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    Re: U.S. Optical Co.???

    It's a wide angle symmetrical, i.e. Rapid (?) Rectilinear. There were lots of opticians making photographic lenses back in the day. It can be hard to sort them out, as they were usually very short...
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    Re: Any POP available?

    Is Chicago Albumen Works still making it? I haven't looked in a couple of years.
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    Re: Mathematical Progression of Shutters

    I'm a little confused by your description but if you're refering to old vs new speeds, just use the one that's closest to the modern speed scale. If it's really critical, close down 1/3 stop with the...
  4. Re: Pacemaker Speed Graphic + Modern Studio Lightning

    The only way you can use the focal plane shutter with electronic flash is to use the old open flash method, which would require that you shoot in the dark. I wouldn't be too confident that the flash...
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    Re: Compur Rapid

    The Compur Rapid shutters had some inherent flaws built in. Especially the ones that go to 1/800 second. Leaf shutters just don't work well at speeds that fast. The fastest speeds on even the 1/400...
  6. Re: Another "What Camera is this?" Thread...

    The camera looks and describes like it's a Zeiss Taxo. The lens is probably a Novar Anastigmat, a much maligned triplet that, when well stopped down, is very sharp. I have a 120 roll film holder or...
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    Re: Copal shutter parts

    Be aware that there are a number of different blade designs in the Copal 1 shutters. They don't interchange. The last time I needed a blade, I had to make my own even though I had a couple of parts...
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    Re: Quantary 35-500mm Telephoto Lense

    Crap is a very good way of describing it. I hope you didn't actually pay for that thing. :(
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    Re: Help ID Mystery Shutter

    I know exactly what it is. It's the lens and electric "Packard" style shutter off an old Beatty-Coleman long roll 70mm camera. These were used for school portraits, etc. You could get several hundred...
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    Re: (Possibly) Broken Lens / Shutter Help!

    Something in your post makes me want to ask what kind of shutter it is. Does it HAVE to have a cable release to fire it? I hope it's not what I think it is.
  11. Re: Question: Kodak Commercial Ektar lenses for 4X5 view camera

    The Commercial Ektars are Kodak's very finest lenses. Cleaning marks are common on these, as they were heavily used. It shouldn't affect anything, nor should the specks. I have what is probably one...
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    Re: Speed Graphic Problem

    I could help if the picture wasn't so dark. I can't see what the arrow is pointing to.
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    Re: Need help understanding Old Lens

    Depending on when it was made, that Xenar lens could be more than just adequate. Since it is in a Compur P shutter, I'd say it's later production and might surprise you.
    Enjoy and have fun! :D
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    Re: Making an f/stop scale?

    If the cell spacing and opening size are correct on the new shutter, doing it by measuring will work fine. I've done it a number of times. If the aperture scale is printed on the shutter face, you...
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    Re: Rodenstock Trinar Anastigmat

    I have one of those lenses. I never used it myself, but loaned it to Craig Nelson of the Nelsonfoto forum. The shots he took with it kind of took me aback. Stopped down, these old triplets can be...
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    Re: Wow! Just Wow!

    Unless you devlop a very close personal relationship with a good pro lab, they're gonna do whatever they want with your film. Chances are it will not even be close to what YOU want. You did very well...
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    Re: Grafmatic - Worth trying?

    I have six of 'em and like 'em. They won't fit under some focus panels without shimming out the springs, so be aware of that. They were made to go with the later model Pacemaker Graphic sping back,...
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    Re: Anyone use a hat?

    Dark slide, hands, etc. If you want cheap lens shades, save the threaded ring from those useless rubber hoods, junk filters and such. Glue 'em to the bottom of a styrofoam or paper cup and spray it...
  19. Re: Magnifying glass optics - glass questions...

    I save elements from junk lenses for stuff like this. I have one made from the front element out of an old Sears Super 8 movie camera that shows some real promise. I just glue the glass onto a lens...
  20. Re: Ether in the House ... Wet Plate question

    Ether is one of the most explosive vapors on the planet. Alcohol vapors are nasty, and it burns with an almost invisible flame. Without a really good fume hood, I would not advise working with that...
  21. Re: slowest usable Speed Graphic shutter speed?

    You don't specify what model Speed Graphic you have. Regardless, the focal plane shutter release has a hole to accept a cable release. At slow speeds it's imperative that you use a strong tripod and...
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    Re: Burnished lens mounting

    Many lenses were made with a removable ring on the front and the spun mount on the rear. If your front ring has spanner slots AND threads aroung the inside of the front of the barrel, it can be, at...
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    Re: GRAFLEX PARAGON 65mm f4.5 ACME

    The Paragon lenses, made by Ilex Optical, was considered "unremarkable" by most. You can take that at face value. It will cover 4X5 but 5X7 seems questionable to me. Probably limited movement...
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    Re: Identify this camera, please!

    That's a Heiland flash bracket off a Speed Graphic mounted on top. (why didn't iI think of doing that?) :D
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    Re: B&W portraits with green filters

    Green filters were popular for portraits in the day of "ordinary", i.e. color blind film. The information doesn't fit the same with today's films. Green will indeed make a more ruddy looking...
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    Re: Regno shutter cable release

    Without a picture, it's hard to tell. I believe that one is a pneumatic shutter, though. If it has a piston on each side of the shutter, the one one the left (facing it) is the release piston and the...
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    Re: Paper negatives - contrast control?

    Use VC filters if your paper is VC. Low contrast filter is yellow. More toward magenta as the contrast grade increases.
    Unlike film, paper is made to be developed to completion. Under development...
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    Re: Waxing ground glass

    Back when the Earth was still cooling, we used good old genuine, and free, nose grease. Elstwise, a little 3 in 1 oil on a cloth, wiped on the ground side works as well as anything. Nose grease --- :D
  29. Re: What discontinued product do you miss the most?

    1946 Buicks. :D
  30. Re: Disassembling old cold-welded aluminium barrels

    Good luck. I've tried to get a few frozen ones apart, expendible ones, and no go. Not even a pipe wrench would budge them. They sometimes have a funny characteristic, though, where less grip pressure...
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    Re: Rediculous Question...

    Certainly. Some models are more easily managed than others, but yes. Case in point: Torkel Korlimg was a photographer who did lots of fine portraits. He used a 5X7 Graflex with an absolutly huge...
  32. Re: Bought a 6x9 Technika. Some Focus problems.

    Hmmmmm ------ Never had a Linhof. I just assumed they could be set like the Graflex kind. Ya gets what ya pays for, eh? :D
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    Re: Speed Graphic Focal Plane Shutter

    It's not easy to get an accurate reading using a photo transistor on these shutters. The slot in the curtain is too long and you get too much extraneous light, which screws up the reading. The way I...
  34. Re: Bought a 6x9 Technika. Some Focus problems.

    The infinity stops are obviously not set for that lens. It's normally a simple matter to adjust them for the lens in use. You can only use one set of infinity stops for the one lens they are set for....
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    Re: Cheap 4x5 lens source?

    Do as I do. Watch the auction thingie with much dilligence. They're out there. All you have to do is watch closely and be patient.
  36. I should have mentioned that it will probably be...

    I should have mentioned that it will probably be just fine the way it is if you drape the dark cloth over it. You can get by with bullet holes using this old time method. I know about old. :D
  37. In general, you can tell if it has a missing...

    In general, you can tell if it has a missing fresnel screen by lookng at the ground glass rtaining clips. When things are right the clips will lay flat with the screws snugged down. If it tilts in,...
  38. I have never had a bag bellows but other...

    I have never had a bag bellows but other experience says go to the craft store and get some black fabric paint. Apply a very thin coat to the inside, if possible. Thin is key. The stuff is flexible...
  39. Depth of field is extrememely shallow with your...

    Depth of field is extrememely shallow with your lens wide open (millimeters). If you look closely, you should see one quite small detail in your print that is sharp. That will give you an idea of...
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    The secret is out. That's a lovely image from the...

    The secret is out. That's a lovely image from the "useless" lens.
    I think they should all be sent to me for proper disposal. :D
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