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  1. Re: A question on FS rule enforcement

    I'm very new, but not young. Learned a ton already, and bought a few items at good prices. Always a few goodies thrown in--probably because of the sense of community. Nice in these times.

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    Re: Stearman Press SP-810

    Just watched a new Stearman video last night where Tim makes the point that unlike with the SP-445, you don't have to fully dry out the 8x10 tank. Thanks for the review. Here's his link:
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    Re: Copal 0 shutter accuracy

    Bernice, it is replies like this one that I just learn so much from. I too am just beginning ("wasting" sheets), and I have learned a great deal already from you experienced LF photographers. Really...
  4. Re: Seeking LF tutoring in Seattle area

    Thanks to all who responded! I'm regrouping after rushing to take holiday visitor photos a little before i was entirely prepared. Delighted at my subjects' willingness to sit for portraits. A few...
  5. Re: First 4x5 sheets and first failures :-( Need Help on one sheet

    I am also super new, about ten sheets developed so far. Using the SP-445; it is really easy, even for me. No experience with any other method, but seems particularly beginner friendly. I have goofed...
  6. Re: Seeking LF tutoring in Seattle area

    Wow, what a thoughtful response, agregov! I will definitely follow up on these. Thanks!

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  7. Re: Seeking LF tutoring in Seattle area

    Yes, another good idea. Thanks! I am going to attend their printing workshop if I don't have to work. [emoji846]

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  8. Re: Seeking LF tutoring in Seattle area

    Good idea.

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  9. Seeking LF tutoring in Seattle area

    I just received my Intrepid 4x5 camera, my first LF camera. I had considered taking a workshop, but difficult to find one dedicated to LF. Then I realized individual tutoring might be better than a...
  10. Re: Elinchrom Ranger rX Experience ? Tell me Please.

    I am so new to LF that I don't even have my camera yet! Still trying to understand powerful lighting systems. But Godox has the QS1200ii at 1200WS and 9.5 pounds. Though this is 120V AC, not so...
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