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  1. How to shoot HABS/HAER projects without Polaroid or Fuji in 2020

    I have the opportunity to shoot a HABS job later this year and haven't used the old 4x5 since before we lost Polaroid and Fujiroid. How is getting a good exposure being handled in 2020? Are you...
  2. Re: Shooting HABS/HAER Without Instant Polaroid/Fuji

    Who made your custom back, and how much did it cost? I have a Horseman; what camera(s) can you use with the back? I have medium format fuji, so I would like to use what I have and test that against...
  3. Re: Shooting Without Instant Polaroid/Fuji

    So, I can use the a PA-145 back on my Horseman or Sinar?
  4. Shooting HABS/HAER Without Instant Polaroid/Fuji

    Hi everyone,

    First time posting here, so bear with me. If this isn't the right forum to post this question let me know.

    I haven't used 4x5 in about 5 years, and I "grew up" using Polaroid. ...
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