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  1. Re: The Problem with Modern Lenses.. transfered to those new to view camera image mak

    What is the problem? A lens can't be 'too sharp' anymore than one's tripod can't be 'too stable.'
  2. Re: Is it possible to print with 4x5 negs using a LPL 7700 enlarger?

    LPL7700 is a nice contemporary enlarger. If the price is right, that enlarger and a rollfilm back for your 4x5 would make a good combination.
  3. Re: Film Developing Rant and CineStill DF96 Monobath - Am I Lazy?

    Oh boy, the drudgery of darkroom work...I agree...reminds me of when I spent hours and hours doing old-fashioned brush paint work. Until I found something I can complete a painting in a...
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    Re: Foot candle to aperture and ISO.
  5. Re: Show Your Compendium Shade on a Field Camera Thread...

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    Re: Lightleak: from where + what to do?

    HB is Hasselblad? In that case your dark slide comes in from the same side as your light leak. Might want to check there.
  7. Thread: DIY Basebord?

    by ic-racer

    Re: DIY Basebord?

    I made a false baseboard that is adjustable and it fits over the main baseboard. I actually don't use it anymore because I subsequently shimmed the column, like the service manual indicated. That...
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    Re: Hang it Dang it

    I guess if it were vertical, rain and snow could collect on the window, affecting exposure times....
    Either way Drew would not is not a well regulated light source....
  9. Re: Does extending the center column accomplish the same thing as front rise?

    Of course it will work, but you will need a very long center column. Depending on your lens focal length and the distance to the subject, one millimeter of front rise might take a meter of center...
  10. Re: Show Your Compendium Shade on a Field Camera Thread...

    Of course this thread is about internal reflections that do not fall diffusely on the image. But a diffuse reflection would indeed be called 'flare.' This can be easily measured with a can or box in...
  11. Re: Headless LF Enlargers Rise UP!.....................LED

    As an enlarger fanatic myself, I follow Tin Can's threads, but I thought Tin Can had already figured out a good LED source with a LED panel. Is that not working out?
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    Re: Internal Bellows Reflections

    I made this, but due to COVID surge, had very little time for photography this last summer to use it. The few times I went out I was working in a wooded area. ...
  13. Poll: Re: Poll: How do you process large format black and white film?

    For sure this always.
  14. Re: 355mm G-Claron verses 14" GOERZ WA Process Blue Dot TRIGOR

    Why not get a lens of longer or shorter focal length than the 355mm.
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    Re: Durst CLS 1840 shutter diagram

    My CLS2000 shutter is closed all the time and only opens during exposure.
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    Re: Durst 138s lensboard question

    Mounting contemporary lenses to the Tripla can be a challenge. The Tripla was primarily intended to be fitted with the silver Componon lenses in various cones. Turns out these cones only fit the...
  17. Re: Over the years - sheet film holders question - your most preferred and maintenanc

    By some standards my collection of large format film holders is small at around 30 holders of various brands. I can't say I have any that are bad. Over the years I suspect all my light strikes and...
  18. Re: Should Kodak/Fuji rethink color sheet film for room temp processing?

    Scanning seems to make no sense to me. Why not just use a digital camera in the first place. Also, since it is easier to heat water on a simple closed loop electronic circuit (rather than COOL...
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    Re: Anyone Use Shanghai GP3 Film in 4x5 and 8x10

    I shot 3 boxes of this film in 8x10 since I posted above.
    Some examples:
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    Re: Durst Laborator 1200 Alignment

    If it is really far out of alignment there may be some structural damage to your enlarger. Id look for damage and try to fix that first.

    Otherwise, if you are having issues, you could try to make...
  21. Re: Replacement Batteries for a Horseman Exposure Meter 6x9 with an Adapter for 4x5

    I usually only use mine for close up when I don't want to be bothered calculating or measuring magnification. Also seems every time I use it I'm using a different assortment of batteries. I try to...
  22. Re: About red safelights. How much red is damaging for the paper

    I know video editing is tedious but if you are shooting digital, then faking it should be no problem. Even grade school children could make an image appear on white paper with a pre-written...
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    Re: Schneider APO-Tele Xenar HM 800 f/12?

    One can take a picture of anything that reflects or radiates light.
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    Re: Custom parts for lens adapters, etc.

    I have made a few one-off parts by hand. Like this lever for the Graflok back of my 4x5 camera.

    Will keep you in mind if I need something done on a lathe or 3-d printer as I don't have either of...
  25. Re: Does a new luxury 8x10 camera make sense in 2021?

    Probably the most desirable, innovative and expensive camera ever produced in the USA....
  26. Re: Does a new luxury 8x10 camera make sense in 2021?

    This day and age is the end of the 'good old days' when large format equipment was thrown away or given away for free. Yes, 'this day and age' one has to 'pay to play. '
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    Re: Why no 180mm's for 8x10?

    Nice lens. In fact it is on my camera right now, it was the last lens I was using.

  28. Re: feedback on 8x10 camera from Vist camera in Vilnius?

    Someone will want this.
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    Re: 8X10 Elwood Mural Enlarger

  30. Re: Source for 42mm retaining ring for Componon S 150 amd Omega lens mount?

    I have the same 150mm/42mm lens on the same lensboard. I was able to get a narrow locking ring in there ok.
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    Re: Durst CLS 1840 color head questions

    I did not even remove the lamp or the reflector. It traveled fine in the back of my station wagon (estate) for 5 hours and 300 miles.

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    Re: Durst CLS 1840 color head questions

    I resisted the urge to open mine up any more than needed for the electrical repairs. Since the filters are mirrors, I treat them like 35mm SLR mirrors...don't touch unless absolutely necessary!
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    Re: Durst CLS 1840 color head questions

    I have not measured mine. Do you have a broken filter?
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    Re: Horseman 45FA / Horseman 45HF

    I almost bought the Chinese bellows but the picture looks like the pleats are much bigger than the original. Is this true?
  35. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    If one separates a photograph from its medium it becomes something else.
    Digital is different, because there is no 'medium.' Binary is not a 'medium' it is an abstraction.
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    Re: Notched Film Holders, Examples

    I have some Riteway locking film holders that have the little number wheel. I just bought some 8x10 holders for $$$ and see that 4x5 holders are still reasonably priced.

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    Re: 150mm f5.6 Symmar-S Image Circle

    I used a Symmar-S 210mm (IC 294) on 8x10 for a few years. There are some tricks like back tilt that relax a format's coverage criteria. Other times, there was nothing to resolve in the upper right or...
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    Re: De Vere Enlarger

    That machine might be a little overkill to enlarge a 6x6cm negative to 36". I have some medium format table top enlargers that can do that.
    I know with my 8x10 enlarger, it is a lot easer to use it...
  39. Re: Fujinon EX 135mm enlarging lens not fitting 53mm lens board.

    The drum sanding wheel seems to work best for me on aluminum.

  40. Re: Fujinon EX 135mm enlarging lens not fitting 53mm lens board.

    Enlarge the hole a little and you should be fine.
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