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    Re: 8x10 platform head options

    HI Stuart
    I think I know you from another camera forum so nice to see you here too.

    I have used a long clamp directly on the Ries or levelling head, with a large plate which gave a very strong...
  2. Re: Berlebach tripod and Induro PHD3 head - overview

    +1 for the super-cool Bagyi, which now looks like being tall enough. I haven't found the movements limiting, maybe because my 35mm cameras all have a RRS base and right angle plate, so I never need...
  3. Berlebach tripod and Induro PHD3 head - overview

    I have only had the Berlebach tripod a few hours and have just played with it. The Induro PHD3 I have had longer.

    The tripod is the Uni 17C model (which as far as I can understand means it is...
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    Re: Greetings from Switzerland

    Indeed it is Phiip, even if I live in the flat boring part. After a vacation in Interlaken and Zermatt, I did scout out some places and I was already calculating lens, how much shift, which would be...
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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    Thanks for the link Ari.

    FYI for walking shoes, I learnt that storing them inside a plastic bag caused the rubber/urethane soles to disintegrate. Storing another pair in the open for the same...
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    Greetings from Switzerland

    Hi there,

    I am new to large format but not to photography (I have a collection of film cameras from 35mm to 6x7), although it has been many years since I developed my own films. I expect that to...
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