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    Re: Is this Bromide Drag? Help!

    The easiest way to check is to reload the developed film into the MOD45. If the unevenness lines up with the where the film is held on the MOD there's your problem. If you think it's a light leak,...
  2. Re: Disastrous Consequences (solved: fog with Intrepid lensboard)

    If you are in the UK and want a new lens board has pattern Linhof fit boards made in aluminium for 19. I bought three and they fit and work perfectly. I don't think the potential...
  3. Re: XTOL not mixing well and not working any more!

    I mixed up a batch of Xtol earlier this week. Try as I might I couldn't get the 'A' powder to completely dissolve. I assumed I had done something stupid like not cleaning my mixing bucket properly,...
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    Re: 5x4 processing marks. Wetting agent?

    I use a combi plan tank and have found I get the occasional mark on the film if I don't make sure the emulsion side of the film is facing away from the middle of the tank. Also make sure you...
  5. Re: NEWB Questions! Speed Graphic/Aero Ektar? Interesting portrait lenses in shutters

    I have been thinking along the same lines. I have done a few weddings since restrictions eased in the UK and to be honest if one person had covid at any of them, they would all have caught it by the...
  6. Re: NEWB Questions! Speed Graphic/Aero Ektar? Interesting portrait lenses in shutters

    I am a wedding photographer too and my main issue with shooting something like a Speed Graphic/Aero Ektar combo would be reliability, particularly with a decades old focal plane shutter. Even the...
  7. Re: NEWB Questions! Speed Graphic/Aero Ektar? Interesting portrait lenses in shutters

    Personally I would try a modern f5.6 210mm or 240mm lens before I got too caught up in the vintage lens rabbit hole. F5.6 on a 4x5 camera is already pretty shallow (1.4 or 1.2 on a 35mm camera) and a...
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    Re: DSLR scanning vs. Epson V800 scanning

    For me it is about the quality of the optics and dynamic range. If a lower MP image is sharper because of better optics it will win in a head to head comparison. I have also found that my DSLR is...
  9. Re: Light Meter for Large Format (4x5) Landscape Photography

    I got a Gossen Spot Master for 90 on ebay but I think I was quite lucky. I was the only person to bid on it I presume because it is a lesser known meter, but is accurate and very sophisticated. The...
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    Re: Dark patches on negatives; SP 445

    I had similar problems when I first started developing with a combi tank. I worked out you have to give adequate agitation but ensure that each individual agitation is not too violent. What you are...
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    Re: MPP - newbie question

    I would think about an Intrepid 4x5. Not that expensive and can be bought new so you'd have a guarantee and some technical back up. Even the last MPP's are around 40 years old now. A lot of people...
  12. Re: I'm ready to shoot my first LF negatives -- help!

    If you are just starting, write down all the steps for exposing film on a laminated card you can hang from your tripod. It's very easy to forget to stop down the lens or close the shutter when you...
  13. Re: 75mm Super Angulon 5.6 - Lindhof Master Technica - SOFT EDGES

    Looks to me as if that board isn't compatible with that particular lens. Looking online there seems to be another type of recessed board that is a simpler design that wouldn't foul the rear elements...
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    Re: Elsa Dorfman: Me and My Camera

    I watched the Elsa Dorfman documentary on Netflix. I loved how unassuming she was, despite the amazing body of work she has. First photographer I have seen who wears a tabard in the darkroom!
  15. Re: First and second lenses for new 4x5 shooter

    One of things nobody has mentioned is lens choice in large format is partly dictated by the fact that lenses longer than 210mm and wider than 90mm are somewhat more difficult to use. 90mm lenses have...
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    Re: High-Speed Sync for Speed Graphic

    I don't think that is what happens. The shutter always takes the maximum sync speed (say 1/250th) to open then fully close at high speeds. The slit between the shutters (the shutter is never fully...
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    Re: Lens questions from a new 4x5 shooter

    It's not always the case, but 105mm lenses are usually standard lenses for 6x9 so it's not really a LF lens. Tominons were often found on the front of polaroid cameras, I think (but I'm not...
  18. Re: Large Format Product & Food Photography Tips/Advice?

    My only suggestion is to check you have enough bellows extension before you start buying anything. That is going to be a significant limiting factor on what you choose to shoot.
  19. Re: How to decide for a set of three lenses for a Linhof Technika IV

    I bought the 210mm because I got it very cheaply. At the time I had a 165mm Calumet-Ilex lens so 180mm was too close to this for me to consider. It's also the longest focal length in a No.1 shutter...
  20. Re: How to decide for a set of three lenses for a Linhof Technika IV

    I have a Super Angulon 75mm 5.6, Fuji NW 125mm, and a 210mm APO Symmar. I wish I could say that this was some kind of well thought out master plan, but basically I bought whatever was available and...
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    Re: Portraits July 2019

    I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I loved the location so I decided to bring my large format camera and shoot a few shots in the evening after the bulk of the high pressure work had been done....
  22. Re: Recommendations: Small 135mm with good coverage for 4x5 portraits?

    I have a Fuji 125 5.6NW and it really is an excellent lens. A really super focal length for environmental portraits, small, light and pretty inexpensive for what you can do with it. I have attached a...
  23. Re: Best way to repair small light leak in bellows?

    I use black acrylic T shirt paint, but the most important thing is to wrap your dark cloth around the bellows before you pull the darkslide - that will cover any new pinhole you haven't noticed.
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    Re: fit release cable in recessed board

    You can buy an angled extension for the cable release, that is what I did with my Toyo recessed board.

    This is the part:
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    Re: Copal 0 flash sync question

    I have two different flash triggers. One works with my LF shutters the other doesn't, so it varies from brand to brand. Personally I just use a good old fashioned sync cable because with the sort of...
  26. Re: HP5+ in Xtol and HC-110: can you see a difference?

    I went from developing my HP5+ in HC110 dilution E to using Xtol 1:1. The main difference was a definite increase in film speed (2/3 stop I would guess) and a tonally better negative that was easier...
  27. Re: Developed 4 sheets of HP5-400 had issues

    I used two batches of Tanol (a very similar developer) that showed the same symptoms. I use Xtol now and I am very happy with the results. I've decided life is too short for boutique developers.
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    Re: Circle of Confusion query

    The CoC is defined as the point where what was a point now becomes a disc - that's the point where an image becomes blurred. Lessening the CoC reduces the effective depth of field, and the bigger the...
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    Re: December portrait thread

    Nice work!
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    Re: December portrait thread

    Another image shot this month. This little girl is the ballerina's sister so they are supposed to go together as a set - each dressed for their favourite hobby.
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    Re: December portrait thread

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys!

    Lighting is actually really simple. I used one 5ft Octabox placed directly behind and above the camera. Luckily my clients agreed to hire the local church...
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    Re: December portrait thread

    Toyo 45c 210mm Apo Symmar Tmax 400 in Xtol 1+1 by Toby Key, on Flickr
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    Re: HC-110 help or opinions

    I used HC-110 in a one shot 1+49 solution with my combiplan because it made it simple to mix up 1 litre of developer with no waste. I just used the dilution E development times and added a little...
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    Re: 4X5 with Profoto (B1)

    The main issue is you are going to need a lot more power to go from typical 35mm working apertures (5.6-8) to get to 4x5 working apertures (16-22) for equivalent depth of field. As long as you are...
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    Re: November Portrait Thread by Toby Key, on Flickr

    I have got into shooting portraits with a slightly wide lens since picking up an autocord TLR last...
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    Re: November Portrait Thread

    Nice work!
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    Re: October portrait thread

    Thanks Monty and Cameron!
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    Re: October portrait thread Foister by Toby Key, on Flickr

    Shot with a Fuji 125mm 5.6 NW and Kodak Tmax 400 in Xtol.
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    Re: Focal length vs. field of view?

    Because 100mm is a common portrait length for 35mm and its equivalent is about 300mm in 4x5. If you are shooting portraits you'll probably want a f5.6 lens and modern plasmats are big. A 210mm...
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    Re: September portrait thread by Toby Key, on Flickr

    I shot this a part of a family portrait commission for some regular clients. It was actually rather...
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