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    Lost a part for my Seal 550

    I managed to lose a thin nut that holds the trunnion shaft on my Seal Dry mount press. Anybody know of a source for parts for this press??
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    What should I do with this one?

    I have a Wollensak 12 in "multi focal lens, barrel with iris, great big brass lens, in good shape iris marked in even numbers 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 11.7EX.

    I was going to use this on a project...
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    Platinum/Palladium question

    Just about to get into pt/pd. Got most all I need but chemicals. B&S advertises a Sodium pt/pd mix for digital negatives.
    Anybody have experience with that? They also offer the traditional...
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    Re: Compendium for 8x10 Deardorff

    Never had a compendium as such, but the Lee wide filter holder did a great job. Large bellows and would fit any lens up to 105mm filter size.
  5. Wollensak veritas 10x12 is a convertible??

    I read online that the Wollensak I have for sale on this forum is a convertible, but it does not give any source to discover what focal lengths etc are available with only one element. If it is f6...
  6. Re: New Ries tripod with custom wood (Sapele)

    I like the Ries leg setup where you don't have to lock down the thumb screws to have it it perfectly stable condition. Michael Smith showed me that he doesn't tighten the screws very much, and that...
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    Hugo Meyer Goerlitz lens

    I sold my field 8x10, so I don't use this lens anymore. It is a 180mm f9 the lens has on it " Weitwinkel-Aristostigmat", sn; 328711.

    Sharkey mounted it for me in a Copal #1 press shutter a few...
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    Re: Is Zone VI really gold?

    Thanks guys-I will see how some light polishing works.
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    Is Zone VI really gold?

    Just got a nice Zone VI as my only field camera, and I noticed some of the fittings look like they could use a polishing.

    Are the fittings really gold plated? Will that rub off? (presuming it IS...
  10. Re: Anybody have experience with Cooke Soft focus lens?

    great picture, Evan- I shoot Rollei IR a lot, I will give that a try.
  11. Re: Anybody have experience with Cooke Soft focus lens?

    New ones are $3500, last time I looked a used one sold for $2990.00 They are seldom made, Badger takes a $500 deposit to even hold a place for a new one.
  12. Re: Anybody have experience with Cooke Soft focus lens?

    Many thanks. I have been tempted by digital as it is soooo easy compared to darkroom work, but it IS different. I will get out soon and shoot the types of subjects you mention. I need to build my...
  13. Re: Anybody have experience with Cooke Soft focus lens?

    I shot a scene that did not require a lot of movement, and never had any problems.
  14. Re: Anybody have experience with Cooke Soft focus lens?

    [QUOTE=gandolfi;886461]Cooke PS945 right?

    FL 229mm...
    Yep, my bad it is the PS 945.
  15. Anybody have experience with Cooke Soft focus lens?

    I have had a Cooke ps 229 for some years now, have only used it a bit, maybe twice.
    Anybody have serious experience with the lens? I don't do portraits, and the only time I had a good shot with...
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    Re: More Kodak discontinuations

    It might be of interest to the posters in this thread that the CEO of Kodak was voted
    worst CEO in America by a guy on CNBC. He is a marketing guy and has no clue about techincals.
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    Re: Toyo 5x7 Film Holders

    I no longer shoot enough LF to justify any new stuff. I can't believe it was 4 years!
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    Re: Holding a Speed Graphic steady

    You can shoot speed/crown graphics hand held all day long if the rf is synched properly.

    I have shot weddings back in the day and never had any issues with out of focus.

    The movement of the...
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    ARCA SWISS 5x7

    I haven't used my 5x7 Arca in several years, will probably sell it. It is a convert, was the old style, I added new function carriers and rail, and had Bob Watkins fit a bag bellows to it. I have...
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    Re: Microtek F1 (M1) ... again

    call the silverfast help line. Arne in Germany is really good to work with; their number is a Florida number, but hours are European.
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    Re: Vacuum easels...recommended?

    I use a Nuarc with their pump, works like a champ for contact printing for large negatives, especially large digital negatives.

    You should try local photo shops. They quite often have them...
  22. Re: Batch scanning with v750/Silverfast: help needed

    There is a pull down where you "apply to all frames". I have called the help number for silverfast, odd times as the dude is in Germany, very helpful guy named Arne, who patiently takes me through...
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    Good lab for color work

    I shoot 90% b/w and have my own darkroom. I shoot some slide and print color, however, and need a good lab for that. My local lab has gotten so I cannot rely on their quality control- last slides I...
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    Re: ASA/ISO in Large Format

    You will find a lot of 35mm shooters use 400 speed film, especially Tmax 400. They claim 16x20 enlargements of great quality. I don't enlarge 35mm that much but you can get really great prints out...
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    Re: built your own tripod?

    Can't say I would unless time was not a problem. I have a telescoping ash tripod with an aluminum column plus the huge Manfrotto head I would part with cheap.

    Reis is still my favorite.
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    Re: Infrared film in 120 format

    I have good results with the Rollei with a 720 filter, but as you say, very slow exposure times. The only way I know to have good infrared with high film speed is to have a IR converted digital...
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    Re: Azo problem

    I took a workshop with Michael and Paula a few years ago, he had his bulb hung from monofilament, and knotted for different formats. That said, indeed his negs are a lot more dense than those with...
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    Re: Rollei IR 400 film question

    I forgot- the tests were all in 4x5, shot with a Nikkor W 75mm lens.

    I really like the images I get from the unfiltered Rollei, and my only successful gallery entries so far have been Infrared...
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    Re: Rollei IR 400 film question

    Sandy, I have used the 720 filters most of the time with the Rollei IR, most of which was roll film.
    I was trying to get a good iso for some tmax and delta 100 I had on hand, and just shot a few...
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    Re: Rollei IR 400 film question

    I used xtol stock. The film is what they call superpanchromatic, which I am told means it is responsive to the IR spectrum as well as the regular spectrum that is covered by panchromatic films.
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    Rollei IR 400 film question

    I find this film to render more detail than any I have used. I was told it is "super panchromatic" is the reason. I have no idea of this term, and a google search yields
    No satisfaction.
    A lab...
  32. Re: Is Anyone Having Problems With Light Impressions?

    I don't think the complaints are working. I ordered some print boxes June 9, and when they did not show up, I called. Seems they don't have any and did not know when they could get some. No emails...
  33. Re: 8 x 10 film hangers - where to find them ?

    I have a set of one gallon tanks that have lids, so you can use hangers and have a daylight operation, that is if you are doing stand or semi stand development. Otherwise,
    it is in the dark.
  34. Re: Need something that's about 50% of Beyond the Zone System

    depending on which scanning software you use, some have densitometers in the software so you can adapt that to the BTZS or the Zone System, personally, St Ansel did not use BTZS and I don't find it...
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    Re: wheels and tripods

    Dunno about Canada, but here so many portrait shops have quit large format, the studio stands are abundant in the used market. They are VERY heavy, over 200# in some cases, but they roll nicely and...
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    Re: AZO Mounting

    Prints don't show well unless they are mounted. A small dry mount press, 11x14 should be found for less than $100 in a local shop.
    Spending the $$ for AZO, you should get one.
  37. Re: Help - How Remove Bellows From Kodak D2

    I had one of these years ago. I am pretty sure they are glued. Best bet is to get in touch with a bellows source, send them the whole thing and let them remove and replace the bellows. It won't...
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    Re: What is your tripod of choice?

    Best in open field:Reis. I sold mine and regret that.
    Best inside, the big Feisol. I don't like the "CF tripods or for that matter, any tripod that uses the twist collars for leg extension in cold...
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    Re: Repair Stripped screw holes

    Brings back the ghost of Ron Wisner. He said to put a toothpick in the hole and then cut it off flush. Also there is a product, Behlen Master Swel Lock, that you can put a drop in the hole and the...
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    Re: Experience with Zone VI tripod??

    sorry for the post. I see there were a number of reviews.
    no need to respond to my earlier post
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