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  1. Thread: Cable release

    by esearing

    Re: Cable release

    Put some red electrical tape on them for at least 4-5 inches (10-12cm) . Makes them easier to find if you drop them in a forest . Assumes you realized you dropped it and go back for it.
  2. Re: Question for yellow filter users: #8, #12 or #15?

    It depends where you live. The sky in the west is a different color than in the east. Haze in the Blueridge Mountains is different than the haze in the deserts/mountains of Nevada and Utah. City...
  3. Re: Newbie Question - Should I develop film myself or send it to a lab?

    To do anything in life you must have these 4 things: Time, Inclination(Desire), Money, and Energy. The ratio of each can vary but you must have all 4. The money requirement can be $0, but you...
  4. Re: Any Suggestions/Recommendations For A Lighter Field 4X5 Camera?

    +1 for the Chamonix N2. Small compact form when folded, light weight, comes with Fresnel + ground glass, and gear focus for front standard from rear of camera. Accepts lenses from 55mm-500mm. They...
  5. Re: Smallish back pack for Technika + 2 lenses + 3 film holders??

    Atlas Athlete. A very versatile photo pack with built in ICU. Shimoda possibly but I do not find it as comfortable as the the Atlas.
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    Re: FR corporation 4x5 developing tank

    I used one for years with HC-110 as my main developer at 1:49 or 1:63 dilutions. I also have the newer Yankee square tanks.
    To agitate you shake it side to side. It will slosh out some developer...
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    Re: Minimal Agitation article published

    For FP4+ 4x5 single sheet I had multiple Pyrocat HD failures at 3A+2B+495. Bumping up to 3.2A + 2.4B seemed to resolve the issues for a while. It could be related to water differences, tank shape...
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    Re: Best 4x5 camera to accommodate a 65mm lens?

    My list of cameras that work with a 65MM lens without a recessed board.

    Calumet Monorail - barely
    Ikeda Anba - bellows fully compressed, No movements without racking it out first.
    Shenhao HZ...
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    Re: Lens protection / Covers

    wraps are fine if you lenses are protected by the ICU in your pack. If you want individual cases search for Japan Lambda Case or Ruggard. A small divided ICU or Camera insert can hold a few lenses...
  10. Re: Roll film and Digital fixed lens camera habits-expectations imported into view ca

    I have trouble using small formats now. With LF I take a handful of shots in a day and its generally at a researched location. With an SLR/RF I can run through a roll of 36 in a day but still only...
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    Re: Darkroom workshop

    Clyde Butcher is in your neck of the woods and is a fine printer. Perhaps you could reach out to him or his staff.
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    Re: How many film holders?

    21 4x5 - I load 13 of them with FP4+ and the remainder have some Delta 100 , HP5, or Bergger 400. I carry 6 in the pack and have a case that holds another 6 if I hit a target rich area.
    3 5x12 ...
  13. Re: A few recent selenium toning notes with WTF

    Selenium I always mix working from stock just before use.
    Thiourea I make up concentrated stock solutions A (thiourea) and B (Sodium Hydroxide) and then dilute before use.
  14. Re: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

    An 8 foot piece of rope weighs a few ounces yet it can be used to anchor the lightest of tripods to the ground or a heavy pack. I have found it useful to secure my pack and/or tripod to a nearby tree...
  15. Re: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

    Save up for your dream gear and ignore the GAS and Gotta Have it Now syndrome.

    You can modify most heads to accept an arca style QR release and plate or even a video QR/plate. If you buy the...
  16. Re: High SBR: Comparing D-23 1:1 vs. Pyrocat-HD EMA

    If the situation calls for a 400 speed film, why would I want to shoot it at EI 150-200 and not have those extra two stops over my normal 100 speed film? HP5+ @400 with Pyrocat-M is about the best I...
  17. Re: Arca Swiss 8x10 - The Ultimate Carry Solution

    It isn't going to win any design awards but I applaud the effort. Where do you mount the tripod(s)? For smooth land use you could put on some tall wheels on the frame that are removable.
  18. Re: F-stop Mountain Series Lotus Backpack Review

    Nice review and a bag I was seriously considering. TIP If you tend to carry your camera on your tripod once you are at your location, flip the ICU so that lenses are on the bottom. On my Atlas pack...
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    Re: Backpacks for pano ULF

    I hate carrying water if I am walking a short distance. I keep some in the car usually. As for seeing shots... I may be able to go shoot soon but I am in middle of kitchen remodel and can not even...
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    Re: Backpacks for pano ULF

    I ended up purchasing a Shimoda Explore 60 pack with no inserts. I got a fair deal right at $200. I was thinking the extra 10 liters would allow me to carry more stuff when needed. This model has...
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    Re: how large (or small) are your prints?

    Mostly 8x10, sometimes 11x14, and a couple at 12x15. I prefer to be able to hold and view prints as well as easily store them. But if I were trying to sell prints I would likely print larger.
  22. Re: A few recent selenium toning notes with WTF

    #6 2nd row is same color as Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. #9 second row is close to SW Accessible beige. Both common interior paint colors for those obsessed with color coordination of their art and...
  23. Re: A few recent selenium toning notes with WTF

    IT helps to make an 8x10 test page with 1 second exposure increments to create various shades of grey, then cut into 1 inch strips, keep one untoned OR print a step wedge. Then you can tone the...
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    Re: Nelson gold toner and Warmtone Fiber

    You control the tone of Nelsons Gold toner by length of time and temperature. But used to full toning ability it is reddish-brown to brown depending on the volume of mid tones in the image. Color...
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    while I like the controller for my Multigrade 500 head, I miss the simplicity of an old school timer. I learned printing working in bursts of 3-4 seconds and could change filters between increments....
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    Re: Reveni spot meter

    Wonder how well it works in dim light. Morning in the forrest can get down to 2 - 4 EVs and you are reading a black background while viewing a dark wet rock or shadowed tree bark . I do not think...
  27. Re: ULF (and other sizes) Negative Slleves In Stock at Climax Photo

    Thanks - just ordered some 5x12 sleeves
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    Pondering the details

    During covid and cold whether I tend to think about photography rather than practice it. this lets me mentally prepare for what I might encounter in the field. Please add to the list your...
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    Re: How long can I keep film developer

    You can mix it just before use rather than ahead of time so you don't waste it. For the Pyrocat M I use, I get the water to temperature, and then add the parts A and B just before it goes in the...
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    Re: Summary Of Recent Work On Stand Development

    No EMA requires very dilute chemistry with long periods of development and 2-3 agitations. For many of the woodland/waterfall scenes I shoot I use more normal development dilution and times with...
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    Re: Summary Of Recent Work On Stand Development

    Some claim that the edge effects are the goal of EMA or semi-stand. And it makes sense that less agitation lets the developer exhaust in areas of high exposure faster than low exposure. But just...
  32. Re: B/W film & B/W chems - What's in your darkroom?

    film: FP4, Delta 100, Bergger 400, HP5
    paper: Ilford Classic MGFB and warmtone, Ilford ART, Bergger VC
    developers: Pyrocat M, Obsidian Aqua, PF Ansco 130, Diafine, HC-110, Ethol LPD
    stop bath:...
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    Re: How long can I keep film deveopper

    Per Ilford - ILFOTEC DD-X is supplied as a liquid concentrate for one-shot use. Should be diluted 1+4 with water before use. ILFOTEC DD-X working strength solutions should not be kept for more than...
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    Re: Summary Of Recent Work On Stand Development

    Were your tests single sheet of 4x5 or multiple sheets? Dilution matters once you add more sheets.

    EMA works great as long as your Pyrocat HD is relatively fresh. After six months you will need...
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    Re: Dark cloths on ebay

    Home made with 2 layers of fabric - Cheap. I also have a very light weight thermal (silver) blanket from the hospital but it is not light proof, but is adequate. You can buy silver emergency...
  36. Re: A questionnaire pertaining to analog zine dreams

    I asked myself the same question in 2005 when digital was all the rage and PDF zines were the new portfolio. I still have my prints from then (and the early 1980s), the digital files are on a hard...
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    Re: Backpack for 11x14 Camera

    FYI those portage packs are not waterproof - However a good large trash bag is, so pack a couple of those with your gear. The food pack is a little deeper but also slightly smaller depending on...
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    Re: Backpacks for pano ULF

    Found something interesting. Mammut has two different backpacks with similar name.

    Trion 50L [$125] is a light weight ski oriented rear opening pack that has no ICU . It comes in one size but...
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    Re: Lenshood for Large Format Lenses

    I have a rubber collapsable screw on hood that works with my 135mm and above. I use step up rings with it to fit smaller lenses. shorter formats I use my hand or the slide.

    like this one...
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    Re: Help Request : Film Choice

    when I restarted LF a few years ago the instructor pushed HP5 but shoot at 200 and cut development time from the charts. It may have worked for her, but I often ended up with muddy blah negatives....
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