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  1. Re: innards of a 40cm square digital sensor

    Those are pretty interesting. I wonder how hard it would be to separate the scintillator from the sensor to get a 40x40cm (rather low mp) monochrome digital LF back.
  2. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    Go adlibs to make a bad situation worse.
    Photomicrographs on ULF in extreme wind in Antarctica handheld.
    Portraits but the photographer is blind and doesn't have an assistant.
    Paper negatives but...
  3. Re: iPhone app for recording photo information

    I use Lightme and the companion note app Logbook (which you need to get through the iPhone app beta program). It's got some reciprocity calculations and framelines for various formats and can do spot...
  4. Re: Rochester Optical Co. Premier Repair & Resources

    The good news so far is some of the leather removed nicely, as it was completely rotten. Some bits also appeared burnt along with the underneath wood and are still stubbornly in place. A large crack...
  5. Re: Rochester Optical Co. Premier Repair & Resources

    The tag on the inside says "Premier", the only date I have is the patent on the shutter. If they had any external markings when new, I cannot tell as the outer leather is rotting and has mold.
  6. Rochester Optical Co. Premier Repair & Resources

    I can find the cameras online but not a lot of information. I'm beginning on a repair project of one of these where the condition is lacking. The bellows are more hole than bellows and the front...
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