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  1. Re: Is this bellows sag? Trying to identify cause of unexposed portion of image

    Good day,

    When I see this I also think it is the sagging of the bellows for the following reasons:
    -The shadow has quite a bit of definition without being really sharp, so the distance from the...
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    Re: CHAS A. GUMP brass Lens?

    When I google it I see some pictures from a site called akademiamomentum. That seems to me to be a relatively standard Rectilinear (F8?) lens from about 1880 to 1910. What strikes me about this lens...
  3. Re: A Heliar with an adjustable front group?

    Thanks for the information, this sounds quite logical indeed. I had already assumed that the front element was not officially part of it and that it was more the result of tinkering, as Nodda Duma...
  4. A Heliar with an adjustable front group?

    I received a Voigtlander Heliar today that most likely comes from a Bessa 66. To be precise, it is a Heliar 7.5cm F3.5 in a Compur shutter. So far nothing special, but when I wanted to unscrew the...
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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    I have also tried a grow tent before but also had a lot of problems with light leaks and poor quality. They can work well for a fixed installation, but they are too fragile for use in the field. That...
  6. Re: How do I recognize lenses that will cover an 8X10 plate with no vignetting

    Maybe it's a bit obvious, but I haven't seen it come up in this thread yet. As a reasonable way to recognize older wide angle lenses, I often look at the shape. If the lens is flat and wide, there is...
  7. Re: My experience with 20th Century Camera's 5x7 reel

    You might also be able to check with one of the last negatives if they stay, in place during inversion agitation. That might save you a few wasted negatives.
  8. Re: Compur shutter with no threads at the back side?

    Wouldn't the bayonet be able to come off if you unscrew the rear element? if that's possible of course.
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    Re: Large Format Industryscapes Duisburg-Nord 4 by Rolf Koster, on Flickr...
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    Hello from Almelo, The Netherlands


    My name is RoLF Koster and unlike most introduction posts I am not new to LF land, so here's a short introduction.

    I am a 32 year old dutch man who works as an electrical engineer. In...
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