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    Re: RPT or similar

    I second the recommendation for Stone Photo Gear. Daniel Stone is a craftsman. He makes everything himself and the quality is superb. I have his lens case for 4x4 mounted lenses. Holds extra...
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    Re: 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 cameras?

    Oren, I am guessing you had something to do with Mike Johnston's foray into this format a few years ago. At the time (I saw Mike as a LF dabbler) I thought it was a bit nuts. Hard to get film,...
  3. Re: How are Camera Bellows UK bellows holding up over time???

    Jim, I am interested in your V8 bellows replacement project. I have the same camera, and am interested in new bellows. You say you sent Keith the frames. What does this mean? Did you physically...
  4. Re: Nikkor SW 150 on Canham 8x10 Lightweight?

    I agree Bernice. As a practice I would never be beholden to removing/reassembling a lens to mount it (especially the Nikkor 150 which is approaching baseball sized glass). The lens threads are very...
  5. Re: Nikkor SW 150 on Canham 8x10 Lightweight?

    Well the word is in from Mr. Canham, and the Nikkor SW 150 f8 will not fit on a Canham 8x10 Lightweight model.
    "The front standard will accept a rear element of 3.7" in diameter."
    That comes to...
  6. Re: Nikkor SW 150 on Canham 8x10 Lightweight?

    Great, thank you.
  7. Nikkor SW 150 on Canham 8x10 Lightweight?

    The title says it all. I am looking at a Canham 8x10 Lightweight, and wonder if my Nikkor SW 150 f8 will fit on the smaller front standard that camera has. Presently I am using a V8 Deardorff...
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    T Max RS 1:9 @ 70` Any Times for TMY???

    My development time for TMY is 7.5 minutes at 75 degrees at rotation speed 4 on a Jobo CPP2 processor. This is with TMRS 1+9, and a 3 minute water presoak. According to Gordon Hutchings, you can...
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    600 mm lense for 8 X 10

    I second the opinion on the Fuji 600mm-C. I have used one for approximately 7-8 years on my 8x10 Deardorff. Outstanding lens. The only alternative, IMO, is the 24 inch Artar. The Fuji offers...
  10. Recessed Lens Board for 90mm SA on Linhof V?

    In my experience, no, you do not need a flat board for a 90mm lens. I've used a 90mm f8 Nikkor on a Tech V and now a Tech 2000, both with flat boards. Same with a 75mm Nikkor. If in doubt, by...
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    How To Open a Fujichange Film Cartridge

    Thanks John! That did it.
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    How To Open a Fujichange Film Cartridge

    Pardon me for being a klutz, but I cannot see how to do this. I just acquired a Quickchange holder and a cartridge of Provia from Jeff Taugner at Badger. I've played with it for a couple of hours,...
  13. Thread: ArcBody

    by Kent Phelan


    Lots of threads on this over at search_type=rest&sections=static_pages&sections=bboard&sections=commen ts&query_string=arcbody

    Also, Mike...
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    4x10 format questions.

    Hi Kerry:

    Re. the AltView 410, what would you like to know? I have one. I bought it from Patrick in, I believe, 1997. He met up with me in Sedona, AZ, delivered the camera, and we spent the...
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