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  1. Re: Which first Rear Movement and Asymmetrical Tilt Chamonix 45F2

    You might look up the instructions for Sinar cameras. Although the details of operation will be different, the principles will be the same.
    I used a Sinar F2 on the job for many years, but can't...
  2. Re: Darkroom Sink - Delta 1 TRP (Temperature Regulated Processing) Package

    I installed a new Delta sink with its stand two years ago. It's done very well, but I didn't buy a temp controller. I didn't think I'd need one (and haven't yet).
    A Hass Intellifaucet would be...
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    Re: More 510-Pyro Adventures!

    I've found both TF-4 and TF-5 to be excellent fixers for both paper and film (including staining developers).
    And if you've actually devised an improved product, why not promote it?
    As for "so,...
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    Re: my first camera has landed finally

    You're right, these are fine cameras, and any model Sinar is a very capable machine.
    I would get used to how the standards work before thinking of an upgrade to the front.

    I used an F2 on the...
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    Re: New lens to me :)

    And to round things out, the 'convertible' Symmars were replaced by the Symmar-S lens series in 1972-3. I used to have a brochure announcing the Symmar-S series dated 1972; in it they explained that...
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    Re: Zone VI camera

    Vaughn, your last paragraph reminds me that when I bought my Z-VI 4x5 in 1991-92 there was a several-month wait. At the time, they attributed it to increased demand (having just held a sale). ...
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    Re: New lens to me :)

    OK. You have a "convertible" Symmar lens, made (probably) in the early 1950s. It will be a nice complement to your 135 lens. "Convertible" means that you can unscrew the front group of the lens from...
  8. Re: Wollensak 162mm f4.5 Raptar Lens - Image Circle?

    Look at That site is run by forum member "Whir-click" and is full of information on Wollensak lenses.
    That lens' f.l. is exactly the diagonal of the 4x5 frame so qualifies as a...
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    Re: Kodak Color Printing Ektar Lens

    I think the Color Printing Ektars were made for high-volume "package" printers in commercial photo labs. So basically enlarging lenses. But as paulbarden shows, that doesn't mean you can't use them...
  10. Re: Why Copal #00, #0, #1, #3? A quantitative answer.

    I have at least one lens in a Kodak Supermatic #2 shutter.
    If you look at catalogs from pre-WWII, you'll see that lens makers often gave numbers to lenses in a series, as in "Dallmeyer #2" and many...
  11. Re: Best 250 for architecture from a distance for a feild camera

    I haven't used them, so can't comment on the Fuji lenses in question. Of course they have a fine reputation, as seen in the previous posts.
    I do have a 10" Wollensak Tele-Optar. It's barrel-mounted...
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    Re: Election Eclipse - 11/8/22, on 4x5

    Corran, well done sir.
    Vaughn, a fine picture despite your difficulty.
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    Re: Neil Montana’s and Kodak Coloramas

    Um, the photographer's name is Neil Montanus.
    Moderators, can you edit this thread's title, please?
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    Re: Contact Print frame souces

    Photographer's Formulary offers them as well.
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    Re: Rapid View Portrait (RVP) Pictorial lens

    Nicely done Peter, very atmospheric. Will you make an actual print?
  16. Re: Eastman Ektar 14 inch: serial number and coating

    I'll agree that EK did not send lenses to B&J to be coated. However, owners of Kodak Anastigmats and Eastman Ektars may very well have done so. It also seems apparent that Kodak, Zeiss, and who else?...
  17. Re: Eastman Ektar 14 inch: serial number and coating

    This question came upon Photrio a while back. EK changed the "Eastman" name to "Kodak" on those lenses post-WWII, when civilian production resumed. Those lenses were coated, where the "Eastmans" had...
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    Re: Studio Strobe Repair Services

    Back to actual service providers.

    for Dyna-Lite:
    John Prazeres (NJ)
    (908) 209-2485

    Silvino's Pro Flash Rx
    1302 N. McCadden Pl.
    Los Angeles CA 90028
    (323) 962-7076
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    Re: Paper size standards

    "The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them".

    The current sizes for photographic materials are about a hundred years old, and have little to do with the standards for...
  20. Re: The Holy Grail of LF Aerial Cameras Unearthed----literally

    The first aerial camera was whatever Nadar used for the first aerial photographs, which were views of Paris c.1875. On wet plate no less!
    However Mr. Washburn's many accomplishments (along with his...
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    Of course you can buy a Canham new, and Ebony cameras have been out of production for some years now. That makes a difference, if you're shopping.
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    Re: Must your image be technical perfect ?

    I haven't read through this entire thread... but my gut reaction to the question is "You just don't want to be making excuses about your work".
  23. Re: Gallery owner arrested for forged and stolen Ansel Adams photographs

    Or better yet, just go to the ASMP website and take advantage of their knowledge of both copyright law, and their activism on behalf of all photographers (and thus creative people).
    Less enjoyable...
  24. Re: Omega Super Chromega Dichroic vs Dichroic 2

    I've used them both, but never next to each other, and the older head was a very long time ago now. I don't recall any real differences in function though.
    Perhaps you might ask Omega/Arkay, I...
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    Re: Howdy from Arizona, USA

    And now that the sun is lower in the sky, the light is better... welcome aboard!

    (and jp, you must be an old Jaguar aficionado)
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    Re: instructions for 4x5 Film pack?

    Thanks, Gord,
    Nice to have the instructions. After all the film might yet be usable! And yes, now I recall those sharp edges...
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    instructions for 4x5 Film pack?

    A friend recently gave me a number of 4x5 film packs. Kodak Tri-X (TXP 523) that expired in the mid-70s. Along with the necessary Graphic film pack adapter #1234.
    However, It's 30 years since I used...
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    Re: Help me choose 4x5 camera to buy in 2022

    I'd like a Linhof Master Technika 4x5 myself, but B&H lists it at $12000 or so. I won't say it's not worth that much, but I can't afford it.
    Nor can I advise the OP about which camera to buy,...
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    Re: Head adapters for studio packs/heads

    Silvino's in LA was able to repair my Dyna-Lites this summer. I don't have their contact info handy, but a search will easily find them.
  30. Re: Gallery owner arrested for forged and stolen Ansel Adams photographs

    Art forgeries have been being made for centuries. It's only when the values rise up sky-high that a) it's worth the effort to forge a work, and b) it's worth the cost to track down a forgery....
  31. Re: Gallery owner arrested for forged and stolen Ansel Adams photographs

    Thank you Oren, that was the article I was thinking of. Hope I wasn't too inaccurate.
  32. Re: Gallery owner arrested for forged and stolen Ansel Adams photographs

    It has happened. In the early 2000s, the well-known photographer Walter Rosenblum was found to have sold photographs allegedly by Lewis Hine; the fraud was exposed when it was found that the "Hine"...
  33. Re: Sinar P1 4x5 - connection to tripod head

    I guess a lot of people agree with Bernice that the Sinar pan-tilt head is a "must-do no exceptions" part of the Sinar camera system, as on the used market today, they often sell for more than an...
  34. Re: Which 360mm lens has the largest image circle

    In the 1980s, Douglas Busch built a 40X60" field view camera. He had Rodenstock design a lens to cover the format; they made the glass, and Melles-Griot did the final assembly. His work, and his...
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    Re: Contrast control with Adox Lupex

    I believe TD-31(S-S) and Ansco 120 are quite similar. I've used both but decades apart; both gave 'about' a one-grade contrast drop. Which may or may not meet the OP's needs.
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    Re: The Jacksonville Model T factory

    perhaps a HABS/HAER photographer has already been there- I hope so.
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    Re: Contrast control with Adox Lupex

    It might be worth trying a low-contrast paper developer. I've used TD-31 from Photographer's Formulary to print negatives that were just too contrasty to print otherwise.
    IIRC they have several...
  38. Re: Which 360mm lens has the largest image circle

    I was referring to owned and operated by forum member Whir-Click. An invaluable resource on Wollensak lenses and products.
  39. Re: Which 360mm lens has the largest image circle

    It looks like that 13" Wollensak will do the job. Now the OP's challenge will be to find one for sale.
    It certainly seems that, across the board, the longest focal lengths in a manufacturer's lens...
  40. Re: Rollma 31 II roll paper cutter / dispenser

    We had one when I worked at Kodak- it carried 40" wide rolls of RA-4 paper. It was easy to use, although that was 15-20 years ago so I can't explain the details. And of course I have no...
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