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  1. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    Oh…dear. My assignment from hell.

    17 year old kid wanted me to photograph a pencil drawing for part of his art school application. Had to be on location as the drawing was huge (8X10 feet), ...
  2. Re: End grain glue joints versus side grain

    Side to side is always best if not augmented in some other way. End to end should always be augmented by either creating finger joints (which, in effect, creates a side to side attachment), or...
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    Re: Bellows glue

    Combination of contact cement and screwed-on strips. Be sure that the contact cement layers are thin (but still viable) and even, as a "blob" of glue can transmit light! The screwed on strips can...
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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor

    Ha! Just yesterday I noticed the array of shoes placed in front of my chair...a pair of Solomon light hikers (got'm for half price!) which I wear into town and for walks, my old chewed up Moabs...
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    Re: Large Format Channels on YouTube

    That woman...Lena? 11x14 Enlarger?
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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor still have all ten fingers?
  7. Re: How did they blacken the metal stops & caps of the Daguerre era lenses?

    Richard...ya gotta give us more details - otherwise "liver of sulfur" just sounds...really unappatizing!
  8. Re: Those platform gitzo heads with 2 tripod screws, what size front?

    Huge head-slap here...designed two tripod holes into the base of my L-45A (to offer best balance for selected lenses/focus distances), but - with no consideration for the "double screw" design of my...
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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor

    Got a 30gallon/175maxpsi/6cfm/min@90psi Huskey from HD awhile back...while "too big" for my otherwise huge v-groove ceiling project, I could nail all day and the thing wouldn't need to recharge. ...
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    Re: Heiland 8x10 enlarger

    That Heiland looks amazing...and I have every bit of confidence that its the cats pajamas! I say this after having not only seen many Heiland/Keinzle products up close - but also as I own a Heiland...
  11. Re: Bought a nice Linhof Master Technika Classic. Can I do the CLA myself to save mon

    Great suggestion above...learn/teach yourself how to fix/field-strip your gear - skills which can make the difference between coming home with actual results...or not! More than once I've needed to...
  12. Re: Bought a nice Linhof Master Technika Classic. Can I do the CLA myself to save mon

    To the OP...this is truly heartbreaking!

    I've been right where you are, and much worse, but in the long run have been thankful that my particular "bumps in the road" happened early in my career...
  13. Re: Nikkor-W 210mm old type 77mm filter ring has 37mm rise on 8x10"

    Makes no sense for that 210 macro to give such great coverage at infinity - especially if the margins are indeed sharp. Implies some sort of compromise for macro use - but then again?

    But if that...
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    Re: Film on a Plane: Check It or Carry-On?

    Kinda wish there could be a mechanism in a background check plus fee - which would give the "subscriber" a certificate to allow film to bypass anything that may cause it harm. Isn't...
  15. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    When I drove my wife's 2018 Subaru Forester (manual trans, thank goodness!) to our local dealership for scheduled service recently, I borrowed a loaner for the day - which happened to be the latest...
  16. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    In the late '90's through 2006...I made eight trips to Ethiopia where I made photos and videos for a foundation. Travelled through all the provinces and through some very beautiful and rugged...
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    Re: What's your windy day technique?

    Back in December of 2004, I accompanied Paul Wainwright to the summit of Mt. Washington (NH), where we spent a week testing equipment out in what is commonly referred to as “the worst weather in the...
  18. Re: Do you use a test strip or a test sheet when you print in darkroom?

    Hey...if that works for you, great - but I've had bad experiences in using paper from a different batch for testing...and would caution against this. Just sayin'!
  19. Re: Do you use a test strip or a test sheet when you print in darkroom?

    Probably an age-related thing...but more often than not - even though I can get all of those little bits of paper to look "perfect," the first attempt at a large print typically falls short. I can...
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    Re: What's your windy day technique? photo technique would be to cut to the chase - and go with the beer...hand-held of course! :rolleyes:
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    Re: Building a PVC sink: another approach

    Your PVC sink looks great!

    I do wonder about the perforated (under tray) you clean this on both sides after use? Looks like there are little "dimples" on outer surfaces which would act...
  22. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    Ha! I'd posted earlier on this very thread...not on a "similar" thread! (Jeesh...I wonder how many times this has happened to me on this forum?) :rolleyes:
  23. Re: Weather-related Resources---Post Your Favorites!

    Tide I can do this:



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    Re: B&W nature/landscape photography books

    E. Weston, A Adams, W. Bullock, R. Garrod, J. Sexton, B. Weston, P. al!
  25. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    Posted this in a similar thread some time ago...might sound bizarre to some but my little 944 (circa 1987) is great to work out of - holds a ton of stuff...has a huge hatch with a high floor which...
  26. Re: Schneider Corp. of America (Kern) Gold Dot Dagor 14" f/8 (355/8)

    Years ago I tested the latest Swiss Kern versions of the 14" Gold Dot Dagor and 14" Blue Dot Trigor on 11x14, both purchased concurrently (test both, sent one back) from Lens and Repro in the mid...
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    Re: Meter & f-stop discrepancy

    jeeesh..."half stops and a tweak" works fine for me - and is about all this old brain can manage!
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    Re: Leaving Kodak for Ilford paper developer

    ...another Moersch 4812 user here for the reasons Otto mentions above - plus its great for working in large, open trays...and when it does eventually die - it goes fast! Also make some use of...
  29. Re: Metering for the shadows with an incident light meter

    Ideally...if you can place your incident light meter within the shadow you want to meter (dome facing your lens), and then take a reflected reading off of your highest (important) highlight value,...
  30. Re: Large printing paper... e.g. 40x50" available anywhere?'d mentioned that your darkroom can handle large the above suggestion for Amazon indicates a misunderstanding about media (not all that uncommon these days!).

    I cut my...
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    Re: DIY 14X17" Camera with crazy ideas

    Hmmm...if you are thinking auto focus - would there be a way to also incorporate "auto tilt/swing?"

    This could incorporate a movable auto focus sensor (thinking of a wand which you'd insert into...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Brian...fantastic! That live oak photo is almost a huge wave about to crash down on my head! Nice use of a super-wide!

    I do have a question about the 12x20 image. If I'm guessing...
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    Re: Eastman Dry Plate Co. 5x7 View Camera?

    I would only be competing were my aim to create and place a similar product on the market myself.

    Hmmm...then again:

    But to the extent that I am occasionally successful in creating something...
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    Re: Eastman Dry Plate Co. 5x7 View Camera?

    Tim, sorry that I cannot help you with any camera info (maybe Jason Lane would know?)...but about those DIY dry plates - whose receipe are you following...and what ISO's are you aiming for? Just...
  35. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    At the end of the day, at least for "personal work," and in the realm of learning one's craft...I think consistency is the most important thing. Shutter speed accuracy makes no long...
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    Re: Advice request: cutter

    ....that would depend on the cheese!
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    Re: Avoiding purple tones with selenium...

    I'm completely with Neil on this one...I will only use selenium (or any other toner for that matter) if I absolutely feel that it actually helps a given image to achieve what I want it to visually. ...
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    Re: Advice request: cutter

    Whatever you use just make sure it doesn't leave a sharp, downward-turned edge on every other sheet of film - because if you are a tray shuffler then you might get some serious scratches. Just...
  39. Re: Now e-Bay wants my SSN and bank account info . . .???

    I must say that I've had real problems in the past with trying to sell gear "the old fashioned way," by only accepting personal checks or money orders, adding that the funds must clear my bank prior...
  40. Thread: Sculpture

    by John Layton

    Re: Sculpture

    William said it so eloquently...while I'm just sitting here - stunned and drooling. Basically I'm just blown away by this image...thank you!
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