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  1. Re: Old tripod, female thread on the ball head. How to connect to Linhof?

    If your Linhof 3 camera is a Technica, I would just get a quick release clamp with a hole that you can put a screw through into the ballhead. RRS has made them, krosno65...
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    Re: 8x10 platform head options

    A fixed deflection giving say 0.01mm of movement at a distance of 0.5" from the point of rotation would also give 0.1mm of movement at a distance of 5" from the point of rotation.

    If the plate...
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    Re: 8x10 platform head options

    If you aren't using an RRS plate on the bottom of your camera, that might be part of the problem. Each manufacturer seems to have slightly different dimensions/shape.

    The problem also might be due...
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    Re: PC Sync Debounce

    I suspect even cheap remote flash triggers debounce. I haven't ever investigated though.

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    Re: New and need help

    You could get a Sinar F2 or perhaps a Sinar Norma in pretty nice condition for about $500, leaving roughly enough for a couple lenses. It would probably have all the movements you would want. Using a...
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    Re: Sinar F2 Vs Sinar Norma (4x5)

    Doesn't the Horseman rotary film back push the film plane even further back from the lens than a simple roll film holder designed for a 4x5 camera?

    I've only seen pictures of them but it seemed...
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    Re: Arca Swiss Core 75 leveler fliplock

    I haven't used the Arca Swiss Core 75 leveler but the gearing looks similar to the Linhof 3D Micro Geared head....
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    Re: They say to start with 4x5, but...

    The rule of thumb doesn't seem right to me. Maybe Dan Fromm can add some details.

    I rarely shoot 4x5 with an f-number less than f11. I rarely shoot a four-thirds digital with an f-number higher...
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    Re: what camera is this guy using?

    He said his gear was stolen. He was loaned the camera he used.
  10. Re: 5x7 B&J no longer focusing correctly - why?

    It somewhat looks like the right side is focused further back than the left side. Could there be something preventing your film holder from seating flush to the back on one end?
  11. Re: Chamonix 45N-1 Classic? Does 47mm minimum bellows draw allow movements?

    The spec'd image circle at f22 for the 47xl and 58xl is 166mm. For a 72xl it is 226mm.
  12. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    I also recommend the Canham MQC 5.7. The bellow allows very wide-angle lenses to be used but will also give you about a 24" extension. Canham has an adapter that will get you from their lens board...
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    Re: Wobbly Ries Tripod Head

    Looking at mine, I don't see many places where there could be a problem.
    1.) Check the hex head screw on the side near the front of the head that tightens the clamp around the axle which runs front...
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    Re: Tripod for Wista metal field camera

    I believe it was an earlier equivalent of the G1257 or the G1257 itself that I used for years. It is probably adequate for your use at least 95% time. I tried to use it on a very windy day with a...
  15. Re: Rodenstock Imagon 250mm with strange Compound shutter

    The shutter looks very similar to the shutter on a Zeiss Jena Tessa which has faint shutter speeds
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    Re: Locking the Arca Swiss z1-sp Plate

    I've seen two different types of Gitzo top plates. The one I posted the link to is for use without a center column. The previous picture showed the grub screw for preventing the head from rotating....
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    Re: Locking the Arca Swiss z1-sp Plate

    The newer 3 series Gitzo tripods have top plates which have a grub screw to prevent the head from rotating. I believe the 1348 is new enough that the new top plate would fit it....
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    Re: Locking the Arca Swiss z1-sp Plate

    I’ve used rubber cement (plenty of it) applied to the bottom of the head. It works for awhile but eventually fails. All traces of it can be removed when desired.

    I’ve used black finger nail polish...
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    Re: Best 1/4" to 3/8" adapter?

    If you get one with a large flange, you won't have to worry about it getting stuck in your tripod head.
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    Re: 300mm lens 4x5" landscape

    300mm / 6.3 = 47.6mm
    copal 1 hole = 41.6mm

    240mm / 6.3 = 38.1 mm
    240mm Komura ? (a new version of the kodak, 10" commercial?)

    300mm / 41.6 = 7.2 max f
    or 41.6mm x 5.6 = 233mm max for...
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    Re: 300mm lens 4x5" landscape

    Fujinon C 300mm f/8.5
    Fujinon A 300mm f9
    Nikkor M 300mm f/9
    Ronar 300mm f/9
    G Claron 300mm f/9

    other focal lengths (small, & light)
    Fujinon C 450mm f/12.5
    Fujinon A 360mm f/10
    G Claron...
  22. Re: Is the rail on a Arca Swiss camera, the same as RRS parts? Are they interchangea

    The AS camera rails have a geared track for focusing. The bottom of the rail fits into an AS clamp. None of the AS “clone” rails have the geared track for focusing.
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    Re: the "best" 5x7 Camera

    Canham MQC57 (or Canham traditional wood): 24" bellows but can be used easily with a 90mm SA XL or not as easily with a 72mm SA XL. At about 6 lbs. its weight is quite reasonable.

    Collapse the...
  24. Re: What kind of lens bends an image without distortion?

    porro prism ... from binoculars

    But maybe you wouldn't care about left to right reversal(?)
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    Re: Which quick release for Arca C1 Cube?

    The locking knob on my Arca Swiss D4 has about 7/16" between the top of the knob and the bottom of my camera. My finger will fit in-between with no extra space... so I can turn the knob but there is...
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    Re: Which quick release for Arca C1 Cube?

    With a flat bed camera, your room to turn a knob is limited. The lever lock clamps are very nice. As mentioned, some clamps are sensitive to the shape and dimensions of the plate they are clamping...
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    Re: Help understanding Telephoto lenses
    The Nikkor T lenses are heavier, a little harder to use with tilts, have more restrictions on shift, but are a good way to get a long focal length on...
  28. Re: how do I use the same lenses for different cameras?

    If you think you will be doing large format photography for a long time, mounting all of your lenses on Technika sized lens boards and then getting an adapter to match up to whichever camera(s) you...
  29. Re: Arca swiss quick release solution for master technika

    Get a rail that is long enough to go across the bed and put a stop at each end (

    I don't know how long the bed is but rails are available in almost...
  30. Re: Any RRS Tripod Owners with a Series 4?

    The apex of the series 4 is significantly bigger than that of the series 3. If you don't need a tripod head with a lot of movement the RRS leveling heads keep the camera right down near the apex...
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    Re: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    For carry-on luggage in the U.S. you could probably get a slightly longer when folded tripod. The international specs seem to be shorter, making the GT4553S one of the few that would fit.

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    Re: Advice on 4x5 compatible 5x7 field camera

    Putting a 4x5 adapter on the back of a 5x7 may impact your use of super wide angle lenses (the focal plane is moved back). Some 5x7 cameras basically replace the 5x7 back with a 4x5 back and have...
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    Re: Light weight 810 system

    RRS came out with a replacement for their universal leveling base, lowering the height, and label it as a 2 series: TA-2U-LB. Although I've used my older universal leveling base with SLR's I like...
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    Re: Linhof vs Berlebach for Sinar Norma

    I haven't used either but I've been searching reviews about wood tripods... I saw one fairly critical review of the Berlebach, most of which seemed like personal preferences, but the reviewer said...
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    Re: Gear inventory

    If you have a gmail account, use Google Docs or Google Sheets

    You'll have the record accessible as long as you have...
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    Linhof Tripod Parts - ?

    I'm trying to find the crank handle for the gear drive on a Linhof heavy duty tripod. The column is shown on the B&H website...
  37. Re: Is it worth it to use the Speed Graphic handheld from time to time?

    With the same amount of camera movement LF will be sharper than 35mm because there is less enlargement to get to the final image. 35mm has faster lenses for low light but with plenty of light LF can...
  38. Re: Fujinon A 180 f9 image circle way too small!

    Not certain which Fujinon W 180mm 5.6 the table refers to but many similar lenses in the table seem to be the older ones with inside lettering. It lists an image circle of 305mm.
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    Re: Deep recessed board for Toyo 45A

    There is a ~30mm recessed board which is slightly smaller than the Toyo 45A/Canham boards. I don't know what camera it was intended for. The square recessed area looks like it would just clear the...
  40. Re: Sinar Norma Shutter: backwards compatibility with P/F/X camera systems?

    My Norma shutter won't fit into my Sinar P. All of my Sinar gear was bought used so although it looks like it is "the right stuff" I can't say with certainty.
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