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  1. Re: Lightroom - How to Improve Speed/Performance

    Adobe has several pages on optimizing all aspects of Lightroom:
  2. Seeking feedback on HP DesignJet 130

    I purchased the HP 130nr several weeks ago, and have just completed a very careful comparison of three test files printed on the LightJet 5000 (Fuji Crystal Archive matte), the Epson 9600 (Epson...
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    Expensive"oops" moments

    Years ago, before I had a permanent set-up for photographing large, two-dimensional works of art, I occasionally had to photograph big architectural drawings spread out on the floor using a...
  4. Anyone Using Beattie on Arca-Swiss 6x9 FC?

    Christophe, I'm using an Arca-Swiss F-metric 6x9 primarily for architectural photography, which means that I'm often dealing with problematically dim interiors. I use the A-S binocular reflex ...
  5. Vertical banding with Epson 1270 on a 13X19 print.

    Pete, You don't specify which OS you're working under, but I found that running Macintosh OS 9, my previous Epson 1200 was unpredictably sensitive to various software settings before I learned how...
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    Lee Wide Angle Hood - How Wide?

    I just converted the Arca-Swiss rear standard to 4x5, and made a quick 4x5 Polaroid outdoors with the 55 f4/5 Apo-Grandagon lens. With that lens, I was able to extend the wide angle compendium...
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    Lee Wide Angle Hood - How Wide?

    Paul, I have been delighted with the Lee wide angle compendium on an Arca-Swiss F-metric 6x9. Since I use this camera primarily for architectural interiors, and often in New York in extremely...
  8. Color negatives for architectural journals?

    Last October, I posted a question about using these films (the thread is archived under "Films:" "Fuji NPS, NPL for architectural interiors"), and I now have a follow-up question regarding ...
  9. Arca Swiss F-line Metric w/ Orbix?

    Ted, I have the F-Metric 6x9 with the 30 cm telescopic rail and the orbix option and I think it is an absolutely superb design. To speed set-up, I store the front and rear function carriers and ...
  10. What's your best/worst/most embarrassing LF experience?

    A year ago I was hired to photograph an important collection of contemporary art that was being donated to a university. I needed practically every piece of gear I owned: all my lighting ...
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    Dumping the ballhead.

    The L. S. Starrett company is an old American firm that specializes in machinist's tools. They make a wide variety of levels, some with an accuracy of thousandths of an inch, and some which are...
  12. Need help with ICC profiles/color management

    One of the best sources of information I found when I was setting up Photoshop and learning to understand a ColorSync workflow was the Inkjetmall web site:
  13. Did anyone get the Arca Swiss C1 Cube?
  14. Architecture photo techniques book. Which one?

    A year ago I decided to enlarge my repertoire of large format techniques (and clients!), by seriously studying and practicing architectural photography, and so I went about purchasing every ...
  15. Can gelatin filters be used with the standard Lee filter holder?

    Erik, You can use 100 mm gelatin filters, but you'll need to purchase a set of the Lee 100 x 100 mm plastic filter mounts (Lee CM-100, pack of 10 mounts). I use a large number of the Lee 100 mm...
  16. Exposure latitude color neg. vs. color chrome film.

    In the October 1994 issues of "Camera & Darkroom," Joe Englander describes what appears to be a very elegant procedure for determining a personal exposure index that correlates to an evaluation of...
  17. HELP! I dropped my meter (Pentax spot,zone) in the lake.

    Richard Ritter is one of the original Zone VI team members, and I have routinely used his services calibrating the Zone VI modified/Pentax digital spot meters. He has a web site: ...
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    Radioactive Lenses

    I had no problem using the URL above to read the response. However, I did remove the spurious period at the end of the line when I cut as pasted the address into my browser.
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    Shipping matted/frammed prints

    I'm a painter and photographer, and routinely ship large works on paper using a spectacularly intelligent system called "Print Pads," and sold by Masterpak in New York ( ...
  20. Need info on purchase of NEW lens

    I purchased an extensive Arca-Swiss system and a number of Rodenstock lenses from Robert White this year. For shipping extensive orders, we used International FedEx Express or UPS Worldwide...
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    Airport Security Inspections

    According to Kodak, the problem isn't that an operator can dial up the intensity of the X-fay, it is that new machines such as the InVision CTX-5000SP are coming on line which use beam...
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    Airport Security Inspections

    I've just returned to Detroit after shooting an architectural photography job in New York, and was very glad that I had decided in advance not to try to carry film with me any longer. I suspected...
  23. Fuji NPS, NPL for architectural interiors

    When photographing architectural interiors, I normally use Fuji transparency films (Provia 100F, Astia and RPT II). Earlier this year, however, I started using Fuji NPS and NPL to make "backup"...
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    Arca Catalogue - filter holders

    The most complete listing on the web that I'm familiar with is that of "The F/Stops Here", which has recently moved to Illinois (tel: 815/459-642). They have most of the Arca-Swiss catalogue ...
  25. Apo Grandagon f 4.5 55 mm need Centerfilter?

    Sorry, I can't understand why that URL doesn't seem to work. The reference is to a posting in the "Lenses: current/modern," under "Center weighted filter for f/4.5 65mm Grandagon".
  26. Apo Grandagon f 4.5 55 mm need Centerfilter?

    Armin, I use both the 35 and the 55 Apo-Grandagon on an Arca-Swiss F-Metric 6x9 for architectural photography. I find I need the filter virtually always for the 35 mm lens, but only rarely on the...
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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    I realize that one of the beauties of a forum like this is that it can serve as a quick and dirty exchange of information, but isn't there some virtue in taking the care to shape something like...
  28. Who use the Macro-Sinaron SE 5,6/180 ?

    Gauthier, it looks as though you are perhaps confused about magnification ratios. Magnification is usually calculated as the ratio of film size to subject size, and for 4x5 we use 12 cm (the long...
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    polaroid back on Linhof TK23

    I'm afraid that I don't have any experience with the Linhof TK23, but I ran into the same thing earlier this year with a new Arca-Swiss F-Metric 6x9. On that camera, the clearances are such that...
  30. Loaded Sheet Film and Airport Carry On X-Ray Machines

    This is very annoying. Simply pasting the full URL for the Kodak page into the "Post an Answer" box for this forum breaks the line at the word "xray", and apparently inserts a "space" character. As...
  31. Loaded Sheet Film and Airport Carry On X-Ray Machines

    Paul is correct, an extra space in the word "xray" crept into my prior post for the URL of the Kodak page on X-rays. The correct URL is:
  32. Loaded Sheet Film and Airport Carry On X-Ray Machines

    I came across this on the web this morning, and it would rather appear to change the rules of the game for safely moving film around. I've included a couple of paragraphs here, but the whole piece...
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    Where can i find a grey card?

    The best gray cards I've ever seen or used are the ones made by PhotoSystems, Inc., in Dexter, Michigan (they are also the manufacturers of Unicolor chemistry) and I've been using theirs for at...
  34. Fogged edge on 665 P/N film, dark slide problem?

    I also have a new Arca-Swiss Polaroid back that I use on an F-Metric 6x9 camera. So far I have only used my back for proofing with Polaroid print film, but I have never had any problem with fogged...
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    framing and matting

    The framing of works on paper is a complicated subject, but here are a few suggestions. For a through background, here is a good PDF file you might want to download and print: ...
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    Massive Slide Scanning

    I recently set up a digital imaging system for a group of plastic surgeons here in Ann Arbor, with a Nikon LS-2000 for slide scanning. At 2700 dpi, the Nikon produces much better scans than Kodak...
  37. Center weighted filter for f/4.5 65mm Grandagon

    Ellis, I recently purchased two Rodenstock lenses, the 55 f/4.5 Apo-Grandagon and the 75 mm f/4.5 Grandagon-N for use with my Arca-Swiss 6x9 camera, and I decided to go ahead and get the...
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    Unsharp mask info

    I didn't see the post you saw, but here's a site with helpful information about unsharp masking in Photoshop:
  39. Which Color Synchronisation on CD's ??

    There is a lot to know about this subject, but it's not so hard to get started anymore. Try doing some reading on the Apple web site and you can learn a great deal:
  40. Large format rental in Detroit Area

    I'm in Ann Arbor, and can tell you that Studio Center has indeed closed under its prior management, and become Dave's Photo Emporium (tel: 734/827-0080), but it is now primarily a venue for used...
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