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    used Toyo's

    I purchased my 45A in 1979. It was my only large format camera until 1994, so it has a lot of miles on it. I used lenses from 90mm to 270mm. With a 90mm I can get 10mm of rising front on a flat...
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    replacement lenscaps

    I've been getting my generic lenscaps from
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    180mm enlarging lens

    Yes. I use a 180 Rodagon on my Beseler 45. It is easier to see all the way to the edges of the image with the grain magnifier with the longer lens.
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    Help me choose a lens

    I have used a f8 Fuji 105 SW since 1983. It is one of my all time favorite lenses and is an outstanding performer.
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    best print developer

    I have been using the Ansco 135 formula as my normal developer for the last 10-15 years. It has worked well with every paper I've tried it with. Favorite paper presently is Forte Fortezo.
  6. Toyo 4x5 with 6x9 Roll Film Holder - Bag Bellows?

    I have a Toyo-Field 45A. With a 75mm lens on a flat board I can only get about 5mm of rising front. When the lens is mounted in a board with a 1 inch recess I can get about 20mm of rising front. I...
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    Film with, chicken pox?

    I have left film in holders until it fogs with age, but have never experienced the problem you describe. I can visualize the emulsion swelling if water droplets or mist contacted the dry film but...
  8. Unexpected soft focus with lots of camera movement

    I agree with Brian. If diffraction was the problem it would not be confined to one area of the negative. I use a 180 Sironar-S on 5x7 and it is sharp almost all the way to the vignette point. If...
  9. Unexpected soft focus with lots of camera movement

    With my camera pressure from the bellows, when in the configuration you describe, can cause the front standard to slowly creep out of vertical position after I have focused. I have to remember to...
  10. Feedback Requested on Shen Hao HZX57 II AT

    About 25 years ago Steve Simmons, Jim Galvin, and Gordon Hutchings designed an 8x10 horizontal enlarger. In 1980 Steve was selling the basic hardware needed to build the enlarger--bellows, monorail,...
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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    I use a truck camper and often pull a small trailer with a dual-sport motorcycle on it. I park the camper and use the motorcycle to explore the backroads in the area. When out exploring I carry a...
  12. Deardorff 4x5 Special - 4x4" lensboard specs.

    I have some boards made by Deardorff and a few by Richard Ritter. Both are 4"x4" with a lip that is 1/8" thick and 3/16" wide. The Ritter boards are 1/4" thick while the Deardorff boards are 5/16"...
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    Tiffen soft contrast filters

    I've been intending to get one of these filters and give it a try. I read about them in an article about metering titled "Artistically Weighted Averaging for Optimal Results" by Mark Dubovoy in the...
  14. Do you use your longer lenses much for landscapes

    Like you, my longest lens for many years was a 180, and then I bought a 240 G-Claron. I didn't use the 240 much at first, but became fond of it as I learned to "see" better from the perspective of a...
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    Fujinon 105mm / F5.6 CM-W - question

    I replaced the 90mm Angulon in my hiking kit with a 100mm WF Ektar and am very pleased with it.
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    Hiking with LF equipment

    I live in Colorado and hike in terrain that may be comparable to the area where you live. For 20 years I hiked with a Toyo-Field 45A with 6 holders, 3 lenses and a Tiltall tripod. The photo...
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    Greater ease of use with tripod head?

    My Tiltall dates from 1976 if I remember correctly. When it was new I carefully leveled it up on a floor that I knew was level and then marked the "0" positions on the tilt head by making scratch...
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    Opinions please on Manfrotto 055MF3 legs

    I have been using the carbon fiber 3443 legs with a light weight 4x5 hiking outfit since 1999, I think. The leg locks work fine and the bubble level in the yoke is accurate. I believe this tripod...
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    Beseler 45MCRX & Aristo light

    You won't need the condensers as the Aristo unit will replace the entire condenser housing. You will need to order a "Beseler collar" with the Aristo unit. This enlarger was designed to accept VC...
  20. need help and suggestions for buying wf ektar 100

    Some years back I bought both a 90mm f6.8 Angulon and a 100mm WF Ektar and tested them side-by-side. I kept the Ektar and sold the Angulon. I use the WF Ektar as part of a light hiking outfit and...
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    hotspots and ground glass

    Ken--I tried several different grit sizes after reading the article in the May/June 2003 issue of PhotoTechniques and concluded that I best like a glass ground with 25 micron size white aluminum...
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    Camera Rigidity

    I live in north-central Colorado near the Wyoming line and have had some experience with wind. My experience shows that camera choice can be important for success in windy areas.

    I used a Linhof...
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    240 options for 8x10

    You might want to check out the Sept/Oct 1997 issue of PhotoTechniques. In that issue is an article by Carl Weese about the Kodak 10-inch Wide Field Ektar, and he compares its images with those made...
  24. Will recoating a lens degrade its performance?

    I had Rollei of America recoat the Xenotar lens on my 3.5E in 1976. It has been an outstanding performer and I still use it regularly.
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    Lousy Dagor

    Several years ago I borrowed a 6" Gold Rim Dagor from a friend to test. I evaluated the image by making a 2X enlargement. It was very sharp to 60 degrees at f22 and 67 degrees at f45, after which...
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    Tri-x with oriental paper

    I haven't tried Oriental paper lately, but might offer some suggestions about warmer developers. I used to mix D-72 and also decided I wanted a warmer developer. I tried several other formulas...
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    Old Formulas: Paper

    Thanks Paul. I thought you were working with a pre-1928 publication. It could be, then, that Agfa had a developer 130 and Ansco also had a developer 130 when they merged in 1928. Agfa Ansco became...
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    Old Formulas: Paper

    Ole, that is what I noticed too. Agfa must have brought the 130 glycin formula (and many others) to the Agfa/Ansco merger in 1928, but then Ansco must have acquired the rights to publish the...
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    Old Formulas: Paper

    I am a long time user of several of the Agfa formulas, but have always seen them published as Ansco (or GAF) formulas. This post shows that they were developed by Agfa before the Agfa/Ansco merger...
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    Old Formulas : Film

    Thanks so much. One of the formulas that caught my eye is the Kodak DK-93, which was recommended for those who suffer a skin irritation from metol. Turns out that "Kodelon" was (is) Kodak's trade...
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    brush development

    I started using brush agitation following a very informative article on the subject by Walter Bala that was published in the July/August, 1993 issue of View Camera. Mr. Bala used a processing plate...
  32. Nikon 90 require a recessed board on a Toyo 45A?

    With my Toyo-Field 45A I can get 10mm of rising front with a 90mm lens on a flat board and 30mm of rising front when it is mounted on the old-style board that is recessed 1 inch. I use a flex-tip...
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    Dagor shutter size

    A 1971 Goerz price list shows it available in either a Copal 3 or Ilex 4.
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    Enlarger Issue

    The problem is not your lens or the enlarger. It is the Aristo unit, which is smallish for a 4x5 negative because it was sized to be the same size as the Omega and Bessler condensors in order to fit...
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    Camera rotates on tripod head. Fixes?

    Jon has a good idea about prying open the back with thumb and finger. It really helps. Also, when mounting the camera on the tripod it helps to point the camera a little to the left of where you...
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    Backpack for 5x7

    I carry my 5x7 Deardorff with 4 lenses, 7 holders, darkcloth, small accessories and raincoat in the largest f.64 backpack. It measures 8x14x24. For serious day hiking I put my gear in 6-Pac type...
  37. Checking for vignetting, g/g has no cut corner

    I look through my lenses at normal viewing distance, say 12" or so, rather than up close like you have been doing. I would think that if you used the maximum amount of rising front, put the back in...
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    Beseler 45 MCRX Enlarger Questions

    I have a 45MCRX that I bought new in 1972. The dangling switch turns the lamp on or off. It can be replaced with a foot switch. If you are using a timer, just leave the switch on. The filter...
  39. Nagaoka vs Tachi, Wisner, Zone VI, Shen Hao etc...

    I had a 4x5 Nagaoka and a Japanese Zone VI in the late 1970s. I live in a windy area and lost a lot of images due to wind shake with those cameras. I then bought a Toyo-Field 45A and in recent...
  40. Nikkor 200M vs Fuji 180A, more data - Long Post

    Making a photograph on 8x10 film is a very useful and pragmatic way to test a lens that is to be used on 4x5 film because it allows you to identify the area where the image deteriorates to the point...
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