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    Re: De Ionizing Air gun?

    A Zerostat gun . I've had mine since the 1970s. Originally for my vinyl records. Piezoelectric, shoots ions at the record and neutralizes the static charge.

    Also works in the Darkroom.

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    Re: Dodging & Burning 8x10 Contact Prints

    In the old days …. a little red lipstick was used on the back of the negative to dodge ...…. still works
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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    All the above suggestions are good advice.

    I always dry and warm up the reel with a hair dryer before loading the film …….... even if it is a dry hot day.
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    Re: Keeping Time tray developing film

    I have an ancient device known as a tape recorder.

    I made a 30 minute recording of myself as a speaking stopwatch ........ I just play that in the dark.

    Works very well.
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    Re: tray developing: which timer?

    I have an ancient device called a tape recorder. I made a recording of myself as a speaking stopwatch ........

    I just play that. Works a treat.
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    Re: Post Your Photos Made At Close Distance

    Hello Iga ..... thanks for your interest.

    The actual wrist-watch mechanism is about one inch across. Shot with Leica M240 and R series 60 macro lens with bellows. I do not have the equipment to...
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    Re: Post Your Photos Made At Close Distance


    carbon transfer print
  8. Re: Shooing dust- compressor for the new darkroom?

    I have one of these in the darkroom ....

    I find it good for blowing out film holders,...
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    Re: So now I know why photo clubs are useless

    Nowadays I only enter photos in Club competitions to show the others what I have been doing lately. It is my way of exhibiting my work.

    I leave my ego at home on competition nights. And the judges...
  10. Re: Is total darkness required for tray developing film?

    When developing film in trays in total darkness I like to keep track of the time as development progresses.

    I have an ancient device known as a " tape recorder ". I made a tape of myself as a...
  11. Re: Best process for drying negatives after development?

    I hang mine with a film clip top and bottom from a thin rope stretching across the inside of my shower recess.

    Beforehand, I turn on the hot water to the shower and turn the exhaust fan off. I let...
  12. Re: Kodak XTOL Replenished - Small Tanks - Ilford FP4

    The Fred Picker method for determining your own personal film speed and film development time, as well as the " Proper Proof " ( with your equipment ...... exposure meter, camera, shutter,...
  13. Re: Kodak XTOL Replenished - Small Tanks - Ilford FP4

    My agitation system is continuous for the first 30 seconds, then 4 inversions each minute. This is only because 4 is my lucky number ..... it could just as easily be 3. It is essentially the method...
  14. Re: Kodak XTOL Replenished - Small Tanks - Ilford FP4

    I have been using replenished xtol for a few years now. When I went up to 4x5 and 5x7 I found that the volumes of developer I needed were so large ( tray or tank/inversion ) that I could not...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    Hello Bob

    I have not tried Kallitypes ( yet ), but have been researching the process. This article is saying that a Pt or Pd toned Kallitype is essentially the same thing as a Pt or Pd print...
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    Re: A Colorvir Thread

    Maybe between us we have the last two kits in existence .........

    Anyway, my thoughts are that if they still work ( and I expect they will ), their preservation is probably due in part to them...
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    Re: A Colorvir Thread

    Thankyou for starting a most interesting thread. I find myself in the same boat, wondering how best to use my old Colorvir.

    I have a full Colorvir kit left over from years ago before I " went...
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    Re: What parts are these?

    I know this is an old thread ..... but I am thinking of using a Jobo 2840 with the film clips mentioned above to develop 5x7 film ( 4 at a time )

    Using a CPE2 Jobo, or some other means of...
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    Re: SP-457 film development tank for 5x7"!

    Yes .... I have pledged too .

    It is exactly what I need. I really want this project to go ahead !
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    Re: How do you transport wet prints?

    With a little water in a ziplock baggie.

    My students wash them a bit more when they get home and dry them face up on dry towels, or hang them from pegs on a line.
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    Re: How good are contact prints in reality?


    I am delighted to read this ..... I had come to the same conclusion and thought I was the only one.

    I have a good vacuum easel I'm setting up. Currently trying to work out which printer/ink...
  22. Re: Examples of Large Format shots that cannot be done with small

    Pinhole ..... with camera movements, sometimes extreme, interrelationship of objects can be changed. e.g. that rock in the left foreground can be made bigger and the right foreground smaller.
  23. Re: Need advice on carrying a monorail (heavy)

    I use an old golf cart ... the sort you pull behind you. They are made for pulling through the " rough "....

    I swooped on one that someone was throwing out. Great thing is it has a fold up seat...
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    Re: Sale at cost

    I'm 5'6" and I have one of Bruce's P3 backpacks in the right size for my height. Bruce went to a lot of trouble and was very careful when I bought it that I ordered the absolutely correct size for my...
  25. how to accurately focus view camera with IR film ?

    My 4x5 cameras are a Speed Graphic with Optar 135mm lens and a Sinar Norma with lenses which I think came originally from a Linhof Technika . 65/8 Super Angulon, 135/5.6 Symmar and 210/5.6 Symmar....
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