visualization workshop... not too expensive as far as workshops go.
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    Re: Selenium Toner for Archivability

    Get a bleach and test it. I can’t bleach a print that’s been toned 4 minutes at 1:20, so something happens in that time. What you have with partial toning is two images, one part is metallic silver...
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    Re: Wratten & HEX numbers

    Kodak Filters pub B-3 lists CIE x and y for each filter except infrared and near infrared
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    Re: Need Guidance on Getting a Sensitometer

    Wow fun thread. Use a sensitometer to find things out about fresh film: your development time. The test you do that results in an ASA parameter match, with fresh film in a standard developer,...
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    Re: Trying to repair my Omega D2 enlarger

    Yes please show pictures of what’s wrong or explain... May have parts you need lying around.
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    Re: SEI Photometer help needed

    I would calibrate the SEI to a trusted meter when you have it. For example set both SEI and your Pentax meter to agree... then put some Scotch tape on the SEI ammeter glass and draw a new...
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    Re: SEI Photometer help needed

    Glad to hear this all worked out for you!
    You could always put a ND filter in front of the telescope to replace the missing one if you don’t want to take the top off. It can be tricky to get the...
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    Re: Why not a rangefinder?

    There are Polaroid conversions.
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    Re: Help me choose a camera to hike 2000+ miles

    Here’s what I did...

    A Polaroid conversion weighs 3 pounds. I went with Littman.
    A Grafmatic weighs 1. Buy 3 but bring only 2 of them plus a few extra septums because you will bend some.
  10. Re: Technikardan 45 - where to find a replacement spirit level?

    Mineral Spirits dissolve hot glue. Not a good solution.

    However you can remove the old plug and refill. It's time consuming but you can then reseal with a tapered cylindrical nylon plug (I carved...
  11. Re: Shooting Ilford Delta and developed as iso 400

    p.s. If you get great results thank William Mortensen. That's what he'd do.
  12. Re: Shooting Ilford Delta and developed as iso 400

    Wait! You're onto something there Drew Wiley.

    Studio Lighting can be controlled. With a specific flat lighting ratio maybe 10 to 1 (or about 4 stops difference between darkest and lightest),...
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    Re: Another digital versus analog showdown

    Film still does what I like and digital still does what I don't like to an image the closer you look.
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    Re: Sensitometer For B&W Film?

    Great video Greg!

    Daniel, an enlarger will work fine and Greg's right. You want about a half second exposure. (Avoids reciprocity failure issues). How much light? Don't overthink. Just do trial...
  15. Re: Seeking Large Format B&W Negative Repair Tips

    I use regular Kodak red opaque on the base... it washes off easily if you think it's worse, or if you want to try again.
  16. Re: Seeking Large Format B&W Negative Repair Tips

    Show a picture of how bad the damage is.

    It is far easier to spot a print from white than to retouch a black mark. So I use opaque on the negative and leave what would be atrocious white marks on...
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    Re: Starting 4x5 - Which film?

    Because you have more square inches of film than medium format, you can use a slightly faster film.

    I like the flexibility of having 400 speed film, and I like TMAX-400 because you get more speed...
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    Re: BTZS user question

    I've got some brass players in my household but the only musical instrument I can play is the record player.

    The other day I watched a YouTube video of a friend of mine who's an excellent...
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    Re: If anyones gone enjoy this video

    Daring adventure with murals and friends. Looks like it was a ton of fun!
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    Re: Multiple Test Zones on one Sheet

    I've written a bit on how to test film.

    Here's a PDF free to download:

    I noticed some URL's are broken since I...
  21. Re: How to Develop Characteristic Curves in Large Format...Cheaply

    I thought I'd pitch my book... I think I've sold one copy. Oh yeah I didn't really sell it. One day a Photrio member 'peoplemerge' came by my local coffee shop and I gave it to him along with a GE...
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    Re: San Francisco - Monterey 10 Days

    Wait. What, wasn't Labor day last weekend?
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    Re: How many foot candles do I need?

    You could pick up a Weston Master III which has a foot candle scale and ASA film speeds. (Older Weston’s are off a bit from ASA). You don’t even need the meter to be working, just dial in what you...
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    Re: Initial Results of testing Tmax100

    You do not need to know the development times to take pictures... You can work that out when you get back.

    Just keep the N, N+ and N- negatives organized.
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    Re: Initial Results of testing Tmax100

    I haven’t had good luck with VueScan densities although I appreciate how responsive Ed Hamrick is when you need support.

    I have a few densitometers so I didn’t try very hard to get the software...
  26. Re: Did Kodak color neg lose sharpness when it was reformulated to improve scanning?

    I thought they did something to the base, the tooth that reduced Newton’s rings or helped retouching was interfering with scanners leading to what seemed to be grain, while you could tell under a...
  27. Re: Duoscan T1200... my hunt for the first scan...

    I would get an old pc, an Adaptec SCSI card and run Windows (any old version) and try VueScan
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    Re: Negative reduction woe

    If the specks make white spots on the prints feat not, retouching them will be not be too hard.
  29. Re: Recommendations: Add-on pouch for spotmeter?

    I use a backpack for my camera gear that has an extra few inches of space at the top... That's where it goes.
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    Re: Proof to Print: the contrast difference

    Lots to mull over. Not only flare but larger prints need different contrast than small prints to look good.
    So I just “proof” on 11x14. If it looks good I don’t have to figure out what to adjust for...
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    Re: tray developing: which timer?

    I use CompNtemp which chimes on thirty seconds and I set it to chime 5 times at the end.
  32. Re: Anyone besides Lee make a ND 0.1 filter?

    I picked up an ND 0.1 and 0.2 for not too much money. I use them when testing meter precision in cameras when using manual shutter speeds, because the shutters and f/stops are whole, while the meter...
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    Re: EBay Sales Tax????

    Go to eBay and follow support links. They explain what they call marketplace responsibility states which have various rules typically calling them marketplace facilitators
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    Re: Quick Question Tray Processing

    TF-4 is an alkaline fixer, so the advice may be to leave the lights off for a while.

    I don't know first hand, but think you might be better keeping the lights out.
  35. Re: Looking to get into IR goggles to help me with my film handling

    TMY-2 is extraordinarily NOT sensitive to the human-detectable red light of the LED of the ATN-Viper.

    I chose to cut down its light anyway because I wanted to have an extra degree of safety.
  36. Re: I'm new to LF photography. Which of my 7 LF lenses are worth keeping/worth sellin

    You've gotten some good advice, keep all you can and shoot with them and get to know them.

    But to be devil's advocate... suppose it was necessary to sell a few lenses to pay for school or to buy...
  37. Re: Density Readings from FP4 negatives in Pyrocat-HD using a spotmeter

    Your Zone I should have been 1/400 at f/90 given 125 speed EV17

    You placed exposure at Zone X

    At least this is a good development time test.

    (Or IX as Bernard_L noted)
  38. Re: 4x5 full frame glass negative carrier for Omega D2

    I've filed my glassless 4x5 negative carrier for my DII. It grips the edge of the film with just enough to reliably hold it. I have the numbers if anyone wants to try the same. I also had to cut...
  39. Re: The BTZS Paper Test, Do I compensate for Ilford filters?

    You do adjust times when printing pictures of course. But do what Larry said for the tests.

    Contacts are scientifically better, because if you enlarge, your test is only "valid" for that lens and...
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    Re: Determining film speed in a hybrid workflow

    Just remember, you might be getting blown out highlights in a normal picture...

    But your scanner can pick up practically everything you can throw at it, a normal picture would almost never reach...
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