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    Re: Tripods in lightning storms?

    Metal is best, taller the better. Standing on a metal later holding an umbrella over the camera!
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    Re: New bellows made in the USA?

    Not much left in the states. I always used Western Bellows prior to their closing, they made a really great product. Keith at Custom Bellows recently made bellows for my Toyo 810m and a Century...
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    Re: 5x4 processing marks. Wetting agent?

    You say there have been several sheets with this problem, were they from different film holders? If there is any chance they were loaded in the same holder you may have a contaminated holder.
  4. Re: Seeking Machinist in Seattle-area for lens mounting

    Barry Young in Tacoma, he is on this forum.
  5. Re: What's these strange marks on 4X5 film? They come sometimes.

    Film wasn't properly loaded in the film holder, one side was not properly under the film guide as there is image all the way to the edge.
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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    I recently received two bellows from Keith, a Toyo 810m and a Century universal 8x10. Custom Bellows is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Thanks Keith!
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    Re: Wehman - front shift

    Competence is hard to come by these days, when you find it pay for it.
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    Re: Wehman - front shift

    I am sure if you spoke with Adam at S.K. Grimes he could come up with something. Possibly custom infinity stops or a modification of the base of the standard and locking plate.
    Have you been using...
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    Re: Wehman - front shift

    Unfortunately, for those that may not be aware Bruce has passed.
  10. Re: How do I achieve this look? Lens or movement?

    Paolo sometimes shoots into vintage mirrors at angle. When polaroid 809 became scarce he used other camera types, having the images digitally manipulated to mimmic the 809 look.
    Keep in mind his...
  11. Re: Adox Fotoimpex Glassine Negative Sleeves (8 x 10", 100-Pack)

  12. Re: Do I need to worry about really heavy lenses causing damage?

    For field work I use a Toyo 810m, for the budget conscious The calumet C-1 is exceptional due largely to the construction of the front standard (fixed).[/QUOTE]
  13. Re: Do I need to worry about really heavy lenses causing damage?

    Bernice is correct! if the lens is something you intend on using, invest in a second camera more suited to the weight.
    I use a number of very heavy lenses (I like fast glass) along with more...
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    Re: Critical height placement of ground glass

    I have an 8x10 Ansco that I had Richard work on, its glass was off. The camera had an unusual focusing panel where the glass was mounted from the inside rather than the outside of the camera. I had...
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    Re: Toyo 810M Resource/Fan Page

    Thanks Ari, I'm familiar with Rudys work, would not mind a few extra inches like your camera. I checked on the global shipping situation (corvid) and long delays with no guarantees from that part of...
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    Re: Toyo 810M Resource/Fan Page

    My 810M (Tan) needs a new bellows, I am familiar with the sources available. Does anyone know if the Toyo MII replacement mounts properly on the earlier M?
    I contacted Toyo however they are only...
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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    Thank You!
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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    The Custom Bellows website appears down, has it been down awhile? I would appreciate it if anyone can post contact information.

    I see the site is back up, i have the information. Thanks
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    Re: A pretty cool drybox??

    If you had to ask permission, get a new girlfriend.
  20. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    MB Unimog!
  21. Re: Proper Formula for Sodium Chloropalladite?

    Curious, what are you planning to write that involves the formula. Since you mention the Bostick and Sullivan product why do you not ask them directly?
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    Re: New Website: comments or Suggestions welcome

    The images quality in the gallery section is very poor, there is a great deal of digital artifact.
  23. Re: pros/cons of two different lenses at the same focal length?

    Absolutely No.
  24. Re: Access to classified sections for new members

    From what I have seen its pretty much a sellers market with the Wehman camera, It probably won't be on the market long enough for much research.
    It's really a matter of what the camera is worth to...
  25. Re: Seeking Large Format B&W Negative Repair Tips

    The complexity of this depends a lot on the variety of tones and image information involved in the damaged area. On a most basic level you need to build density in the negative to produce a tone just...
  26. Re: Seeking Large Format B&W Negative Repair Tips

    First retouch the negative and then retouch the print. If you do not possess these skills you may want to consider cropping the image.
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    Re: Long throw cable release - Betax shutter

    Available here, https://www.drahtauslö

    Recommended by member whirclick a Betax repairman. also check his site,
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    Re: The 5x7 Agfa Ansco sprung a few leaks...

    Mars Black acrylic works and dries fast. Carrying a small tube and brush in your case can save the day when the unexpected happens.
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    Re: Which lens next?

    Put off purchasing another lens until you no longer feel the need to ask this question. Use only the 150mm you have in hand, you will soon have a clear knowledge of what additional lens you really...
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    Re: Keeping Time tray developing film

    Metronome and Graylab.
  31. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    Two pages and not one person has answered the original posters question. Did anyone read the last sentence of the original post before they started suggesting DIY supplies? LOL.

    Since you are...
  32. Re: Should the price in For Sale threads be undeletable after the sale is completed?

    Sounds a lot like Gladys Kravitz syndrome! Get help before it becomes untreatable.
  33. Re: Ideas for new shutters 40 years from now when ours are all dead

    I was not referring to the direction photography is taking.
  34. Re: Ideas for new shutters 40 years from now when ours are all dead

    Given the direction things are heading, a lack of working shutters will most likely be a non-issue.
  35. Re: Lightweight Tripod for Large Format Recommendations

    By the time you add a head to the Gitzo your saving about 3lbs, hardly enough to make any real difference. Your wallet will be about a grand lighter too, once you've added a head.
    Probably better...
  36. Re: Lens disassembly and reassembly services.

    Drop Adam and Joel at SK an email and ask, they respond to queries in a timely fashion. As a professional the return I get from my lenses is in what they produce, not the resale value. Their work is...
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    Re: Platinum galleries/collectors?

    Murray, It might help if you elaborate on where in the west you will be traveling as well as how. There are a number of printers on the forum that may be willing to share their work. Also, depending...
  38. Re: Justify the acquiring of a new Linhof Technika?

    If you desire the camera and can afford it, Buy it! Why do you need to justify it?

    I have no real way to justify the number of 8x10 cameras, lenses and holders I own. I could say I may need them...
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    Re: Should I Bite the PayPal Bullet?

    I have experienced the same thing on a number of occasions with Japanese collectors.
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    Re: Introducing Alphax Betax Shutter Services

    Thank you for adding this, I am considering sending several shutters and appreciate seeing your recommendation.
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