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    Re: 7x17 film sleeves

    Acid free (usually cotton or linen) paper is safer over the years than buffered. I used to buy interleaving paper from Light Impressions which was cotton, but thankfully I have a lifetime supply and...
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    Re: Warm Paper Used By George Hurrell?

    Every brand of paper was produced in a warm tone as well as a cold tone. What is the texture ? What is the weight of the paper?. These two questions will have to be answered in an effort to discover...
  3. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    The x-ray films are orthochromatic, some say just close to that. In other words reds do not record, and it is most sensitive to blue. In early morning, near sunset, or on cloudy days additional...
  4. Thread: Sculpture

    by Jim Noel

    Re: Sculpture

    Edison, that one would be very creepy to walk up on, especially in low light.
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    Re: First exposure with Frankenstein 200

    I suggest changing to a traditional developer and fix to help with contrast.
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    Re: how old are we?

    One year closer to 100 than the last time I answered this request.
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    Re: Advice On Uneven Development On Film Edges

    I am not familiar with the Stearman tank, but I do know that the most commonly used wetting agent will build up in the grooves of reels, and become a catalyst thus producing overdeveloped edges....
  8. Re: Seeking Advice on Waterproofing Custom Built Wood Trays

    I built my plywood sink in 1989 using 3 coats of West Systems 2 part epoxy. It still serves me well. No fiberglass.
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    Re: 14x17 XRAY & Gum Over Cyanotype Print

    Congratulations Andrew!! Good woek.
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    Re: How to imitate the contrast of wet plate

    It is hard for me to understand why people want ways to duplicate wet plate, or platinum prints, or any other process instead of learning to do the process. Is it lack of material availability, or...
  11. Re: is there work arounds for missing retaining rings?

    PVC with an inside diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the threads will work. I have made dozens by just screwing the lens into the pipe. Sometimes it is necessary to use coarse sandpiper...
  12. Re: Do you consider the ground glass a lens' accessory? Problem and recommendation.

    During the past 80+ years that I have used large format cameras, I have had a large variety. I have used them with an even larger variety of lenses including an f18 Protar cell. The only time I...
  13. Re: Which lenses did Carleton Watkins use in 1861 for his mammoth plate camera

    I can verify that statement. the complete sentence is, "In addition to the usual costs of a trip to the valley, Watkins spent plenty of god coin on photographic materials, a cutting edge Grubb-C...
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    Re: Large format at Jan. 6 hearing

    When I was in college in the 40's I carried a Speed essentially all the time. Most nights I had IR flashbulbs and film as often as I could afford them. Talk about shooting in the dark - nothing like...
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    Re: Three stops overexposed FP4+

    I'm with Steve. Stay as close to normal as possible for decent results!
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    Re: Three stops overexposed FP4+

    Pyrocat HD will do the best job possible with these negatives. Give it a go at your expected time and temperature.!!
  17. Re: What will happen to your negatives in "the end"?

    i am in the process of beginning to shred beginning with the newest ones. Those over 75 years old may end up with my children.
  18. Re: ordered film in a bulk from KODAK directly?

    Not in the last 40 years.
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    Re: Some JOBO CPA questions

    The water in the Jobo base slightly floats the drum easing the load on the motor, as well as helping to maintain a constant temperature.
  20. Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    Your friend is doing you a favor. and he is correct!
  21. Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    These processes were in their prime before Panchromatic films were in theirs. Orthochromatic films were used for a great number of these and other alternative process methods. I still have an ortho...
  22. Re: Arista EDU and Foma 400 - Are you using them in spite of .... ??

    ISO speeds are determined by the manufacturer according to the standards set. The normal course is to use film straight off the production line in a higher potency developer than is generally...
  23. Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    If you decide to use ortho-litho films, don't use paper developers which will increase the contrast range to essentially unusable.
  24. Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    I have been making salt prints for about 25 years. They do not require a "dense" negative. They require a negative with a very long scale, which means the highlights require significantly more...
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    Re: Stearman developing Issue

    I have only had a darkroom since about 1938 and have used many systems, but not the Stearman. I am perfectly satisfied with several of the systems I currently have available.
  26. Re: I accidentally got (PPD), I want a concentrated recipe

    That's good to know, about the Glycin that is.
  27. Re: Grayish whites and other problems in my new darkroom

    Each of these could be causing your problem. Together, there is no doubt in my mind they are the cause. You need to work at preventing all of them.
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    Re: Stearman developing Issue

    At the high cost of film these days it is difficult for me to understand why people continue to use a somewhat questionable container, and unproven developers.
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    Re: Portraits from 2022

    A very interesting tonal scale for a beautiful portrait.
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    Re: Processing 510 Pyro & 100TMX with Jobo CPP-2

    I never use the Jobo with 510 Pyro. In my mind, it works better in a tray. If you want to try a pyro based developer in a Jobo, look at Pyrocat HD or one of its derivatives.
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    Re: Deardorff: "New" vs Old?

    My pre-1939 5x7 is still going strong. It s lighter in weight because it has no aluminum plate on the bottom. Original bellows still supple and no holes. The wood shows use but causes no problems. I...
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    Re: FP4+ in Pyrocat HD

    It is interesting that no one so far has mentioned PRINTS!
    After all, they are usually our goal. No matter how your negatives look, make prints and see what pleases you.
  33. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    I don't know what you mean by "quite a bit", but most people I know use it at 1:3. Since I develop everything by inspection, i can't suggest times.
  34. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    Exposure with electronic flash depends on the unit. They put out different amounts of blue and UV which are important to the x-ray film. I wonder if adding a blue gel would help decrease the amount...
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    Re: Developing Litho film with lower contrast

    I haven't been able to find mu LC-2 formula. I had a computer crash since I was using it.
    Here are a few you may wish to try.
    The simplest for most is probably HC110 1:100. And don't forget D-23...
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    Re: Richard (Dick) Garrod 1924-2022

    Another dear friend gone. RIP Dick.
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    Re: Developing Litho film with lower contrast

    Hidden somewhere on the web is the recipe and instructions for LC-2 a designed Low Contrast developer. I began using it years ago when exposing lith film in camera. It's a marvelous recipe.
  38. Re: Film Holder for a 12x20 Korona Banquet Camera

    I doubtseriouslyif they will work. I know the FS holders for my friends 7x17 will not work in my Korona. They have nor ridge for the light trap.
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    Re: LF and ULF portraiture

    Sadly I am unable to get linked to the images by Tedd or Jay. I can open the web sites, but not those images.
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    Re: Smaller Fomat Nudes

    Neat idea!
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