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  1. Re: Making, not Taking: Portrait Photography in the 19th Century

    Thanks for this Oren. We will be visiting our son who lives in Somerville in a couple weeks and will make a point of seeing the exhibit.
  2. Re: Hypo Clearing Agent = Ilford Washaid? I am confused!

    As is Heico Wash Aid. That said I use 1 tablespoon of Sodium Sulfite in a liter of water and mix it fresh for each darkroom session. No shelf life worries...
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    Re: vBulletin change

    Just to jump on the bandwagon, all is good here. I am on Firefox and High Sierra 10.13.6
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    Re: The Road

    Last month in Waukegan, Illinois

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    Re: Soap stone darkroom sink?

    I think it's an interesting choice., soapstone has been used in chemistry labs for a long time and surely will be impervious to darkroom chemicals. Cost of course is relative—what's expensive for one...
  6. Re: "Ansel Adams and Richard Wasserman: From The Mountains To The Prairies"

    Thank you all once again!
  7. Re: "Ansel Adams and Richard Wasserman: From The Mountains To The Prairies"

    Thank you all for your kind words, they mean a lot. And Francis I will put you on my announcement list.

    I first proposed my work to the museum back in 2013. At that time they liked it a lot and...
  8. "Ansel Adams and Richard Wasserman: From The Mountains To The Prairies"

    The Bess Bower Dunn Museum of Lake County Illinois will host the exhibit "Ansel Adams and Richard Wasserman: From The Mountains To The Prairies" which will open in September of this year and run...
  9. Re: 300mm lens on Linhof Master Technika

    If anything you will have a larger image circle the closer you focus, although at the bellows extensions we're talking about the difference will be negligible. Macro is another story...

    A 300mm...
  10. Re: 300mm lens on Linhof Master Technika

    I put my 300mm Docter Optics Apo-Germinar on my Technika MT2000 and extended the bellows to about 14.5 inches to the shutter. The camera was focused at about 7 feet. I could have extended the bellows...
  11. Re: Some naive questions about helicoid focusing for large-format

    I generally stop down 2 stops from the settings I use on the scale. So if I put the infinity mark at f/8 I set the lens at f/16, and assume my depth of field is what it would be at f/8. This works...
  12. Re: Some naive questions about helicoid focusing for large-format

    I think the helicoid in your camera simply needs to be adjusted to focus correctly. It sounds as if when you set the camera at infinity it is focusing closer than that. I use a CamboWide 750 and...
  13. Re: Precision Camera Works is moving to California

    Bob told me that his girlfriend got a job in California and that he can operate his business just about anywhere as long as USPS, UPS, AND FEDEX can reach him. He seemed pretty excited to be leaving...
  14. Re: Precision Camera Works is moving to California

    Thanks Oren. I saw Bob 2-3 months ago and he mentioned he was moving. I didn't know he required surgery, but that certainly explains the delay. I wish him well, he is a treasure.
  15. Re: Durst 138 which color heads can work?

    My Durst 138 has a CLS 301 color head. According to the Operating Manual you can also use a CLS 300 head. I hope this helps
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    Maria Isabel LeBlanc

    was featured on today. She is a large and medium format user and darkroom printer. I really liked her workó
  17. Re: Should I Drum Scan, X1 Flextight Scan, or use the Epson V850 w/Aztek Wet Mount Ki

    If you really want to print 6x8 feet I think you must use drum scans. I use an older Imacon Flextight that has similar results to an X1 and found it to be a significant step up from a 4990 Epson...
  18. Re: Linhof Technika's wide angle focusing device broken

    Yes it is
  19. Re: Zero Centering Yardstick - where to buy

    Mcmaster Carr, of course (they have everything)
  20. Re: Too late, too expensive for this year, but maybe the next? Little Italy and Autum

    All the descriptions of driving in Boston are spot on, I've had many fun adventures there. A few years (pre-GPS) ago my wife and I had hotel reservations downtown and found it impossible to get...
  21. Re: Kodacolor Introduction Party 1928

    You’re right Randy. I’m done
  22. Re: Kodacolor Introduction Party 1928

    I don't want to totally hijack this thread, but didn't the Germans deploy them in much greater numbers than anyone else in WWI? At least early on.
  23. Re: Kodacolor Introduction Party 1928

    Yes, and the Germans had much more time than the Americans to figure out how to use them most effectively.
  24. Re: Kodacolor Introduction Party 1928

    Thanks Randy. Color movies must have been a revelation. Interesting that John Pershing and Hiram Maxim were honored guests. The inventor of the modern machine gun and the man who's troops had it used...
  25. Re: Gitzo 1349 Mountaineer Sticky Leg

    Thanks Peter!
  26. Re: Gitzo 1349 Mountaineer Sticky Leg

    What lubricant is recommended for the metal threads?
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    Re: Straight Edges

    Look at straightedges from McMaster Carr. They have them up to 10 feet long.
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?

    Thank you so much Roger.
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?

    That's a fine looking photo Roger!

    Chicago is a treasure trove of iron bridges and has 52 moveable ones in total of which about 40 are still in operation. I believe only Amsterdam has more...
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    Re: Barbara Crane


    I met Ms. Crane at a party many years ago. I believe the meeting was more memorable for me than it was for her. She will be missed.
  31. Re: Learning about environmental portraiture - which photographers should I study?

    Les Krims "Making Chicken Soup", "The Deerslayers", "The Little People of America"

    Not as serious and dour as August Sander, et al...
  32. Re: Hi from the Northwest Suburbs (Chicago)

    A slightly belated welcome! I'm about 30 minutes east of you
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    Re: Hi from Boston!!

    Welcome from nearby Chicago. Our son is moving to Boston in 2 weeks, does that count?
  34. Re: replacement pad for Seal masterpiece 500 Dry Mount Press?

    I personally think it is best to just figure out how to buy the correct pad, but would like to add that not all felt is made from wool. It can be produced from synthetic fibers which I assume would...
  35. Re: Avoiding harassment when shooting in the street

    Or you can use Simon Norfolk's camouflage when he photographed in Afghanistan in the early 2000s. He wore Hawaiian shirts and shorts—he wanted everyone to see him and think he was a bit of a harmless...
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    Re: Sources for Stainless Trays?

    I would suggest starting a new thread on the yellowing problem you are having as I doubt that it is caused by plastic trays. Sounds more like maybe insufficient fixing, or an agitation issue. Photos...
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    Re: Washers and Knobs

    I can't help with the knobs, but I had a similar problem with a Tahihara i used to own. I used fiber washers topped by thin stainless steel ones. I got them from—get ready—McMaster Carr. The only...
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    Re: Sources for Stainless Trays?

    Maybe a restaurant supply house, although the alloy might not be what you need.

    The oxidization on plastic trays does no harm—it can be a badge of honor showing long hours perfecting your craft....
  39. Re: exposed film

    In my limited experience the police know the laws pertaining to photography much better than the average citizen. I have had several pleasant chats with officers from various jurisdictions—a couple...
  40. Re: John Sanderson: Carbon County on Lenscratch

    You're welcome John. I think you are doing some very interesting work and am glad that it is getting the exposure it deserves.
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