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    Re: Benro Pan Tilt Head - Real?

    I'll just quote Sir Frederick Henry Royce, of Rolls-Royce fame:
    "The quality remains after the price is forgotten."
    Caveat: I've never used anything made by Benro (or Rolls-Royce for that matter)....
  2. Re: Schneider SA 58mm Xl vs Schneider SA 65mm f5.6

    The 65mm used to be the widest (modern) lens you could get for 4x5. People would adapt a 58mm Rodenstock (from the 2x3 Graflex XL) to 4x5 and it worked, more or less. The 58mm in question came along...
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    Re: Problem with Pyrocat HD from PF

    The chemists and researchers at Kodak (and the other big photo companies) put a great deal of time and effort, mostly decades ago, into making sure that their developers and other photo chemicals...
  4. Re: Need Advice Re : First ever visit to South Rim of GrandCanyon in January

    I'm sure you'll have a great time; it's a magical place. Best of luck!
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    Re: 12" Goerz Dagor?

    The Dagor lens design was in production for about 90 years, by numerous manufacturers, not just the various Goerz companies. So their story is long and complicated; probably no one knows all the...
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    Re: 12" Goerz Dagor?

    Note: Goerz "red dot" lenses are Apochromatic Artars; process lenses, not the Dagor formula.
    You should look on the front page of this site, which contains a lot of info on older lenses, including...
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    Re: Where did all the Caltars go?

    You probably know that there were four manufacturers who sold lenses to Calumet, branded as "Caltars".
    First was Ilex Optical from Rochester, made in the 1970s. Greg's 508/7 is one of these; there...
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    Re: Giving up the view camera---am I nuts?

    To quote the late Bill Jay, "The Subject Matters". Make photographs you like of subjects that are important to you... and use the tools suited to that task. And make no excuses about the gear!
  9. Re: Happy New Year from Kodak via Michael Raso...Kodak Price Increase

    As I understand it, these days all Kodak film is manufactured in Rochester. Sounds to me like the FPP is a dealer. Fair Lawn, NJ is part of the New York City metropolis, and for many years Kodak...
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    Re: How Big Enlarge How BIG Copy for WEB

    "How big can film be optically enlarged?" Using a Kodak Beacon Precision Enlarger, you could get 153x magnification. That was from small sections of aerial reconnaissance negatives. I used and...
  11. Re: kodak ortho film, know anything?

    Mr. Beasley is correct... it was made for graphic arts use. Basically its H-D curve is vertical. Two tones: base+fog and D-max.
    (note) All the Kodalith films (there were many types for specific...
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    Re: Store in washington

    Ace Photo, out in the far-western suburbs (Sterling VA). It's about 7-8 years since I've been there, though.
  13. Re: Zone VI Wide Angle Bellows - Return or Keep?

    Some thoughts after 27 years with a Z-VI:
    1) My Z-VI bag bellows have no label.
    2) Mine have failed (and were easily fixed) where the pleats meet the bag. (They are inflexible in the cold.) Never...
  14. Re: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    The tide chart book for Massachusetts is called "Eldridge's", IIRC. It's published yearly (since the 19th century) and should be available at any boat shop.
    Full of all sorts of useful information...
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    Re: Are all Goerz Double Anastigmats Dagors?

    It may be that the Goerz' customers didn't care much about the label. If they needed that ultra-wide field of view, the Hypergon was their only choice.
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    Re: 90mm 4x5 lens advice needed

    Is this a personal project, or are you planning to shoot for clients? If the latter, proper lighting will help with lens falloff issues.
    That said, I photographed architecture professionally from...
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    Re: 90mm 4x5 lens advice needed

    Are you planning to do professional work for clients, or will this be a personal project? Or put another way, will you be lighting these interiors?
    If you will be using lights, they can do a lot to...
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    Re: Technical Pan

    The basic issue is that TP is a high-contrast film. Taming that contrast, by using special low-contrast developers, is a difficult (and usually losing) proposition. The nice thing about LF is that...
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    Re: Ansco 130 - 1:1 or 1:2?

    When I tested, and used, F-130 in the 1990s I found that 1:2 worked well, but that a 3-minute development time was best. And certainly it worked better at warmer temps.
    I gave up using it in my...
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    Re: Bowens Gemini 500ws ... Profoto

    Balcar is long out of business... Bowens may be gone as well; I think they were owned by Calumet. Profotos are very impressive professional-grade units. That elusive "quality of light" issue is often...
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    Re: Info request on Zone VI camera

    The Z-VI bag bellows are pleated near the rear standard and "baggy" near the front. A sometime problem with this camera's bellows is that they are made of a plastic which stiffens in cold weather......
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    Re: Info request on Zone VI camera

    That looks like the last, "ultralight" model offered by Calumet (who had bought Z-VI from Fred Picker). So made around the late 1990s. The earlier model (non- ultralight) had gold-plated brass...
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    Re: My first 4x5 photo

    Your exposure looks ok, focus falls on your dog's eye, composition is effective. A good start, keep working.
  24. Re: "The Other City" exhibition by Thom Bennett

    Man, there's a lot going on in New Orleans. Congratulations Mr. Bennett! I'm sure your show will be a highlight; I wish I could attend.
  25. Re: portrait lens that will fold inside crown graphic

    240mm on 4x5 equals, more or less, the 70mm f.l. on 35mm. But any 240 you can find won't close on a Graphic.
    Perhaps a Goerz 9-1/2" f/9 Artar... but that lens is razor-sharp and a slow f/9 to boot....
  26. Re: Wista VX + Kodak Ektar 8 1/2 inch lens - lensboard?

    per SK Grimes, the proper lens board hole diameter for your Ilex No.3 is 1.985".
    The Ilex is smaller than the more common Copal or Compur #3 shutters, which may cause some confusion in searching....
  27. Re: Wista VX + Kodak Ektar 8 1/2 inch lens - lensboard?

    That shutter should fit on a standard 'Technika' style board with no problem. You just need one with a hole drilled for an Ilex #3. Shouldn't be too hard to find one; check at SK Grimes' site, they...
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    Re: Suddenly in Manhattan?!

    I took a view camera out on the streets of New York fairly regularly from about 1984-2001. Was never hassled by any cops, once or twice by a panhandler.
    I did stay out of Times Square (and midtown...
  29. Re: Replacements for Edwal FG-7 & Neofin Blue

    I saw this and was intrigued. Went to the Formulary site, and among many exotic developers for sale found nothing related to either one. And they are happy to describe many of their products as...
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    Re: Found Photographs

    NW2Wheeler, per goamules' post #665, "about 1957".
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    Re: Using TXP 320

    Apples vs. oranges on speed, grain, and resolution alone. TXP is an old-school fast film, and TMX is the first of the tabular super-fine grain films. Whether you prefer the 'look' (curve shape) of...
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    Re: Using TXP 320

    TXP320 was my choice in sheet film from 1981-2010. So I have some experience with it... I used HC-110 'B' in trays for some years in the 1980s but the development times were very short. Went to...
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    Re: Photographs of Historic Buildings

    Nicely seen, Mr. Graham!
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    Re: Photos From Nikkor 360/500/720?

    Great photo, Arne. I would like to have a 500/11 Nikkor-T for my kit; I see plenty of pictures these days where it would be the F.L. of choice. Maybe I'll find one in 2020...
  35. Re: Alert about a possible problem batch of Xtol

    It's a shame that Kodak should have had such troubles with XTOL, as I think that it's a great developer. When I worked at Kodak and XTOL was new, we tested it against our then-standard developers...
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    Re: Greetings from the Isle of Mull

    Welcome aboard! Don't be afraid to share some of your photos from a very beautiful part of the world.
  37. Re: transporting a Sinar Standard/Norma 4x5 in the field

    The issue with carrying the F-series Sinars is that big rail clamp. The Norma clamp is more compact and that makes it possible to get it in that Tamarac case.
  38. Re: transporting a Sinar Standard/Norma 4x5 in the field

    I carry my Sinar Norma in a 27-year-old Tamrac case with foldaway shoulder straps and belt. Not the best for real backpacking but it has worked all those years, although I rarely go more than a mile...
  39. Re: Wollensak 7inch 4.5 Velostigmat looking for front barrel or measurements

    It may have been originally fitted into an Alphax or Betax shutter. LFPF member 'Whir-Click' may be able to help with details; there's a lot of Wollensak info on his site... might be
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    Re: post your trees!

    Well played, Mr. Galli.
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